Advent Calendars And Make Sure You Have A Great Time For Christmas

Advent calendar in the picture frame
Advent calendar from cups

The cheerful atmosphere and the anticipation for Christmas are just a must and accompany the preparations for the big festival. In this magical time, young and old should feel particularly comfortable, carefree and cheerful. In order for everyone to feel this way, the preparation time has to be used correctly. The festively decorated house with a great Christmas decoration, decorated… Read more »

The Comeback Of The Infographic 10 Useful Tools For Optimal Results

Infographics example
Infographic canva

For a while, infographics were topical and they have always liked to visualize data. Whether for a presentation or as a supplement to the scientific project, infographics were always a good means, which made the content more understandable. The multimediale time has made the infographics quickly”yesterday’s snow”. The popular graphic form was quickly replaced by enlightening videos and interactive fields… Read more »

Kitchen Brush Ideas – 60 Suggestions On How To Create A Cream Kitchen

Kitchen painting cream kitchen cabinets floor tiles colored raffrollo
Living room kitchen bright kitchen cabinets cream wooden work surface

Are you just setting up a new kitchen? However, you are not sure in which colors do you create them? In such cases, one’s own taste plays an important role. Nevertheless, it is said that the kitchen looks better in some colors than in others. Cream color is suitable for the color design of the kitchen, because the kitchen is… Read more »

Children’s Clothing That Grows At The Same Time As The Children

Detail of top dresses
5 months clothing for children

The clothing of small children is generally not worn long, because the growth phase of the small ones is very fast and intensive in the first 2 years. Better said, seven sizes are changed within 2 years, and this means for many parents an unnecessary waste of clothes, which also causes a great cost. For this kind of problems our… Read more »

Clever Gardening – Practical Tips And Tricks For Saving Space

Gardening, herbs, vegetable, grow, vertical
Gardening old furniture chest of drawers

Space savings is an increasingly important issue in garden design. There are as many ways as you can accommodate a large number of objects. The effort is quite small and it costs quite little in most cases. The innovative space-saving garden design ideas are also generally quite universal. They can be realized both in a small garden and on small… Read more »

Figs Chutney – Healthy And Exotic Fig Recipes

Figs Chutney Breads
Figs Chutney without cheese

Similar to mustard, ajar or other seasoning sauces, a chutney is made as a combination of different spices, vegetables and even fruit varieties. The Chutney has its origin in South Asian cuisine. Depending on the geographic location, chutneys are produced according to often secret technologies and each region has its typical chutney mix. Nevertheless, the chutney retains a basic flavors… Read more »

Crafts With Natural Materials- 30 Ideas For Decorating With Driftwood

Driftwood deco creations with natural materials 8 tinkers with clothespins
Wood crafts deco with natural materials picture frame deco

The crafting of natural materials is once again the trend. The reasons for this are many and one of them is the strong influence of nature followed by the rapid flow of inspiration. Nature always manages to surprise and impress us again and again. Never will we recognize in Nature a form which resembles another. There is always similarity, but… Read more »

66 Wall Design Kitchen Ideas – How To Achieve The Desired Kitchen Look?

Wall decoration kitchen crumb wall paint fresh flowers
Kitchen wall design blue acrylic wall wood floor functional furnishings

The kitchen walls now have a special attention. Being comfortable in the kitchen depends not only on the functional kitchen equipment, but also on the colors and materials used in this room. This is why the wall design plays an essential role in the kitchen. In the following lines you will find various ideas how to make you a nice… Read more »

Vintage Furniture Of The 50s: That Is Why They Are Always So Popular

Minimalism with furniture from the fifties
Modern style

Vintage furniture is overall trendy, but most popular are these in the style of the 50s. They have a striking appearance, but at the same time they are diverse and highly adaptable. Furniture of the 50s can be easily used in various contemporary concepts. You write in it seamlessly: you just have to select the appropriate textures, lines and colors…. Read more »

Make The Bath Salt Yourself – An Easy Recipe, Many Variants

Bath salt to make herbs spices
Bath salts themselves make colorful layers

After a long day at the office, a relaxing bath is the best decision. For this you need the appropriate bath salt with the appropriate aroma. A natural bath salt promotes the destruction of dead cells and the deprivation of the toxins. So, what are you waiting for? Bath salt making itself is very easy. See for yourself! Here we… Read more »

Color Scheme Ideas – Earthy Nuances In The Interior

Colors in the innendign sky blue walls and a bit accents in the room
Color scheme green wall paint in the bedroom and white flooring

Each of us knows the strange feeling of the first visual perception: the moment we enter a room, we are immediately overwhelmed by the color palette that prevails there. At first sight, we take up the room colors and they immediately affect our psyche and evoke certain emotions within us. The scientists attribute different meanings and functions to the colors…. Read more »

Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Exposed Brick Wall In The Interior

Library with red color
Nature comes to the geltung before the red color

The exposed brick wall is a trendy trend that has lasted for several years. And for many house residents this is a fortunate coincidence. If you have such a brick wall at home, you do not have to provide them with plaster and paint. Also, it is modernized because it gives the space warmth, Appealing aesthetics and character gives. There… Read more »

Carpets In Living Rooms: 5 Tips For The Right Use


Finding the right carpet does not seem to be an easy task. Apart from the fact that the selection of designs, materials, sizes and also prices is gigantic, there are still a number of important points to consider before you can opt for the”dream carpet”. Today we would like to deal with this issue and find out which carpeting In… Read more »

How To Make Yourself A Wonderful Vintage Chest Of Drawers

Vintage chest of drawers antique sideboard
Vintage chest of drawers antique design old color

The value of the ancient objects rises in all forms. Also with the furniture. That is why the vintage style is also very popular at the moment, and in many cases, old furniture is sold several times more expensive than the new furniture you could buy in a shop. But it is also cheaper To create vintage furniture is increasingly… Read more »