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Summer Hairstyles 2017- Top Cuts, Colors And Other Trends

Summer hairstyles 2017 blue hair
Summer hairstyles 2017 festival summer

The summer is combined with holidays, relaxation, ripe fruit, freedom, nice weather and plenty of ice cream and homemade lemonade. The long days and the short nights make an almost uninterrupted gardening, enjoying the warmth and having fun with friends. And if you’re out on the road and maybe have music festivals every weekend, you’ll need a handy haircut that… Read more »

Modern White Kitchen Displays Style And Elegance, Combining Modernity And Functionality

White kitchen stylish wall design and freestanding kitchen island
White kitchen modern interiors with plants and wooden floor

White is a popular color that is often used in room design. They are always associated with grace, purity and order. For the kitchen was undoubtedly still the most important place at home, it is the undisputed centerpiece of every apartment. The contemporary kitchen in white best suits our expectations of modern living and can satisfy the highest demands on… Read more »

Trend Colors 2017 – Millennial Pink In The Interior Design

Editor   May 8, 2017   Comments Off on Trend Colors 2017 – Millennial Pink In The Interior Design
Beautiful residential ideas in millennial pink for the dining area
Trendfarben 2017 millennial pink soft wall paint for the dining room

Fashion trends in fashion also have a strong influence in the interior design. How do you stage the desired trend color right in your home? It is now about the trend color Millennial Pink in the Innendesign. It does not matter much whether you paint all the walls in Millennial Pink, create a single accent wall in this color, or… Read more »

Color Psychology And Color Design

Editor   April 30, 2017   Comments Off on Color Psychology And Color Design
Color scheme residential color
Color scheme

Effect of basic colors in color design Can you imagine a single day of your life without colors? The world would then look very desolate and oppressive. Colors trigger emotions The color perception of a person depends on the quantity of light Colors are an important part of our everyday life and play an extremely important role for our daily… Read more »