Smoothies Make You Look Slim And Healthy

Smoothies make healthy slim from blueberries banana cornflakes
Green smoothie in glass made from banana kiwi spinach green apple

Smoothies are currently super trendy drinks, but there are many good reasons for that. First and foremost is their tremendously positive effect on our body and health. That’s why we say short – smoothies make you slim and healthy. They are made only from fresh ingredients, as direct as possible from nature, and provide the organism with the necessary dose… Read more »

Scandinavian Lagom Style Facility: The Newest Trend In Sweden

Scandinavian interior light wood white walls
Scandinavian interior design bedroom ideas

The latest trend for Scandinavian furniture is Lagom. After the great hype surrounding Hygge, it is now up to the Swedish lifestyle to be invited into their own four walls. And this is highly advisable, because it is actually about the Swedish way of living relaxed and balanced. It is well known that the Swedes are some of the happiest… Read more »

Fitness Smoothies – Power Drinks For A Well-trained Body

Sporty girl holding a green smoothie. Fitness smoothies are trendy
Healthy breakfast fitness smoothies after exercise ideal for body regeneration

Smoothies are definitely trendy for a few years now. Every day we hear friends and work colleagues say how healthy these power drinks are. They are the perfect energy kick in the morning, provide us with new powers and are even referred to as vitamin boosters and beauty boosters. There is, of course, a good reason for all of this… Read more »

Contact Lens Price Comparison: Find Cheap Contact Lenses And At The Same Time Make The Best Choice

contact lenses order contact lens price comparison
See better cheap contact lenses

In our advanced age, more and more people are suffering from a vision disorder. Whether congenital, old age or because of the long hours on the computer, the visual impairment is an inconvenience that you have to deal with. There is always the time to visit an ophthalmologist. You are given the choice: glasses or contact lenses? Glasses or contact… Read more »

Woodruff Recipes And Why We Love This Plant So Much?

waldmeister recipes lemonade itself make flavor
waldmeister recipes make lemonade yourself punch

Even if you say that you are hardly familiar with medicinal herbs, you can quite quickly and quite clearly remember the typical Altbierbowle or Maibowle taste. The unforgettable aroma belongs exactly to the plant, of which we would like to report today. This plant is called woodruff and they are called maikraut. And if you like to remember the wonderful… Read more »

15 Home Remedies For Ants: So You Expel The Little Pests From The House

home remedies against ants ideas
lavender as a home remedy against ants

Although ants are quite diligent and actually beneficial in nature, we do not necessarily want the little crawling beasts in the house or on the patio. But we do not necessarily kill the animals, but we can simply distribute them permanently. And how does it work? Very easily. By some measures such as adequate hygiene and the timely disposal of… Read more »

The Interval Fasting: Much More Than Just Another Diet Trend!

Intervall fast and healthy food
interval fasting to lose weight

Intervall fasting is not just a new dietary trend, but has many health benefits and helps to reduce the body weight sustainably. It’s a new concept that allows you to incorporate fasting into your everyday life. Long, tormenting fasting and unhealthy diets are unnecessary by itself. Nutritionists agree that chronic diseases such as MS, dementia, rheumatism, diabetes, etc. can even… Read more »

So Choose The Right Medieval Clothes For Every Occasion

little schoolgirl middle age clothes
Middle age clothing men outfit with weapons

There is practically no solemn occasion that could not be organized in a medieval style. A little more even – it is a very current trend that people from all generations love. And the latter is a main argument for organizing a birthday party, a party, an anniversary or even a wedding in this style. Of course, as a participant… Read more »

Coco Chanel In 20 Great Quotes About Life And Fashion

famous illustration of coco chanel
coco chanel in a noble ambience

The ingenious people from all walks of life have some things in common: this is the possession of a peculiar, changeable philosophy of life. Certainly Coco Chanel is proof of that. This is the same philosophy of life that has guided her through the difficulties of her life and helped her to understand the notion of fashion and stylishness to… Read more »

Find The Right Box For Your Needs And Purposes!

“Karton”sounds like a simple and even boring topic. But those who take care of the little things in everyday life, is well aware of the qualitative selection of this type of products. Cardboard boxes have a versatile use in everyday life. They are suitable for packaging and mail. Furthermore, they can serve as a storage space, as well as homemade… Read more »

Corner Bath – The Most Important Criteria For The Right Choice

The small living spaces have been a trend for many years. This also applies to the facilities that prove to be suitable. A corner bath belongs in more and more cases. Because it can give you a perfect spa and bathing experience even with limited space. Again, if not selected and installed in the right way, it could affect the… Read more »

The Infrared Heater: For Cozy Warmth And A Modern Wall Design

A cozy interior not only lives from a coherent color concept and decorative highlights. While modern furniture and a well-thought-out choice of colors contribute to a harmonious image, other senses need to be addressed for a proper feel-good atmosphere. Be it with scented candles, which create an atmospheric ambience with their fine touch. Or through the deliberate use of sound… Read more »