The Trends Of The Modern Shower

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The trends of the modern shower Especially on cold winter days, each one really appreciate pleasant hot bath. A bathtub is perfect to relax after a stressful and hard day’s work. Nevertheless, bathtubs are installed in fewer homes. Especially the younger generations have been more showers and open showers. A bath itself is considered here only top, but no longer… Read more »

61 Installation Examples And Design Ideas For The Latest Home Trends 2017

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These interior design ideas that best reflect our Zeitgeist Designer promise us the year 2017 high-quality products for interior decoration with a strong focus on customer satisfaction. It works by taking strong account of past experience. Design we our rooms after the year’s trends is it artistically, poetically, and unforgettable. For a better success we have made here a nice… Read more »

The Perfect Winter Decoration For Cuddly Moments In Your Home

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Winter decoration in the style of Hygge: the Guide The cosy winter design is equated by more and more designers with the style of Hygge. This is a term used in the Danish language and means “cosy”, “comfortable”. The so far greatest dealing with the wintry atmosphere can be found in this culture. Follow our guide to achieve the Hygge… Read more »

High-quality Interior And Closer Look At The Past

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High-quality interior – what is trendy this year? 2016, we experienced a real comeback of vintage motifs in the used textiles. Again, we had items like books clad in leather or nostalgic upholstered furniture. This trend will continue in 2017, but it be individual eras precisely recorded and used in the interior design. High-quality interior – what patterns lie in… Read more »

IMM Cologne 2017 – The International Furniture Trade Fair Sets The Tone Again!

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What are the latest furniture trends in 2017? 1360 international exhibitors from some 50 countries have given the answer to this question last week, have unveiled their latest collections and products in terms of housing and setting up the public on IMM Cologne 2017. Parallel to the furniture fair, the exciting kitchen event – ran “LivingKitchen 2017”, which takes place… Read more »

42 Color Ideas For Creative Wall Design

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With these color ideas you reach your dream creative wall design If you want that your wall decoration at home modern works, she would have to subject to a uniform concept. There must be one or more binding properties between all the different ideas, we can choose our apartment or House.  We deal today so, how can emerge a uniform… Read more »

Home Furnishings, Creating A Cosy Atmosphere

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Items that are a part of the furnishings of happy people Happiness is mostly a very individual thing, even when it comes to home furnishings.  But not often. There are items and home furnishings ideas that bring bliss to most people. We can’t promise that the following ideas for you in this regard will be a sure thing, but it… Read more »

Where Should We Put The Cookbooks Kitchen Equipment -?

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Kitchen equipment – interior design ideas with cookbooks The cookbooks make up an increasingly important part of our interior. They guarantee a healthy life for us, to get us away from the finished and half-finished products and dishes. But where could we all be, actually this? In the following you will find some good ideas can help home these practical… Read more »

Home Trends And Design Ideas For The New 2017

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2017 residential trends design ideas living room furniture living room design color combinations PANTONE furnishings

Home trends 2017: The current colour combinations for interior decoration The combination of colors in the design of the wall is totally modern and is one of the residential trends of the year, which of course at the same time represent a major challenge. With the next tips, we want to help you to realize such a modern concept and… Read more »

Colorful Furniture – 30 Interior Design Ideas With Lots Of Color

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Colorful furniture – to be integrated in the interior design You lack courage to paint the walls in colorful shades? Lighten the mood with colorful furniture! In the following you will find some helpful tips and ideas for it. Even a very small piece can change key, if it is correctly positioned. Colorful furniture – living room sofa with floral… Read more »

Brand New School Furniture Represent Current Didactic Principles On Didacta 2017

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Sustainable and sophisticated school furniture are seen on Didacta 2017 The school will no longer be the place where you hate to stay.  This is at least the intension of many exhibitors and teachers who work together on school concepts and new space and one of the largest education fairs in Germany, Didacta this year again they present. You want… Read more »

50 Wall Design Ideas: Practical Tips That Everyone From The Individual Choice Should Know

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Wall decoration ideas: beautiful ideas for a suitable wall design 2017 promises more exciting on the field of design and interior design. There are many innovative ideas and at the same time you can find a good connection to the classic. To benefit from the best, but we need to keep some important practical tips in the sense. They are… Read more »