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Color Scheme Ideas – Earthy Nuances In The Interior

Colors in the innendign sky blue walls and a bit accents in the room
Color scheme green wall paint in the bedroom and white flooring

Each of us knows the strange feeling of the first visual perception: the moment we enter a room, we are immediately overwhelmed by the color palette that prevails there. At first sight, we take up the room colors and they immediately affect our psyche and evoke certain emotions within us. The scientists attribute different meanings and functions to the colors…. Read more »

Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Exposed Brick Wall In The Interior

Library with red color
Nature comes to the geltung before the red color

The exposed brick wall is a trendy trend that has lasted for several years. And for many house residents this is a fortunate coincidence. If you have such a brick wall at home, you do not have to provide them with plaster and paint. Also, it is modernized because it gives the space warmth, Appealing aesthetics and character gives. There… Read more »

Trendy Colors 2017 – What Color Shades Remain Topical In The Room Design?

Colors in innendesign the 2017 are trendy navy blue
Colors for a modern wall design in 2017

It is high summer and many people want to fully enjoy the carefree days until the fall of autumn. However, we also work in the editorial team on high-speed tours and research everything new and trendy in space design for our loyal readers. In our investigations, we came across interesting information, which we would like to share with you. In… Read more »

Corner Kitchen – A Space-saving And Functional Kitchen Solution

Kitchen l-form modern kitchen with gray floor tiles and brown kitchen island
Kitchen l-form fresh kitchen design with floor tiles and kitchen island

Nowadays, the kitchen is considered to be the center of the apartment: the place to be cooked and eaten, but also with family and friends pleasant hours spent. Here is even read! So, the kitchen is the favorite place for the whole family. This is just the reason why this room from the apartment is devoted so much attention to… Read more »

Emerging Trends In The Interior For Autumn 2017

Furniture ideas for the autumn in the bedroom is the colored bedding a must
Furnishing ideas for the coming hernst black and dark green are preferred

Outside, the sun is strong and at these summer temperatures most people think of bathing in the sun garden pool , Refreshing drinks and delicious appetizers in the evening. Yes, but autumn comes in a few weeks and brings colorful colors and cool weather. Are you ready for the new season? Do you know what still remains relevant in space… Read more »

Current Colors And Textures In The Interior From Next Fall – What Is Going On, What Remains?

Colors for the coming autumn dark green color and many plants
Colors in the interior design kitchen with dark green kitchen cabinets

Do you always want to be well-informed and up-to-date with the latest developments in room design? Then you are exactly right with us. We are constantly striving to present the latest trends in modern house design. After we have shown you in another article, which is with great certainty in the fall of 2017 From the interior OUT We want… Read more »

57 Ideas On How To Set Up Your Small Living Room

Small living room furnishing zen japanese style wood couch
Small living room furnishing vintage industrial style metal wooden commodes cabinets

In every apartment, there must be a corner where people gather to experience the beautiful moments together. This ambience is usually the living room. It must be particularly comfortable and comfortable. In this room, the following two things should be a focus: Guests must feel comfortable and comfortable in the room. The own style and the individuality of the householders… Read more »

Latest Interior Trends For The Coming Autumn

Trends for the upcoming autumn black walls and dark red armchairs
Trends for the coming autumn colored wall design dark green in the living room

Believe it or not, but autumn is just around the corner. Do you already know the latest interior trends that our interior design will soon determine? Now is exactly the right time to determine, what in the coming months in your home as old-fashioned appears. New wall colors are in the foreground, white and gray are already passe, new fabrics… Read more »

Summer Window Decoration – Stylish Flower Ideas For Your Facade In Summer

Window decoration mixed flowers green plants window shutters metal plant containers
Window decoration long rectangular plank wood wooden planks

In the summer you have gifts from nature that you can enjoy with full features. These are the beautiful colors of the flowers. You can not have enough of it! We strongly advise you to give your imagination free rein, and to think carefully about where you can use them everywhere. Have you thought about flower decoration for the windows?… Read more »

Choose Gastronomy Furniture Right: Important Tips And Useful Info For You!

Editor   July 6, 2017   Comments Off on Choose Gastronomy Furniture Right: Important Tips And Useful Info For You!
Catering furniture
Catering furniture for outdoor use

The social life of many people is connected with a pleasant visit to a certain place. Many of us prefer to spend their free time in a restaurant, bar or cafe in cozy surroundings and friendly company. Apart from this, some locations are also very suitable for a business meeting, even in some cases preferred. According to professional ethics and… Read more »

Hygge Feeling For More Comfort At Home

Editor   June 30, 2017   Comments Off on Hygge Feeling For More Comfort At Home
Hygge cozy home design and many candles use
To create a hygienic feeling at home

The Danish lifestyle trend Hygge is currently on everyone’s lips and is gaining popularity. It easily skips country boundaries and temporal and social barriers, and is also rapidly established in Germany. What Hygge means exactly and what really lies behind it, you will learn here , Today we want to deal with the topic again and give you a few… Read more »

42 Summer Examples Of Yellows And Accents In Spatial Design

Editor   June 29, 2017   Comments Off on 42 Summer Examples Of Yellows And Accents In Spatial Design
Yellow tone color design
Yellow tone room design

Yellow is the color of the sun, the lemon and the sunflower, and is most closely associated with the summer of all colors. A bright yellow strongly reflects the light and illuminates every room immensely. In today’s article we would like to go back to the topic Color and color effect And for a given occasion, we begin with the… Read more »

Hygge – The Latest Lifestyle Trend From Denmark

Editor   June 29, 2017   Comments Off on Hygge – The Latest Lifestyle Trend From Denmark
Hygienic style furnishing a cozy recreation corner
To create hygienic style in the living room

In our dynamic and highly digital world, there is a lot of stress and strain on all of us. Every new day still seems to be more busy and hectic than yesterday. Under these circumstances it is understandable that more and more people feel the need to sit back, relax and enjoy the little things in life. This urge for… Read more »