There Are 51 Carvings And Even More Frightening Surprises

halloween pumpkin, carnival, pumpkin, lantern, toothpainting
halloween, pumpkin, carnival, pumpkin, lantern, halloween, pumpkin, face

After saying good-bye to the old summer, and before you can feel the icy cold outside, there is a special event, which you would like to experience and celebrate every year at the same time. Of course it is at this moment that the strange and gloomy festival, called Halloween, is honored all over the world. It seems as if… Read more »

Select Kitchen, But What Criteria?

workspace kitchen with rustic optics
kitchen countertops stylish kitchen furniture in neutral colors

If you set up the kitchen, you put a great value not only on the beautiful look, but also on materials and functionality. If you attach great importance to modern and practical kitchen design, then perhaps you also place high demands on the workplace? It is of fundamental importance, what kind of material you select for the worktops. However, much… Read more »

Solid Wood Furniture Creates An Authentic Living Environment

solid wood furniture dining table in light color
solid wood furniture in light shades and wooden floor

What characteristics of solid wood make furniture from this natural material so popular? A well-designed home requires careful preliminary planning: the right combination of furniture and residential decoration makes for the nice interior design. In fact, it is difficult to set up a modern and stylish apartment without professional help… However, a few rules should be kept safe! So one… Read more »

Through Coupons And Coupons – Love The Right Bargain

coupons and coupons for shopping
online shopping with vouchers

Bill. – Alexander Dobrindt (* 1970), CSU General Secretary – Source: Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger Life is expensive enough, or do you have a different opinion? We do not mind if you rub your hands over a bargain while shopping. Why waste money unnecessarily! For many bargain hunters (and not just for them!), Nowadays different vouchers and coupons are offered, which have… Read more »

Halloween The Story And How To Celebrate The Festival Around The World

Ideas for Halloween deko halloween history kuerbislaterne tinker
Ideas for Halloween kuerbis NEW Ideas for Halloween deko halloween story kuerbislaterne tinker

Are you still looking for great Halloween ideas? Draw such from the own story of the feast! We also offer you the opportunity to get to know the Halloween customs in different countries. This is certainly another great idea. The festival brings light into the darkness and coldness On the origin of the horror test We believe there are no… Read more »

6 Tips For Healthy Lunch

Editor   September 21, 2017   No Comments on 6 Tips For Healthy Lunch
healthy lunch meat
healthy lunch yogurt

It is no secret that millions of women around the world are constantly dreaming of being in top shape and catching a slender figure. That is why healthy eating is a hot trend among fashion-conscious women. Many of them, whether old or young, super slim or plump, are of the opinion that you have to adhere strictly to the desired… Read more »

Residential Style Living Room In Classic Style For Elegant Comfort And Stylish Tranquility

living room living room in classic style with golden accents
living room living room in light colored fireplace and round carpet

There are furnishings ideas that are timeless. For example, the classic furnishing style with its unique charisma has numerous supporters. Rooms in classic style have a lot of splendor and create a special living environment. If you want to introduce the classic furnishing style into your home, you can also do this by incorporating individual elements. This is why modern… Read more »

A Piece Of Furniture That Makes The Children ‘s Room Even Bigger – Children’ S Highchair


A bookcase, a seating area, an office table for your child and a child’s bed in one. Yes, it is the real reality that the modern highchairs offer nowadays, and that is not all you can expect from these pieces of furniture. Creative solutions for your children’s room can be found by means of the practical and up-to-date designs, which… Read more »

Gardening In Autumn – What’s On Your To-do List?

Gardening in autumn
Gardening in autumn with pumpkins decorating

Autumn comes slowly and makes itself felt every day. The days are getting shorter, the temperatures fall, it rains often and the sun shines only occasionally through the gray sky clouds. But this is not a reason for hobbyists to hang their heads. But on the contrary! You know very well how beautiful the Autumn in the garden n can… Read more »

Cooktops Have Functionality And A Beautiful Look – 30 Fascinating Sofas

Cozy elegant living room of genuine wood
Cooperative functional solution for the living room table

The couch table is one of those pieces of furniture you should have in the living room. And not just because this is simply there! The couch table is a must in the living room because of its beautiful appearance and its functional use. Tables differ, however, clearly from one another and one is not easy to find the right… Read more »

Halloween Nails – 53 Scary Nageldesigns For The Gruselparty

halloween nails ombre nails design
halloween nails original incidents in dark colors

The Horrornacht is here and if you want to make an unforgettable impression at this Halloween party, you have to look for a suitable disguise… However, there is a detail in the outfit that you must take care of: A fitting nageldesign choose! Black nails, red on white, creepy motifs… The variety of nageldesigns for the Gruselparty is really endless…… Read more »

Autumn In The Garden – Beauty In Nature Does Not Want To End

Autumn in the garden colorful autumn flowers
Garden in the autumn

We assume that today’s article could sound very promising for many readers. When you look out of the window and see the cloudy, cloudy sky, you feel a little depressed. Since the first days of September it has been raining almost all over Germany and the sun is rare. That’s true, but we can hope for better weather by the… Read more »

Stylish DIY Decoration With Room Plants Fast And Practical – How It Works!

white orchids diy deco
diy project house plants

Bringing fresh greenery into the home is nowadays a classic way to decorate our home creatively and create a cozy atmosphere. So that you can beautify your apartment, terrace or the garden with an exclusive living decoration effectively, there are some ideas with long lasting house plants, which bring absolute top performances. For this reason, our editorial team would like… Read more »

10 Küchentrends 2017, Which Bring A Fresh Breeze Into The Modern Kitchen

kitchen furnishing concrete kitchen and metallic elements
kitchen furnishings 2017 metallic optics

As a functional living space, the kitchen is for many the most popular place in the home. The modern kitchen is actually a special living space: practical and with its own character. And as certain trends in the interior design of the living room and bedroom appear every year, one also observes typical furnishing trends in the kitchen. Which are… Read more »

Hibiscus – The Certain Thing For Inside And Outside

Hibiscus flowers pink
Hibiscus flowers

Hello, dear flowers! Today, we continue our series of articles, where we give you useful information and important care tips for quite different ones houseplants and garden flowers present. Since the plant world is enormously rich and varied for its own four walls and the outside area and always surprises us with unique forms and delightful colors, the possible publications… Read more »