Stones Paint- 40 Bastelideen For A Successful Color Design

Stone painting gift ideas painted stone crafts with stone village
Stones painted three-colored

It simply happens intuitively that we pick up pretty stones from the ground, look at each side, feel in the hand and very often take home with us. As simple as a stone gets not only the special place on the piano, but also a very special attention. With the help of this, we are quickly transferred to the place… Read more »

50 DIY Decoration Ideas And Furnishing Examples With And From Rope

Dekoideen rope decoration 9- deen
Dekoideen rope decoration 9- deen 1

Do you have the urge to turn your apartment upside down and implement the last idea you’ve got as soon as possible? You might think you are never satisfied with your decor and your quest for perfection will never end. People can not understand that exactly the change is the element that makes you happy… Magical as you create within… Read more »

Swimming Pool In The Garden – Is It Just A Dream?

Swimmingpool in the garden self build ideas and tips
Swimming pool in the garden make and decorate

The most discussed theme in summer is free time! Do you agree, right? A part of this is undoubtedly the theme of”leisure in your own garden”, including swimming and bathing fun. Of course you can deal with different aspects of this topic, but today we want to focus on a concrete one. As always, we go hand in hand and… Read more »

Feng Shui Garden – Create Your Own Place Of Silence

Feng shui garden stone column zen
Feng shui garden pond water lily

According to the Feng Shui philosophy, the garden is no less important than any other space in a house. If you arrange these according to the appropriate rules, you will ensure in your house for well-being and very good luck. Among other things, you would also provide for much better relationships between family members. We are also convinced that the… Read more »

50 Modern Examples And A Few Traditional Strategies For Sun Protection

Flexible sunshade beige
triangular-parasol-over-the-sitting area

In the last few seasons, little has changed for the sun protection products for the outdoor area. The design concepts and the mechanisms for the installation were modernized. Innovations ensure an effective and environmentally friendly character. In addition, sun protection also fulfills several functions. In addition, he is harmoniously integrated into the modern garde design. On the other hand, this… Read more »

Ceiling Design – 88 Examples Of How You Can Enhance The Space Through A Beautiful Ceiling

Ceiling design stylish room ceiling and beautiful optics
Green furniture and fresh patterns

When you set up a room, the ceiling is somehow in the last place… But this could be the best eyecatcher. Room covers are not easy to find. They can nevertheless fulfill certain functions, from which each room can benefit. Even decorative can be designed ceilings. In the case of high ceilings, one should pay particular attention to the fact… Read more »

Shabby Chic Chest Of Drawers – 39 Inspirations For More Romantic Comfort

Shabby chic chest of drawers cremeweiss couch table wood carvings crystal candlesticks
Shabby chic chest of drawers bathroom furniture pastel green waschtisch retro armatur chrome

Do you know that? Delicate peonies spread their supple aroma, a thin tip and delicate ornaments decorate the soft cushions and the wooden furniture surface with nostalgic wear marks… A distinctive romantic mood immerses the space in summerly indifference and lets the soul dangle and the senses. It’s called Shabby Chic! This charming furnishing style has been around for a… Read more »

High-quality Design With A Futuristic Touch Of Pendari

Divasrock synthetic leather black extravagant modedesign
Lederhose men's knit sweater cotton black

“Express your free spirit!”- the slogan of the avant-garde modelabel PENDARI could hardly be better. Ultramodern, almost futuristic modesign, inspired by traces of ancient tradition and primordiality. Each individual garment is made of high quality materials such as merino wool, cotton and leather. The noble fabrics come from Leathertex – one of the most famous Italian manufacturers in this area…. Read more »

111 Installation Examples For Individual And Stylish Room Design

Interior design ideas interior design idea interior design ideas interior decoration ideas baroque nowadays mix
Furnishing examples interior design ideas interior decoration interior decoration japanese furniture ideas living room plants

At home, we should feel protected. We should be safe between our four walls. But this only applies if we design the design according to our own psychological comfort. Most of us do this automatically. The device examples, the preferred forms and To dye , Can provide an accurate picture of a person’s preferences and character. “Show me how you… Read more »

The Slow Gardening Trend – Many Unexpected Benefits For The Environment And Health

The slow gardening trend fancy lanterns
The slow gardening trend lush flowers great vegetation

Are you hippie in your garden? Are you relaxed while cutting some shrubs and hedges back? Do you enjoy every new day growing your organic vegetables? So are you a fan of the trend”Slow Gardening”? This tendency was inspired by the Carlo Petrinis Slow Food movement. The American gardener fields Rushing had the idea for this initiative. More specifically, it… Read more »

Every Room Design Needs The Certain Something, In Order To Look Particularly Special

Furniture ideas for the bathroom black cabinet and rustic accents
Raumdesign unusual ideas for the living room extravagant painting over the fireplace

It is well known to all the fans that the beauty is in the small details. Often space design needs quite small changes to be completely completed. A universal truth means that the best decorated and decorated rooms take some time to get through visually. If you want to give something to your room that makes it unique and unique,… Read more »

88 Wooden Tiles, Wood Panels And Wood Paneling Ideas – Try It With Comfort!

Wood tiled wood panel wood panel wood tile wood optic residential
Wood tiles wood panels wood panels wood tiles wood optics wall design wood wall coverings blue tones

The natural materials in the house remind us of nature and our proximity to this. For this reason, they are very popular. One searches for various ways of using them in their own home. There are many great methods for flooring alone. Running on organic soil can only be pleasant A wooden panel can look surprisingly pleasant The wood saves… Read more »

Sustainable And Chic: Fashion Jewelry Made Of Rubber

bracelet fashion jewelry-from-rubber
Pendants heart-natural rubber-costume jewelery-decoration

Not only in everyday life, but also in the purchase of jewelery and fashion are topics such as sustainability and environmental protection extremely important. Women and men increasingly pay attention to products that do not harm nature or discriminate against other people. Often, the health aspect also plays an important role, which is why harmless materials are becoming increasingly popular… Read more »

12 Trendy Wall Paints, Which Designers And Interior Designers Love

Wall paint lavender benjamin moore in the bedroom
Wall paintings Salmon Peach Benjamin Moore

In both the design of the room and the fashion, the designers give the impression that the house residents like the latest trends. The wall paints rarely come up with anything new, because you like to rely on classical and well-tested nuances. These are the shades, which often have great visual impact. These spread in their four walls a good… Read more »

22 Cool Baskets For Shopping Bags And Baskets

Cool bastelide damask lace ruffle decorating diy ideas
Cool basalide damask straw bag decorating jutestoff lace crochet

How could one determine correctly and honestly whether a woman is feminine enough and attractive or not? Not only the character, the appearance and the charisma play a role in this. It is also a question of whether the ladies are able to make the world and everyday life more beautiful by simple means. The cool craft ideas Are therefore… Read more »