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33 Fingerprint Images, Which Make Painting An Experience

Fingerprint pictures creative bastelides how to make pictures with fingerprints
Creative bastelide guestbook with fingerprints of the wedding guests

Impressions of the whole hand or individual parts, of fingers or fingertips are particularly popular with the design of original drawings and greeting cards. We covered the handprint pictures in a previous article. Today, we are going into the topic of fingerprint pictures. Are you looking for an interesting leisure activity for your children? Or would you like to create… Read more »

21 Crafting Templates For Christmas – Festive, Can Not Start Early Enough

Christmas decorations
Christmas decorations self-made with cardboard

The euphoria of the summer still drills us with their sweet holiday mood, although the summer holidays are long gone. Soon we say goodbye to the weather and well… you could start with the Christmas preparations already, if you can avoid the shopping stress on the last printer or generally does not tolerate the hurry. In a DIY series, we… Read more »

53 Salt Dough Ideas – Inspiring Suggestions On How To Tinker With Your Children!

Salty ideas simple basalides the fantasy free run
Salty ideas cute bird with heart crafts

Perhaps you have heard of the fact that you can make many beautiful things from salt dough? This is not only a favorite activity for children, but also for every real friend! And just as different, because the salt dough is a modeling clay that sets no limits to the imagination! For the craft fans we have collected a few… Read more »

Garden Decoration Made Of Natural Materials – 35 Examples Of How To Spice Up The Garden

Creative gardenides paint beautiful stones and spice up the garden
Creative garden ideas made of wood beautiful garden figurines

Nature is a rich source of natural materials, from which one can create beautiful decoration. Not only for indoor use, but also for outdoor use. Today, we are concerned with how to make beautiful garden decoration from natural materials. Have we piqued your interest? Do you want to make your garden decoration with natural materials? Then take a look at… Read more »

Make Modeling Chocolate Yourself – A Simple Recipe, Lots Of Great Ideas

Modeling chocolate to make whole milk roses
Make white modeling chocolate yourself

After we have shown you how easy to eat edible Make kneading by yourself We would like to give you another tinkering secret today. It is here with us something totally delicious and indeed: How to make modeling chocolate itself. Of course, you can also buy ready-made chocolate masses, but you do not need to, because only in few steps… Read more »

Making Your Own Dough: A Simple Recipe And Lots Of Fun

Editor   August 4, 2017   Comments Off on Making Your Own Dough: A Simple Recipe And Lots Of Fun
To make one 's own
Children's games with knete ideen

Do you remember the time when you have been watching your mother or grandmother with her eyes when she cakes? And it was so great if they allowed you to join, did not they? They could even taste the raw, sweet dough before baking…. Gorgeous! And this unforgettable fragrance… In the same way, your little ones will feel just the… Read more »

30 Bastelides For The Summer Or As A Hula Hoop Tire Comes Into Use

Editor   July 25, 2017   Comments Off on 30 Bastelides For The Summer Or As A Hula Hoop Tire Comes Into Use
Hula hoop tire silhouette
hula hoop

There are hardly any people who do not know the Hula Hoop tire and have played with it as a child. Playing with the magical tire not only trains dexterity and concentration, it simply enchants one for a lifetime. It would be wrong to think the game was only for girls. Hula Hoop likes to play with all children, even… Read more »

Handcrafted – 43 Original Ideas And Simple Instructions

Editor   July 25, 2017   Comments Off on Handcrafted – 43 Original Ideas And Simple Instructions
Tinkering with small frog painting
Finger color ideas for children

Crafts with small children do not know the season, just like the creativity itself. The little ones love to always discover something new and to get away. Children are always fascinated by small things and finds and can spend hours with them. This is why the crafting of small children is one of the most popular and useful activities that… Read more »

Advent Calendars And Make Sure You Have A Great Time For Christmas

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Advent calendar in the picture frame
Advent calendar from cups

The cheerful atmosphere and the anticipation for Christmas are just a must and accompany the preparations for the big festival. In this magical time, young and old should feel particularly comfortable, carefree and cheerful. In order for everyone to feel this way, the preparation time has to be used correctly. The festively decorated house with a great Christmas decoration, decorated… Read more »

25 Inspirational DIY Ideas Where Cork Is Used

Editor   July 16, 2017   Comments Off on 25 Inspirational DIY Ideas Where Cork Is Used
Diz ideas with cork tins with cork image
Diz ideas with cork tinkers with cork necklace

The natural material with low weight called cork is an excellent choice for the production of many household items, decorative items or even fashion accessories. Artists are also inspired by the exotic and valuable natural material and let their art work flow into it. After the detailed article on corking, we would now like to expand the knowledge and skills… Read more »

Friendship Ribbons-macrame Instructions And Sample Templates

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Makramee friendship ribbons knot Celtic knot
Makramee friendship tapes or buy

The knotwork technique from the Orient is now celebrating a huge success. Particularly in alternative cult settings, on festivals or on handmade websites, one finds more and more and more beautiful macrame productions in different price classes. The word alone means”woven”and is associated with a veil of oriental history. In today’s article we would like to draw your attention to… Read more »

45 DIY Ideas With Cork

Editor   July 13, 2017   Comments Off on 45 DIY Ideas With Cork
Baskets with cork bastelideen decoration ideas diy ideas cork tray from corkscrew
Baskets with cork bastelideen deko ideas kork diy ideas cork tablettt

We are always glad to welcome you with new and fresher ideas! Today, we want to be creative and at the same time sustainable. In today’s article, we present a collection of valuable ideas about crafting corks. For this purpose you should collect long and patient your wine corks. Perhaps you will tell your friends and relatives and they will… Read more »

Knetbeton – Innovative For Creative Passion

Editor   July 12, 2017   Comments Off on Knetbeton – Innovative For Creative Passion
Kneading concrete Saris Garage (3)
Kneading Concrete Saris Garage (1)

Work with concrete, create decoration and become creative? This does not sound new. BUT IT IS! For the means to fulfill the creative needs has reinvented itself. So far decoders of concrete have been produced from the classic KreativBeton. However, its texture made it difficult to express any thought, some forms were not possible at all. But this is exactly… Read more »

Bastelanleitung Or How To Make A Leporello Itself

Editor   July 10, 2017   Comments Off on Bastelanleitung Or How To Make A Leporello Itself
Leporello basteln bastelanleitung accessories colorful
Leporello basteln bastelanleitung accessories beautifully packaged

Christmas, Valentine’s Day and Easter are over, but there are several different occasions. A small, but hearty gesture of attention makes everyone happy, especially when she is herself. A good and always personally working idea are the Leporello. You can create your own pictures and add them to the most interesting pictures. Make some copies with a universal theme. So… Read more »

39 Upcycling Ideas With Old Bicycle Tires

Editor   June 30, 2017   Comments Off on 39 Upcycling Ideas With Old Bicycle Tires
Upcycling ideas baselideen deko ideas diy ideas furnishing examples bike ideas
Upcycling ideas bastelideen deko ideas diy ideas furnishing examples bike sides ideas lights

Probably you have already scraped a whole bunch of old bicycles, because nobody has shown you sustainable ideas for reusing items? This does not matter at all, because the world is full of used bicycles and you will quickly find materials with which you can make our or your own DIY ideas realize. Often we give bicycles away because they… Read more »