Upcycling Ideas With Musical Instruments – A Touch Of Romance For Your Beloved Home

Upcycling ideas living room ideas DIY ideas creative
Upcycling ideas dekoideen deko ideas living room ideas DIY ideas creative guitar guitars blumentopf

There is hardly anyone who does not like the sound of the guitar. Every assembly in the garden is much nicer when you play the guitar, the class ride is much more fun and even in everyday life it is wonderful when we know someone who can play the guitar. Creative upcycling ideas with old musical instruments If you enjoy… Read more »

We Have The Best Tips For A Magical Atmosphere

Dekoideen blumendeko Blumendeko Wedding decoration ideas self-made room design ideas ballet
Dekoideen blumendeko wedding decoration ideas self-made room design ideas blumendeko

The flowers are not only important in the garden, but also at home. A vase of fresh plants that smell great is the best jewelery for many houses. You fill the soul, also give you the opportunity to create creative and beautiful constellations. In the floral decoration for a wedding of fresh plants you can reach different levels of professionalism…. Read more »

Modern Kitchen In U-shape – Cooking Comfort Amidst Modern Designs

Modern kitchen u shaped kitchen in white and brown
Modern kitchen elegant kitchen design in u form with floor tiles

In an article series, we will discuss the different basic kitchens and try to show you their advantages and disadvantages in the best way. At the same time, we show the many possibilities of design that are available in this very important space (assuming you know this well!). Classic, modern, rustic or country-style, the cuisine is becoming increasingly popular. From… Read more »

Open Fire Place On The Table – The Ultimate Eye-catcher In Your Home

Fire place couch square designer furniture

What do tables have in common with fire places? Yes, actually nothing, unless you combine both in a perfect unit. At the tables, which can also be placed indoors, a fine glass construction is often installed at the fire place, which provides for more safety. An open fire place on the dining table or the couch table will give each… Read more »

Grilling Vegetarian – Important Tips For A Barbecue Without Meat

Grilled vegetarian vegetable bbq zucchini paprika olives lemon garlic rosemary
Grilled vegetarian vegetable vegan healthy bbq ideas avocado tomatoes chili onion ananas

It is no longer a secret that grilling also goes without meat. Grilling vegetarian or even vegan is not only fun, but has many advantages – not only for our health and the environment. The moral side of meat-eating, and, more precisely, the many-sided disadvantages of mass production, has long been on everyone’s lips and is gaining more and more… Read more »

Trendy Short Hair Dresses For Summer 2017 – Learn From The Stars!

Short hair fashionable modern 2015 kristin chenoweth short bob
short hair hairstyles-modern-2015-natalie portman-

Do you think more and more about changing your Outlook? How about a new hairstyle? The coming summer is already a worthy occasion to make a difference. The good news is that the short hair cuts are back in trend. It was also high time in our opinion, because the trendy hair cuts since the end of the 90s were… Read more »

Re-discover The Magical, Organic Architecture

Organic architecture screw shape ergonomic
Organic architecture nautilus flur lobby

The Organic architecture Is one of the most spectacular species we know and about which we have written a lot. The architects and designers working in this area create breathtaking imitations of creatures of every kind. They learn about nature and are fascinated by their perfection. We were just as stunned when we saw the Nautilus house for the first… Read more »

Outdoor Kitchen And Garden Kitchen: Variants, Materials And Suppliers

Napoleon outdoor kitchen napoleon grill bbq stainless steel
Built-in kitchen outdoor stainless steel bricks rustic

Yes, there is no longer any doubt: Summer has already announced! The Wonnemonat Mai has already given us a lot of pleasant, warm days and the sunny June is coming soon. No wonder the barbeque season has already begun. And this is also the topic of the trendy trend”outdoor cooking”on everyone’s lips. For what is more beautiful than cooking, grilling,… Read more »

Lighting Living Room – Consider The Living Room Lighting Well In Advance

Living room living room luxurious chandelier that makes a strong impression
Living room living room excellent chandelier and wall design in concrete optics

When you set up your own home, you give the furniture and color design a big can of attention. But something else should be taken very seriously: the lighting. Because the right lighting makes the beautiful home… In this context it is with us today, how to illuminate a modern living room successfully. Lighting Living room is therefore the focus… Read more »

New Trends In The Balconies For 2017 And 60 Ideas

Luxury furniture beautiful view
Colorful dekokissen

Despite the changing weather, we are approaching slowly but surely the warm summer. Now the perfect moment has come for a cozy balcony design, which motivates us to spend more time in the fresh air. 2017 is characterized by striking and life-threatening tendencies. The cool concrete look has fallen into the background for the first time. This became popular because… Read more »

Blauregen – Lush Flower Decoration In The Garden

Garden plants wisteria in the garden breed
Bluuregen in violet gardenide with beautiful plants

Many hobbyists and flower enthusiasts feel a bit overwhelmed by a single climbing plant. Their exuberant blossom splendor needs care and requires time on their part. But if you are a real fan of the natural grace in the garden, then you can not be deterred by a little more work outside! But on the contrary! Show high aesthetic sense… Read more »

19 Natural Essential Oils And Their Tradition, Effect And Therapy

Natural essential oils Aromatic burners
Natural essential oils Aromatic oils cinnamon

Natural essential oils have been used for therapeutic, ritual and hygienic purposes in ancient times. Various evidence shows the important importance of the oils for the ancient Greeks, Egyptians, Romans, Chinese and Indians. Even then, people knew complicated procedures to gain natural essences and valuable essential oils. The aroma oils have a beneficial effect on our mind and body The… Read more »

Original Planters Of Used Objects And Natural Materials

Plant pots old cans retro
Plant pots old wooden clamps

Spring is finally here. All the flower shelves are already full and you need more space for the new plants. Then look at the up-and-coming upcycling ideas in our collection today and see for yourself. Do you feel the same way? Then you definitely need more planters, right? How do you find the idea for original flowerpots and planters that… Read more »

Over 30 Decoration Ideas For The Garden Fence, Which Are A Pleasure

Garden decorations themselves make old picture frames for the fence
Deco ideas for the fence in the backyard

The garden has many aspects. This includes not only garden furniture, planting and lighting. The garden fence also deserves the attention of all gardeners. We will be taking a closer look at these and will show you how to make this a real eye-catcher. For the truth is the following: if the fence makes a boring picture, then the whole… Read more »

Vegan Bread Spreads – 5 Quick Recipes To Make You Happy

Vegan bread spreads
Vegane bread spreads bean mus

Vegan bread spreads bring a real change at the table and are an original and healthy alternative to the famous bread coverings from the supermarket. Moreover, the homemade spreads are always better than those produced industrially. Another reason to prepare the spreads yourself is that you always know what ingredients are in your food and how fresh they are. In… Read more »