5 Tips On How To Choose The Right Napkin Folding Technique For You!

festive napkins folding technique christmas
interesting and noble napkin folding technique

Would you like to decorate the table with a napkin folding technique? This is indeed a very good strategy with which you can make something special for any occasion. If you research on the Internet, you will find an incredible amount of great ideas. Yes, you could even lose something in it. The following tips will help you to find… Read more »

Black Bathroom: 5 Benefits And 50 Ideas

bathroom ideas link ideas
bathroom ideas accent surface

A black bathroom? How does that sound to you? In general, this design solution is considered masculine. But depending on the context, it could also be a good fit for a family home. There are many reasons why such a bathroom design should be considered. We list five advantages that you can not ignore! In addition, we have put together… Read more »

Christmas Punch – One Of The Many Christmas Miracles

Christmas punch cranberries
Christmas punch bottle

If the time around Christmas is already wonderfully organized, the Christmas decorations are hung up, the Christmas dinner is already planned and the guests are invited, there is nothing left to do but to take the beautiful Christmas magic optimistically and enjoy their days off. You could just enjoy the Christmas spirit and make yourself comfortable. Finally, you can also… Read more »

Making A Wedding Candle Yourself: 50+ Inspiring Ideas

Make antique decoration with candles yourself
Make blue candles with metallic candlestick yourself

Homemade projects are practically compulsory if you want a memorable wedding. The little things are particularly strong. An individually designed invitation, a personalized gift, a wine bottle with the name and image of the bridal couple – all this makes the festival unique and unforgettable. Today we present you a great idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthis kind! It’s about making a wedding… Read more »

Make Shabby Chic Decoration Yourself: Practical Tips And Lots Of Inspiration

Very thin lace, delicate pastel colors and magnificent peonies… yes, it’s up to us to make Shabby Chic decoration ourselves today! This romantic deco and living style has been in vogue for a long time and still makes the hearts of passionate craft fanatics beat faster. Shabby chic is almost always closely associated with the vintage style and often barely… Read more »

Build Bird Food House Yourself And What Is Important To Note

bird feed house itself build covered landing site
build birdhouse itself with love

When winter is here, and the leaves of the trees have long since fallen, we see how many birds are flying off and find out that these are not just sparrows. Especially in the big cities, the birds are forced to overwinter with the leftovers that they find daily. Often, the birds find us well-known from advertising products that are… Read more »

Ideas With A Heart – How One Celebrated Christmas In Grandmas Times

Retro atmosphere Christmas
Small and bigger gifts

Christmas is coming soon again and we have all come to this indescribable solemn mood, which makes the anticipation for the party even greater. Now it shines and shines everywhere in the shops and offices that Houses and front gardens look inviting and cheerful. But if you find the hustle and bustle too much and you are already tired of… Read more »

Crafting With Cones – 55 Great Decoration Ideas For Christmas

making christmas decorations yourself with cones and plucking
DIY with the Sweetest Occasion

The pine cones are probably among the most popular natural materials for crafting, which everyone knows. From it can be beautiful garlands, wreaths and table decorations as well as funny animals and males make. Crafts with cones makes big and small always a lot of fun. In addition, cones are usually free, because you can accumulate them in different sizes… Read more »

Bordeaux Color And Its Effect In Terms Of Interior Design

Bordeaux color pompoes
Bordeaux color ceiling

The bordeaux color is often declared as claret, although there are dozens of wines that give just as many claret tones. What is Bordeaux, where does it come from and why does it play such a bewildering, as well as dignified color such a great role in fashion or interior design. Bordeaux color – meaning and effect Why is the… Read more »

Modern Houses – Architecture Inspiration From Mexico By Hector Barroso Riba

Modern facades brick mexico monochrome
Modern facades glass brick

Latin America is a wonderful source of ideas for modern homes. Today’s example clearly proves that. The pictures below show fabulous architecture, built by Hector Barroso Riba. The complex is located in Valle de Bravo, Mexico. The project is from this year and is thus characteristic for some essential current trends in the architecture. The materials and the facade design… Read more »

Make Last-minute Advent Wreath Yourself, Very Fast And Easy!

fast advent wreath itself make pillar candles walnuts
diy ideas advent wreath itself make tin cans white candles

It’s really five to twelve. The first Advent is just around the corner and you do not even have an Advent wreath? Oh no! Well, better late than never. Relax first and take a deep breath! Because we have the solution: Last-minute Advent wreath make yourself. And how? But you need so much time and a clever hand? Are you… Read more »

DIY Ideas For Tablecloths: A Guide And Dozens Of Great Ideas!

finished homemade tablecloth DIY
pattern for the snowflake diy idea

Have you already thought of making a tablecloth yourself? So you can easily customize the interior design to your own taste, or adapt to the style of various festivals. We have great examples that can inspire you to DIY ideas. Before that we want to show you that it’s not that difficult to do it yourself. We have a great… Read more »

Make Christmas Card And Be Inspired By The Paper Cutting

christmas card making papercut xmas simple
christmas card crafting paper cut christmas gold

Even if the first Advent is already at the door, you still have enough time to tinker with some pretty Christmas cards. Homemade cards or gifts show the personal attitude to a special person and have the ability to move someone emotionally for a long time. We have named more than enough reasons on our website why self-made can always… Read more »

How Can You Decorate The Christmas Tree? – 49 Decoration Ideas For Christmas Decorations

fir-tree decorate ideas christmas decorations instead of star
christmas tree decorate deco ideas christmas decorations pictures

Christmas is a special event where everything is beautiful and exciting. The whole Advent season, the preparations, the presents, the festive decoration and the delicious food. We are rightly looking forward to such a big and contemplative feast and to make every effort to have peace and love in the house during the holidays. There are a few days until… Read more »

Tiramisu In A Glass – The Simplest Recipe As A Delicious Inspiration

classic recipe for tiramisu
cherries cocoa tiramisu in glass recipe

You certainly know this popular Italian dessert. But have you ever heard of Tiramisu in the glass? The world-famous pick-me-up is downright delicious and always ensures an extra dose of good humor. It usually consists of mascarpone, biscuits, coffee, amaretto and cocoa – all ingredients that invigorate body and mind and provide plenty of fresh energy. No wonder that Tiramisu… Read more »