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If Bathroom Design, Then Right – 24 Cool Ideas For Designer Sink

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Designer Waschbecken-because it’s your bathroom worth When you consider how many times one enters the bathroom and how much time you spend in it, it’ll soon realize, that you would like to treat yourself a modern bathroom design. In one of the previous articles, we have set ourselves apart with the theme of “free-standing bathtub” and found out that the… Read more »

Free-standing Bath In Any Positionen-25 Installation Examples

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The free-standing bathtub and their benefits Once at the beginning to set up the bathroom, you will notice that one has devoted so much time and energy no other room in the House, such as the bathroom. ┬áThe arguments are logical and we would deal exactly with those today. What do you mean? Why is the layout of the room… Read more »

The Trends Of The Modern Shower

Editor   January 24, 2017   Comments Off on The Trends Of The Modern Shower
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The trends of the modern shower Especially on cold winter days, each one really appreciate pleasant hot bath. A bathtub is perfect to relax after a stressful and hard day’s work. Nevertheless, bathtubs are installed in fewer homes. Especially the younger generations have been more showers and open showers. A bath itself is considered here only top, but no longer… Read more »

Modern Bathroom Furniture Must Unite Functionality, Quality And Sophisticated Design

Editor   December 30, 2016   Comments Off on Modern Bathroom Furniture Must Unite Functionality, Quality And Sophisticated Design
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Modern bathroom furniture – design furniture with beautiful appearance and high functionality make the bathroom an oasis of wellbeing The bathroom and whose establishment requirements have grown especially lately. Places a special emphasis on design and functionality, as well as suitable materials. The modern bathroom should be harmonious and beautiful look. It relies also on best quality. In this sense,… Read more »

Trend Colours 2017 And How Skillfully The Bath Set

Editor   December 19, 2016   Comments Off on Trend Colours 2017 And How Skillfully The Bath Set
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Some ideas and tips on bathroom set Is the bathroom the most boring place in your home? Is everything only on functionality and it has only a prosaic meaning? It must be change well. In the bathroom you takes care of their own hygiene and that’s why you should spend as possible so much time there. We can help you… Read more »