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Room Decoration With Chalkboard- 39 Original DIY Decoration Ideas

Wall decoration wall panel wall decoration dark wall
Wall decoration wall panel wall decoration chalk painting wall

Decorating in a modern and refined manner is an important concern for many people. The great effort is no longer a compulsory requirement. There are simple and effective solutions for any ambience. Standing in front of the black board, like standing in front of the white sheet, can be very promising Pictures and frames can be changed at any time… Read more »

Open Air Cinema In Your Own Garden – 20 Ideas For A Good Entertainment

Open Air Cinema open air cinema creative garden ideas open-air cinema ceiling comfort comfort
Open Air Cinema open air cinema creative gardenide open air cinema

As always, our editorial team is preparing exciting topics and articles for our readers, which are about house, furnishing and leisure… Today we go out of the house and look at how our garden becomes cinema. Stay tuned and be curious! Now the weather outside is just pleasantly warm and we want to spend every precious moment in the fresh… Read more »

33 Styling Tips On How To Bind And Wear Refreshing Bandana In The Summer

Bandana tie bandana hairstyles
Bandana tie bandana hairstyles

The summer has finally arrived and therefore also the often bearable heat. There are many solutions for how to save yourself from heat in the hottest days. One of these solutions is to have a suitable head cover that corresponds to your own style. This summer, wrapping and covering the head with a cloth is a much sought after trend…. Read more »

Smartphone Projector Using A Shoebox Tinker? Thats How It Works!

Mobile phone projector

Have you ever imagined that from a shoe box a smartphone projector can be? If not, we would like to introduce you to the project, which creates a perfect cinema atmosphere in your own apartment. For the project, you do not need more than 15 minutes to complete the material and tool list. The guide is usually very simple and… Read more »

Build A Garden Staircase – 3 Simple Instructions And Practical Tips

Stone blocks natural stone earth mulch stairs self build
Massive stone blocks garden stairs self build garden

Stairs are generally one of the oldest and most useful inventions in our world and we could hardly imagine our everyday life without them. Often they are even architectural masterpieces, designer pieces or even creative DIY projects. Today, we would like to introduce you to some original and simple ideas and projects on how to build a garden staircase yourself…. Read more »

Original DIY Decoration – 5 Simple Baskets Of Paper And Cardboard

Diy deko dekoideen kunstblumen home handicraft table decoration flowers
Diy decoration decorative elements geometric decoration wall decoration table decoration

The DIY decoration made of paper is basically simple and can easily be realized by most people. Furthermore, this method of home-dressing is quite favorable. The possibilities are many and they provide for a lot of change at home. If you are interested in the subject, then you have already experimented more or less with the subject. This helps you… Read more »

50 DIY Decoration Ideas And Furnishing Examples With And From Rope

Dekoideen rope decoration 9- deen
Dekoideen rope decoration 9- deen 1

Do you have the urge to turn your apartment upside down and implement the last idea you’ve got as soon as possible? You might think you are never satisfied with your decor and your quest for perfection will never end. People can not understand that exactly the change is the element that makes you happy… Magical as you create within… Read more »

Swimming Pool In The Garden – Is It Just A Dream?

Swimmingpool in the garden self build ideas and tips
Swimming pool in the garden make and decorate

The most discussed theme in summer is free time! Do you agree, right? A part of this is undoubtedly the theme of”leisure in your own garden”, including swimming and bathing fun. Of course you can deal with different aspects of this topic, but today we want to focus on a concrete one. As always, we go hand in hand and… Read more »

101 Unusual Upcycling Ideas With Old Kitchen Utensils

Upcycling ideas kuechenutensilien from old makes new Cool Bastelideen DIY bastelideen küchenkrams
Upcycling ideas kuechenutensilien from old makes cool Cool Bastelideen DIY bastelideen old küchenkrams Obstschale from old cutlery

A few years ago, there was an investigation that said that on average every European household owns or harbors some 20,000 items. In the well-developed European countries like Germany and France, the number can continue to rise. Many items are piling up in garages, cellars, sheds and on floors, and they are just waiting for someone to take them out… Read more »

The Well-being Oasis For Your Cat – Build Scratching Tree Yourself

Cat scratching tree
Ideas for scratching

The cats are among the most popular pets, because they convince with friendliness and intelligence. Many cat owners choose an attractive scratching tree at home. Building a scratching tree is not an easy task, but a real saving compared to the finished scratching trees in the market. It is particularly important that the cats have enough room, because they are… Read more »

Sew, Sew Or Simply Marvel-68 Imaginative Inspirations

Editor   June 13, 2017   Comments Off on Sew, Sew Or Simply Marvel-68 Imaginative Inspirations
Doorstop sewing doorstop sack door buffer stainless steel construction site
Doorstop sew doorstopper sack stainless steel door buffer shoe kenny

There are hardly any items that are so often overlooked and underestimated as the door stoppers, also known as door buffers. Even when we see them, we hardly notice them. According to the law of our well-known Murphy, it happens, of course, that we only want to bring the rubbish and the front door before our nose falls by the… Read more »

Cool Upcycling Ideas About Crafting With Pet Bottles Creativity Is Limitless

Editor   June 12, 2017   Comments Off on Cool Upcycling Ideas About Crafting With Pet Bottles Creativity Is Limitless
Crafts with pet bottles flowers Upcycling ideas
Upcycling ideas crafting with pet bottles-windrar-red

Do you really know which are the main advantages of the pet material? One of them is quite clear: it can be edited several times. Thus a pet bottle can be used for many different purposes. About crafting with pet bottles The crafting with pet bottles in relation to Upcycling ideas Is practical and is becoming more and more popular…. Read more »

DIY Window Decoration From Old Window Frames

Editor   June 9, 2017   Comments Off on DIY Window Decoration From Old Window Frames
Window decoration old window frame wall decoration elegant
Window decoration old window frame napkins

The obvious association with the term”window decoration”is the spicing up of the light openings at home. It is also true. But we think it different today. On the net we found a lot of examples for the DIY deco, which has been made from old windows. Most of the ideas fascinated us! For this reason, we would like to share… Read more »

Mosaic Stones In The Garden Design – Bastelideen And Manuals

Editor   June 8, 2017   Comments Off on Mosaic Stones In The Garden Design – Bastelideen And Manuals
Mosaic itself making garden paths stone flower head Mosaic stones
Mosaic self making mushroom garden mosaic stones

There are so many weekend classes that offer more and more crafts. We go past the hangs and do not always stick to the intended target group. We’re too busy, we always think. Too stressed to have a pleasant hobby. The truth is that creative activities do us good. We are all talented in one area or another. If you… Read more »

40 Pottery Ideas For The Garden Or As A Unique Gift

Editor   June 7, 2017   Comments Off on 40 Pottery Ideas For The Garden Or As A Unique Gift
Pottery ideas creative design diy ideas diy deco self-made craft kitchen arrangement
Pottery ideas creative design diy ideas diy deco self make glaze

More and more artisan traditions nowadays have a trendy status. In one of the previous articles, we have your attention to different techniques of the embroidering directed. Today, we find it appropriate to the flowering of the garden season some pottery ideas to tell you. Pottering is now a collection concept that covers the entire production of ceramics. In the… Read more »