Handicrafts With Children: Creative Baskets Made Of Cardboard And Plastic Cups

Penguin tinkering with children from paper cups
Animals tinkering with toddlers monkey tiger

Paper cups and Coffee to go? Well, this trend is still very popular in big cities, even on its practical side. Unfortunately, few of us think of the negative consequences for our environment. Because Disposable coffee mug Are not only practical, but have a very poor ecological balance. Because these are not really recyclable, but end up in the residual… Read more »

The Problematic Top Floor Apartment And The Perfect Kitchen Furnishing For It – 49 Ideas

Basement apartment kitchen facility mansarde roofing decal ideas kitchen3
Top floor apartment kitchen facility mansarde dachschräge deco ideas kitchen13

Many have the dream to live in a mansard for a lifetime, others deliberately choose an attic apartment because the rents are usually cheaper there. But all are faced with many unsolved problems that create a very romantic dwelling, which are never described in the lease. Top floor pro and con There are many cases where the owners expand and… Read more »

Cool DIY Projects For The Wall-greening Of Pallets

Wall covering from europalettes on the balcony
Wall stained stained palette colorful flowers

Nowadays more and more people are trying to be more environmentally friendly and when it comes to a sustainable design at home, we recommend the wall-greening. Especially for the inhabitants in the big cities, a living, vertical garden proves to be very practical and healthy at the same time. It provides a direct relationship with nature, delights the senses or… Read more »

Ayurveda Recipes – Make Ghee Yourself And Cook Healthy

Ayurveda recipes Ghee self make butter titel
Ayurveda recipes Ghee self make butter bright

Ghee is a kind of pure buttermeal or clarified butter, which is made from whipped cream. The clarified butter has properties similar to the lard. The difference is that ghee is made from cow’s milk for traditional and religious reasons. Milk protein, water and milk sugar are separated during clarification, which makes pure fat a suitable food for people with… Read more »

Build Your Own Shoes – Your Own Needs Determine The Design

Schuhregal itself build wall shelf
Schuhregal itself build wall shelf old wooden ladder

2017 seems to be the year of individual needs in terms of design. The bathrooms are generously designed, the apartments become more spacious, more and more houses have balconies or even roof terraces. On the whole, the trend is towards more comfort and better quality of life. Man becomes more and more sensible and more environmentally aware. Consumption is limited… Read more »

77 Cool Ideas For Space-saving Furniture, With Which You Flirtingly Design The Small Balcony

Space saving furniture small balcony design colorful purple
Space saving furniture small balcony design colorful purple blue

It is better to have a small balcony than no one at all and it is also good to be happy about small things, because this is the only way to enjoy life and enjoy life in a happy mood. Small balconies are problematic, but at the same time they are both stimulating and challenging, and we have picked out… Read more »

Modern Kitchen In G Shape – Here You Have A Great Cookery Experience Guaranteed

Modern kitchen in g form white furniture and green walls
Residential kitchen g shape in white and brown

Since we have already presented the L-shaped kitchen in various parts of our series of products”Modern Kitchen Bases”and then have shown the advantages of a modern kitchen in U-shape, the next basic form is the kitchen design – the modern kitchen In G form. We all realize that a modern kitchen is a long-term investment. Therefore, we would like to… Read more »

Dreamcatcher Himself In 11 Steps – Instructions And Pictures

Dream catcher self crafts feathers silver gold
Dream catcher

We would like to inform you that the Dream Catcher is quite easy. That’s why we first take a little time to tell about his story. It is a tradition that goes back to the Indian tribe of Ojibwe. The people there have created these first dream traps of willow tails and tendons. They believed that so all the bad… Read more »

99 Simple DIY Ideas For How To Do The Crafting With Children The Best

Crafting with children bastelideen diy ideas children games water pot bean game
Crafting with children bastelideen diy ideas childrens pasta art

It is often the case that the mama has something important to do and the child at the same moment demands her full attention. So the mother should quickly think up something to get the situation under control. Since many parents often run out of breath, child, household and job in parallel, we have tried a collection of DIY ideas… Read more »