Wooden Wall Decoration – Organic Warmth And Comfort In The Interior

Wall decor of wood stylish
Wooden wall decoration 2

If you want to create a pleasant and warm atmosphere in your home, there is a material that will make you the best. The wood is undoubtedly not only the best material for this purpose, but also the”most beautiful”. Since we are dealing with a natural material, we quickly reach the desired organic warmth and comfort with only some wooden… Read more »

Brick Wall – 55 Ideas On How To Enhance The Modern Kitchen

Brick wall in the kitchen in bright color nuances
Brick wall in the kitchen in combination with white wall tiles and wooden work surface

Even though brick is typical for the exterior, brick walls nowadays are particularly popular in the interior. These find a beautiful application in every room in the modern apartment. They captivate the view, as they are unique highlights in the room. Through brick walls one sets beautiful accents, because they can be combined with certain colors excellently. You also create… Read more »

Fotowand Or How To Decorate With Family Pictures

Fotowand design beautiful experiences
Fotowand fashion in bedroom wall tattoo photo frame

Everyone dreams of a cozy and homely home. Whenever you enter your own four walls, you want to feel the very personal atmosphere inside and feel really at home. There are numerous options to make your house or apartment stylish and tasteful, so that every wall and every corner expresses your personality. Exactly the very individual aspect in the room… Read more »

Quince Recipes And Important Facts About The Healthy Unknowns

Quince recipes quince late summer autumn on the tree
Quince recipes quince late summer autumn jam

The quince is quite unknown in our everyday life, but our mothers and grandmothers appreciated this vitamin-rich fruit. From this, the people used to make quince and quince bread, which in the Christmas season rounded off the festivity. At first glance, the quince tree looks no different than an apple or pear tree. We also observe a similar event in… Read more »

Make Your Own Home A Jewel – 4 Good Ideas On How It Could Work

To build oneself
eigenheim-conservatory-house plants

The dream of own house is one of the most popular of the Germans. Why not? For what can be more beautiful than building a house or building it as a builder for himself and his family. However, in order to make the house not just a house, one can conjure a unique piece of jewelery for the whole family… Read more »

Feng Shui Bedroom Set Up – What Should You Keep In Mind

Feng shui bedroom furnishing candle stones room flowers
Feng shui bedroom furnishing wood furniture bed wardrobe

Certainly you have a lot about that Feng Shui rules Heard or read, but never tried to apply it to the setting up of your home? What exactly is it? Are you skeptical? Or do you find the advice is much too impractical for your specific conditions? Feng Shui bedroom set up – what rules apply here Many people have… Read more »

Root Vegetables- Healthy And Indigenous Cook According To Season

When the final features of the summer are felt, you will be nostalgic for a short while, because one misses the carefree summer time too fast. But there is no reason to be sad, because the next season brings enough joy, healthy ingredients and natural charm with it. Today’s theme is dedicated to local and seasonal food, which appears at… Read more »

Find The Perfect Wedding Dress – Great Designs And Practical Tips

Bridal dress dirndl bridal bouquet haarschmuck flowers
Bridal gown in turquoise alps heart dirndl

Wedding dresses are becoming increasingly popular and preferred by many brides on their greatest day in life. It is no wonder, because such a wedding dress is not only very original, but above all very feminine and rustic at the same time. Tradition meets the latest fashion trends and provides a unique wedding outfit as well as plenty of expressive… Read more »

With These Decoides You Design Your Home Like The Professionals

Dekoideen living room furniture polstermobel wrought iron couches marble sofas furniture
Dekoideen apartment furnishing crystal chandelier living room upholstered furniture rokokostil

“How do we get a dream look in our house?”, Sounds like an individual question. Is it also certain. At the same time, however, there are some rules which almost always and practically apply under all circumstances. They are important both in the case of a first set-up, as well as in the transformation of a room or an apartment…. Read more »

Ideas For The Surface Curtain Design- Textildesign Students Test Practice

Textildesign students test practice
Textildesign ideas for the nursery

Plauen Textildesign students from the Faculty of Applied Art in Schneeberg had the opportunity to try out their theoretical knowledge in practice. Within the framework of the final thesis in the 6th semester, it was necessary to design motifs for curtains and other home textiles. They were supported not only by their professors of the Faculty of Applied Art University… Read more »

Small Verandah And How We Transform It Into A Comfortable Oasis

Modern terrace design comfort and freshness look
Modern terrace design rattan furniture and rustic side table

Small or spacious, roofed or open – the veranda is and remains the longed for outdoor space for many Germans. Some, however, do not believe that they can create a beautiful, comfortable well-being oasis, because they do not have enough space on their porch. This is not true, of course, because even small verandas can be transformed into places of… Read more »

Outdoor Kitchen Makes It Possible To Enjoy Delicious Food Outside

Gardenide functional outdoor kitchen with plenty of storage space and wooden floor
Outdoor kitchen in wood with stylish dining area

On the hot day of the year it is preferred to spend more time outdoors. The outdoor kitchen is a nice option for this. Outdoor cooking is more enjoyable than the food preparation inside. And for several reasons. You enjoy the beautiful weather on the one hand, and on the other hand you do not stay alone in the kitchen,… Read more »

33 Current And Creative Ideas For School Bags

Great-school-bag deco

Finally the school goes! The first elementary schoolchildren cheer, stand in smart clothes and hold the creative school bags firmly on the arm. The first day of schooling in Germany is a very special day for millions of children. Choosing the perfect schoolbag is now a must for all parents. For this reason, we would like to share our numerous… Read more »

Mustard Oil-known And Unknown Facts About This Natural Remedy

Mustard mustard studio
Mustard, mustard, mustard,

Anyone who has ever cooked himself indian or has dealt with ayurvedic principles, must not have escaped one of the obligatory ingredients of Indian cuisine. Mustard seeds are used in many oriental and Indian dishes and not just because of their specific taste. The grains from which the sauce of the same name are made are among the most effective… Read more »