Traumbader – Stylish Furnishing Ideas And Modern Designs

Tramps geometric patterns floor tiles
Travertine built in bathtub blue tile tv

Some people are of the opinion that dream bikes are different for everyone. We believe rather less. We think that there are some qualities that are objectively determined by all of them as dreamlike. Beauty has an objective face. Let us show you the following examples of trombones. We have sorted the bathrooms however according to certain characteristics, which in… Read more »

Vacation With Dog – Practical Tips For Great Trips With Your Four-legged Friend

Holiday with dog the dog must feel comfortable in the car
Holiday with dog prepare for the trip

The holiday season is still in full swing. Yes, traveling is a lot of fun, but what can you do if you have a dog at home? Can we take our four-legged with us on holiday? Are you faced with the same dilemma just before your planned trip? We have prepared practical tips for you to help you spend a… Read more »

Garden Furniture Application Outside The Summer Season

Garden furniture medeiteran ratan
Garden furniture ratan chair

Practical design seems to be getting more and more modern. Even in our opinion, different lines are developing within this trend. We even believe the following: they differ from one another mainly by the kind of motivation behind them. The practical DIY line is mainly motivated by environmental awareness and the pursuit of individualization. We also observe a flowering of… Read more »

Individual Jewelry Storage- Over 50 DIY Ideas For Jewelry Stands

Jewelry store jewelery store diy ideas dezaent
Jewelry jewelery storage diy ideas ikea parts wooden box

Whether you are on holiday, on the Internet or in the city looking for beautiful clothes and eye-catching accessories, you can not buy new earrings or bracelets around. Jewelery is also sought at the flea market and also as a gift jewelery, various jewelery classes represent a guarantee for joy. Jewelery can also be inherited, jewelery can be exchanged, and… Read more »

Dark Chocolate – Something Delicious And At The Same Time Healthy…

Dark chocolate is healthier than milk chocolate
Chocolate eating advantages and disadvantages

Every day one hears the same thing: the healthy diet is decisive for our well-being! But you want something tasty from time to time! Like chocolate, for example! It is said that especially women can not resist this sweetness… And there is nothing bad about it! Especially when it comes to dark chocolate! It is said that the chocolate is… Read more »

69 Oktoberfest Hairstyles And Instructions – For A Memorable Experience

Oktoberfest hairstyles with instructions in pictures two braids red
Octoberfest hairstyles with instructions in pictures two plait class

It’s hard to believe how fast time passes! We remember the last Oktoberfest in Munich as if it had been yesterday. And now it has been around for almost a year now and the next biggest folk festival in the world is back at the door. Millions of guests from all over the world travel to Munich to sing, sing… Read more »

Modern Sleeping Couch Is The Absolute All-rounder At Home

Sofa couch modern design create comfort through pillows and ceilings
Sofa couch modern daybed in yellow leather

No matter if you have a large or small apartment, it could happen that you are surprised by unexpected guests. Then you could suddenly get into a stressful situation: the available space is not enough, just the sleeping places are too tight! Do not forget in such moments, there is always a way out! Again, we can help with a… Read more »

Ideas With HPL Plates For Contemporary Design Projects

Attractive house facade hpl plates green yellow blue
Hpl wood optic kitchen fronts

Are you looking for an environmentally friendly and versatile material for your indoor or outdoor installation? The HPL plates (High Pressure Laminates) are exactly the same and can be used in several places. With these, some of the most prominent urban façades from recent years have been designed. They are an inexpensive option for contemporary interior design and modern renovation…. Read more »

Möbeltresor The Many Advantages Of An Installation At A Glance

Furniture Safe
Furniture door 1

Have you ever thought of installing a cabinet door at home at a suitable location? Just have a secret corner, where your valuables are not only protected against uninvited guests but also against fire? Today, we would like to report on this topic and take a closer look at the advantages of a so – called” Furniture Safe brings with… Read more »

33 Fingerprint Images, Which Make Painting An Experience

Fingerprint pictures creative bastelides how to make pictures with fingerprints
Creative bastelide guestbook with fingerprints of the wedding guests

Impressions of the whole hand or individual parts, of fingers or fingertips are particularly popular with the design of original drawings and greeting cards. We covered the handprint pictures in a previous article. Today, we are going into the topic of fingerprint pictures. Are you looking for an interesting leisure activity for your children? Or would you like to create… Read more »

Easy To Use Plug-in Appliance – 7 Simple Instructions And Practical Tips

Self-made- hochsteckfrisuren-looser-dutt

A casual high-neck dresser looks not only to casual outfit and super-chic weather, but also on official occasions and even in uncomfortable grime. Even in the winter it does not matter to a hairstyle, under the hood or the thick cap their coolness to keep. In addition, the fact that making a hairstyle itself is quite simple and, above all,… Read more »

Contemporary Shower – A Trend In Modern Bathroom Design And Even More

walk-in-shower-black-wall tiles and white-bathtub

Imagine the following situation: You get tired from work home and get into your very private relax zone! Waterproof shower area, no revolving doors, no barriers, perfect transparency and a lot of comfort! Quite simply you get under the shower and enjoy the daily bathing experience at home. The above is not a beautiful dream, which is already a reality… Read more »

How To Achieve A Stylish Symmetry In Your Home

Symmetry living room fireplace red armchair
Symmetry wall patterned pillows

In the world of design we have some main principles, according to which rooms are designed. One of them is symmetry. This is unjustly attributed to the boring and not so exciting approaches of many people. But if you look closely at what an effect you create, you would forget something like boredom. For symmetry is integrated in almost all… Read more »