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Fruit Decoration – 21 Outlandish Figures From Fruits Which Prove That Food Can Be Also Decorative

fruit decode Apple grape turtles
healthy breakfast ideas fruit decorating

Fruit decoration – ideas, how to create creative decoration with fruits We all know: fruit is healthy! Can fruits be used but also as decoration? The following examples prove that the fruit decoration beautiful can spice up the table and makes for funny mood. Do you serve breakfast in an attractive way? Do this in the form of animals or… Read more »

Invite The Famous Pop Art Artists To Your Home!

Andy Warhol
andy wharhol self-portrait

What is pop art? The 1950s was the pop art movement in the United Kingdom; This new style was transformed in the course of time in one of the most popular art movements at all. It is considered a rebellion against the pompous abstract Empressionismus, secretes certain objects from their original context and combines them with other non-traditional items to… Read more »

Creative DIY Decorating With Fruit Schnitzen-fruit

fruit carving watermelon fish tischdeko
diy decode fruit pineapple Apple orange carving

Fruit carving – Halloween table decoration with fruits: this is a thing! Nowadays, one decorated with almost anything. It is a trend from recycled items, to make the decoration itself or to realize creative decorating. But a different decoration deserves new attention: decoration with carved fruit. Have you heard of the fruit carving? It is an art, which wordlessly lets… Read more »

Curtain Rods Come In The Game, If You Are Looking For The Matching Curtains

curtain rods long design curtains dining room mirror

Curtain rods and curtains together form a complete whole Curtains offer a Visual and sun protection and at the same time provide a natural window decoration. Curtains but together with the curtain rods to form a whole and must be planned together. If you so choose curtains for the living room or bedroom, don’t forget, only with the matching curtain… Read more »

The Various Artists Of Thirst Are Succulent Species – Great Plants Decoration

succulent decoration decoration plant
succulent decode succulent species plant decoration

Do you know succulent species – what types of Succulents? We would argue there is matching plants for all depending on the type of people. Some quite good, longer to maintain the beauty of the green eye-catcher, others encounter huge difficulties, to protect their plants decoration from withering or waterlogging. For those who have no green thumb, we recommend to… Read more »

Creative Living Ideas – Where With The Bike?

creative living ideas storage space living room bike wall mount

Creative living ideas – the bicycle as a striking decoration Cycling is healthy! According to the healthy sports training where but with the bike? Your apartment is too small to be considered a special place for the bicycle, then you have the same problem as many other cyclists. Fortunately there is a solution then! Name is creative interior design!… A… Read more »

LED Light Chain 25 Decorations For Interior And Exterior Provides A Tempting Atmosphere-

led light chain decoration floor decorating wooden floor
led light chain dekoideen staircase brick wall

LED light chain – captivating views decoration inside and out Fairy Lights! That’s a thing! Not only for Christmas, one decorated with luminous de Coquettes. A garden party or an event organised in the apartment caused decoration captivating views. LED light chain are suited for, because just move into the spotlight. You have also the intention to decorate your home… Read more »

Interior Design Ideas For A Stunning Atmosphere!

inneneinrichting ideas accents
interior design ideas trend

Feminine interiors – and French-style home decorating ideas French Interior design is synonymous of elegance.  Just when you want to spread feminine flair in your home, so something is crucial. Because here, the boundary between the elegant and tasteless, cheesy design is really easy to pass. If so feminine to set up your home, you stay with the French style… Read more »

Succulent In The Glass Eye – 40 Creative Decoration Ideas With Plants

succulent in the glass round bowl
succulent in the glass mini beautiful decorating

Succulents in the glass accents in the room and the interest Some of the most beautiful decorations in the apartment are with plants and flowers. The houseplants are popular not only because of their decorative function, but also because they create a healthy indoor climate. Some plants reduce typical housing toxins and give off oxygen. Headaches, fatigue and concentration problems… Read more »

LED Light Source – Such Table Lamps You Have Never Seen Before!

led bulb Marina DeFrates' plant pot lamp
led bulb Marina DeFrates' table lamps plant

LED lamps as illumination and decoration at the same time Lately, one speaks in lighting and LED exclusively by LED lamps. Indeed, it proves that bulbs are LED energy-efficient than other light present and pleasant light. However, we take into consideration the benefits later. At paramount, we want to show you that light source LED can be considered also as… Read more »

Decoration Of Tinkering With Cardboard To The Excellent Lighting Design 42 Inspirational Ideas

Editor   February 8, 2017   Comments Off on Decoration Of Tinkering With Cardboard To The Excellent Lighting Design 42 Inspirational Ideas
lighting tinkering with cardboard 2
lighting tinkering with cardboard 9

The tinkering with cardboard matures to the sustainable lighting design Designing with light is so complex and expensive that you get offered them even as a stand-alone course. Light and lighting are very specific topics in the field of Interior design, as any institution or individual form is different revealed, depending on how it is lit. The light directly affects… Read more »

Wood Art And Creative Wall Design 29 Wall Decoration Ideas

Editor   February 8, 2017   Comments Off on Wood Art And Creative Wall Design 29 Wall Decoration Ideas
wood art creative wall design wanddeko wood deko.jpeg
wood art creative wall design wanddeko wood deko2.jpeg

Creative wall design can mean wood art The wood is one of the natural materials in interior design, which give a warm cosiness to the denuded area. Attuned with the leading trends in the interior design of 2017 and the pursuit for natural and organic, we devoted to the theme of wood art as regards the creative wall design the… Read more »

Facade Design – 45 Examples Of How You Spice Up The Facade Of The House And The Garden

Editor   February 4, 2017   Comments Off on Facade Design – 45 Examples Of How You Spice Up The Facade Of The House And The Garden
facade design village tree flower pattern
facade colorful flower pattern

Facade design – create cheerful floral pattern mood How often does you without saying a word before a facade to stay? The facades, which we present in the following, will be certainly to make a unique impression. Do you wonder how you give your home that special something? Colorful floral patterns are the perfect way to do this. Just make… Read more »

Happy Valentine’s Day – 30 Wall Designs With Heart Or How To Confess Your Love To The Wall

Editor   February 3, 2017   Comments Off on Happy Valentine’s Day – 30 Wall Designs With Heart Or How To Confess Your Love To The Wall
Valentine's Day ideas heart decorating rustic diy
Valentine's Day ideas heart bedroom wanddeko

Happy Valentine’s Day – ideas on how you express your love through a nice wall decoration The matching Wall design sets the desired ambiance in scene. You can put the finishing touches to a setting or a specific atmosphere in the room. More reasons to take this aspect of the apartment design under the magnifying glass. The wall finish can… Read more »

Wall Design Ideas That Give The Walls A Real Life

Editor   January 26, 2017   Comments Off on Wall Design Ideas That Give The Walls A Real Life
wanddesign ideas Silviu Petrescu wanddeko 3D Wall decoration
wanddesign ideas Petrescu Silviu 3D Eagle

Wall design ideas – optical illusion or a perfect wall decoration Check out this wall designs, take to the walls of your home in a whole new way! So realistically you have never imagined this! Plants grow from the walls and animals are alive…! It comes to the art of Silviu Petrescu. Wall design 3D wall design inspiring ideas –… Read more »