Open Wardrobe – 39+ Examples of How A Wardrobe Without Doors Appears Modern and Functional

open wardrobe dressing room of black stool lamp
wardrobe design Interior ideas bedroom open wardrobe dark floor

When decorating the bedroom or the dressing room, the choice of furniture must always be carefully considered. However, it depends on whether there is order or disorder in the room. One considers the arrangement of the pieces of furniture, their design and color coordination with each other. Perhaps the wardrobe is the first thing you think of when you imagine… Read more »

Ikea Kallax Shelving – Flexibility And Versatility At An Affordable Price

ikea shelf kallax wall cat sw
ikea shelf kallax closet plates under the stairs

Everybody knows Ikea’s shelving systems, shelves, and boxes these days. But what always surprises you are the countless design possibilities that would be possible with the practical Kallax series. With the help of many examples, we have tried to show the universal applicability of the Ikea shelves Kallax for today. Original, modern and inexpensive are many of the Ikea furniture… Read more »

IKEA Furniture – 33 Original Scandinavian Style Ideas

IKEA furniture DIY ideas recycled wood Dresser living room floor
IKEA side table Setup ideas DIY ideas nursery baby room chest of drawers baby

Successful strategies for creative design with IKEA furniture Ikea’s mission seems to be to present furniture design in a new revolutionary form. However, one can only benefit from the advantages of these pieces of furniture if one understands the idea of the furniture manufacturers well. The Ikea pieces in the new collections contain many modules. Read Also:┬áIkea Hacks For A… Read more »

Prepare The Romantic DIY Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day
diy valentine's day gift diy valentine's day making scissors and paper

“Sun cannot be without light, man cannot be without love! Johann Wolfgang von Goethe Centuries after the great German classic Wolfgang Goethe wrote these words, one repeatedly discovers the truth in them and rejoices in the finest feeling of the soul! Love occupies us daily, it moves our minds and influences our actions. The love thermometer rises especially high, shortly… Read more »

Painting Stones: 40 Ideas For Original Handicrafts With Stones

stones paint coloured floral design tinkering with stones
stones paint colorful birds painted stones

You wonder what skills and knowledge you need to paint stones? Above all, you should feel like it! And you need stones. Collect them yourself on a river bank or on the beach during your sea holiday. Each stone always has its own character. Stones have undiscovered beauty, which is usually never repeated anywhere. Get ready for a real artistic… Read more »

Mosaic Stones In Garden Design – Craft Ideas And Instructions

Mosaic itself making garden paths stone flower head Mosaic stones
Mosaic self making mushroom garden mosaic stones

There are so many weekend courses that offer more and more crafts. We pass the notice boards and do not always consider ourselves to be the intended target group. We are too busy, we always think. Too stressed to have a pleasant hobby. The truth is that creative activities do us good. We are all talented in one area or… Read more »

You Can Paint Stones And Decorate Your Home And Garden

stones paint colored monsters tinkering with stones
stone red hearts paint motifs tinkering with stones

River stones paint – six steps to a beautiful garden design Many people love to collect stones in their walks in the woods or on a beach. They bring the stones home and in most cases do not know what you can do with it. Usually, the not very sensible solution is to let you just lying around. You can… Read more »

Loft Bed With Wardrobe – 20 Functional Children’s Loft Beds, Which Save Space in The Children’s Room

cot highly wardrobe storage space living ideas nursery
high cot design practical cabinet stairs drawers

Loft bed with wardrobe – Select a functional cot with plenty of storage space Recently we have dedicated an article to bunk beds with a desk. Because we believe that the children’s room should be compact and individual, we continue with the theme of functional children’s furniture. Today we are again talking about bunk beds, but this time they are… Read more »

On The History And Characteristics Of Expressionism Art

expressionism of Edvard Munch Sun
expressionism of Edvard Munch the scream

What do you know about the expressionism? Expressionist art is one of the many styles of the 19th and 20th centuries that take the emotions and thoughts of artists and thus of people as the main object of representation. This art floats above reality and avoids objectivity. Expressionism is also flooded with pessimism. This can be explained by the events… Read more »

Pax Wardrobe – Plan The Interior of Your Wardrobe Yourself

wardrobe Pax wardrobe Interior walk-in wardrobe #-pax wardrobe interior design walk wardrobe
blue white wardrobe Pax wardrobe bedroom

Tips for decorating wardrobes – Get yourself a Pax wardrobe In my opinion, interior design is the most important part of the wardrobe. I don’t think anyone could contradict me in this respect. That is why I have decided to devote some time to this issue and consequently to this article. Each person has their own requirements, objects, and peculiarities…. Read more »

Clever Tips For More Order In The Wardrobe

walk-in closet best order
Clever tips for more order in the wardrobe

We all know this from our own experience: a successful working day starts well before the properly arranged wardrobe in the bedroom. Questions like: “What should I wear today?” or “I have nothing suitable in my wardrobe again” spoil your mood and you could start the new day in a negative mood. This must not be allowed to happen, because… Read more »

Built-in Cupboards – Practical Solution For Highest Demands

Elegant design in white
Wardrobe in the hall

In our dynamic everyday life, a rule of interior design applies always and everywhere – we strive to make the best use of every corner and niche at home and to provide us with more living and storage space. Surely you know the situation: in your home, there are unattractive walls, angles and/or inclines, which are often not assigned a… Read more »

Stone Painting: 101 Ideas for a Beautiful DIY Decoration

Colorful owl original stone painting idea
Colorful hearts on stones by hand paint

Many people love to collect stones during their walks in the forest or on the beach. They bring the stones home with them and in most cases, they don’t know what to do with them. Just leaving them lying around is usually not a very sensible solution. You can paint the stones and make them part of your interior or… Read more »

29 Wall Ideas For Creative Wall Design

wall ideas wall decoration string type wall design DIY idea macrame wool braided
wall ideas wall decoration string type wall design embroidery roses Shabby Chic

Wall ideas with DIY artwork Are you desperately looking for new and original wall ideas? How does it sound for you to design your home with homemade art? If you like this idea, we have some great examples and tips for you. Painting on textiles or broderie Works of art are always suitable wall ideas. But they do not always… Read more »

29 Valentine’s Day Gifts For Men – Cool Craft Ideas For Valentine’s Day

men Gifts Valentine's day Valentine's Day ideas cookie
Valentine's day gifts for men chocolates

This post has been updated at Feb 9, 2019. Super original and perfect Valentine’s day gifts for men Before Christmas, you must have been looking a lot for matching gifts for men. Why don’t you take the opportunity and get something for Valentine’s Day right away? Gifts for men are our theme today. It is about romantic gifts. Why don’t… Read more »