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Eclectic Is Trendy! What Rules Must You Keep But?

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living ideas living room dekokissen stripes rug corner sofa eclectic

Eclectic set up – what you need and what you may not be the eclectic style The eclectic style is universal and very popular. But his execution is not easy. Unless you know some rules that you always remember what you do and what – not. Eclectic set – modern interior design ideas for the living room The floor plan… Read more »

Creative Living Ideas – Where With The Bike?

creative living ideas storage space living room bike wall mount

Creative living ideas – the bicycle as a striking decoration Cycling is healthy! According to the healthy sports training where but with the bike? Your apartment is too small to be considered a special place for the bicycle, then you have the same problem as many other cyclists. Fortunately there is a solution then! Name is creative interior design!… A… Read more »

LED Light Bar – 30 Ideas, As You Led Interior Design Enticing Bars Create

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living room lighting ideas led striplight ideas illuminate

LED Strip lighting – LED bars visually change premises and provide for greater security Have you admired the beautiful, almost magical living spaces? The light has a great post to their majestic beauty in such premises. Namely, living rooms transform into living OASIS LED Strip lights. Do you know what is an LED light bar? Premises visually change LED strips… Read more »

Small Kitchen Set – 44 Practical Ideas For Individualisation Of The Small Room

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Small kitchen set up – customize the establishment of small kitchens by practical ideas You want a kitchen in the elegant style, then must go ahead but more practical because of the tight space in case of doubt? Small kitchen space and practical establishment close not only outside, but on the contrary: the practical ideas are an opportunity for individualization… Read more »

Interior Design Ideas For A Stunning Atmosphere!

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Feminine interiors – and French-style home decorating ideas French Interior design is synonymous of elegance.  Just when you want to spread feminine flair in your home, so something is crucial. Because here, the boundary between the elegant and tasteless, cheesy design is really easy to pass. If so feminine to set up your home, you stay with the French style… Read more »

New Catalog And The Extended Reality IKEA

augmented reality agmented reality virtual reality ar glasses
advanced reality agmented reality ikea furniture ar glasses

Augmented reality – the clever technology with great potential A slightly newer invention, which can be understood as an additional information structure is called augmented reality or even augmented reality. Usually the additional information in 3D format and appear in the case of an augmented reality app directly on the display of your electronic device. The whole thing sounds perhaps… Read more »

Celebrities – The Villa Of Celine Dion In Paris Will Be Sold!

celebrities celine Dione
celebrities celine Dione apartment

It is worth to take a look at it! The year 2016 was not easy at all for Celine Dion. She lost her husband and her brother within a week. We wish her good emotions for 2017. Today we talk about a somewhat more cheerful theme. We show you her beautifully furnished villa in Paris. It is a jewel of… Read more »

Clever Storage Systems After Swedish Art

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storage systems racking systems elfa walk-in closet shoes

ELFA storage systems for a sustainable planning at home And if we are talking about the Scandinavian style of living, we can also provide to order a bit more. Because as they say at ELFA: “Evertything can be organized”. If you also are easier to make your own four walls and search for a practical system of order, then you’re… Read more »

German Design Award 2017 – Our TOP 5 Favorites In The Residential Area

2017 german design award made in germany innovation
german design award 2017 myflavour eva solo

It was this year reflected exciting on the German design award “And the winner is” the prize winners were actually many renowned designers and newcomers this year on the new! At the ceremony of the German design award 2017 at the Messe Frankfurt, l has againa crème de la crème met in terms of “Made in Germany” and international design…. Read more »

Kitchen With Colored Accents: 44 Installation Examples

Editor   January 31, 2017   Comments Off on Kitchen With Colored Accents: 44 Installation Examples
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high-quality interior design home ideas kitchen colored stool

Colorful accents in the kitchen: so you can introduce these The minimalist style has prevailed for several reasons in the kitchen. First, he is very fit within an open plan. If you take the same color as in the living room, all despite diverse details seems consistent. At the same time keeps a sense of width and openness through the… Read more »

Sun Protection Glass And Even More Clever Tips To Prevent Heat

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Sonnenschutzglas-fresh ideas for your Sun protection External shading protect from heat in the form of awnings and roller shutters. There are also Sun glasses and sunscreen. Who mainly protect themselves from the harsh light at noon in the summer wants to or want to have simple practical privacy, uses the best blinds. However, make sure that you choose suitable when… Read more »

Find All Necessary Information Here About Your Future House Conversions!

Editor   January 26, 2017   Comments Off on Find All Necessary Information Here About Your Future House Conversions!
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Home remodeling trends new ideas

Reconstruction and modernization: The best tips for your home Times have changed – and with them the housing claims. One wants to radically modernize his somewhat older House, the other wants to build energy-efficient or age to the real estate, perhaps by a growing expand. Here the most important tips take homeowners during the reconstruction. Is a permit needed for… Read more »

Colorful Kitchen – What Advantages Has A Colorful Kitchen Design?

Editor   January 25, 2017   Comments Off on Colorful Kitchen – What Advantages Has A Colorful Kitchen Design?
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Why should you wear a colorful kitchen consider because? In the kitchen, you have the choice between fitted kitchen or kitchen design with individual cooking island. But setting up the kitchen, you should think about first and foremost of their functionality; So, the room should meet some criteria so that one feels there well. There are Yes certain establishment strategies… Read more »

Stylish And It Must Be Convenient

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Stylish and it must be convenient There are a lot of aspects that must be taken into account when setting up a new apartment. Because in addition to practical and cost aspects, also the optics is an important factor in establishing. Because of course your home to set up, that you feel each time, when you enter the apartment. Already… Read more »

61 Installation Examples And Design Ideas For The Latest Home Trends 2017

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These interior design ideas that best reflect our Zeitgeist Designer promise us the year 2017 high-quality products for interior decoration with a strong focus on customer satisfaction. It works by taking strong account of past experience. Design we our rooms after the year’s trends is it artistically, poetically, and unforgettable. For a better success we have made here a nice… Read more »