DIY Ideas For Paper Decoration For The Modern Apartment

diy ideas deco fancy hanging deco paper
diy ideas deco bouquet of paper flowers

Paper has long been part of our everyday lives. This is perfect but also for crafting! The paper decoration fascinates with its unique charm. The paper home décor is enjoying great popularity today, resulting in many uses in almost every room. They provide an airy ambience and give it not only the finishing touch, but also its own character. That’s… Read more »

Crafting With Beads – 59 Original Ideas To Imitate

cow template tinker with hanger beads
funny monkeys tinker with bracelets

The crafting with beads is very easy and prepares not only the little ones, but also us adults a lot of joy. There are simply many colorful beads, also called plug beads, designed on a plug base and any figures generated. Normally you use a template that is placed on the table or even under the plug-in board when it… Read more »

Design The Bathroom And Create A Tropical Oasis

green plants bathroom design bathroom ideas
green plants bathroom frame aloe

When talking about interior design, you may think of colors, designs, and the atmosphere that are important in any creative project. Rarely do you think, but of the potential design elements and if, then predominantly in relation to Feng Shui or other spiritual movements that play a relevant role in contemporary interior design. Today, we want to focus on the… Read more »

Beautiful Living Room In Earth Colors

Dream living room wood
Living room interesting decorative cushions

Good day everyone! Welcome to our website where you can find interesting ideas and practical tips for a daily cozy home and find a magnificent garden. Today we want to address the interior design again and show you beautiful, even dreamlike living room. Whether you have a traditional, rustic or modern living room, you can make it even more comfortable… Read more »

Make Birthday Calendars, Because No Birthday Must Be Forgotten

birthday calendar tinker with paper
birthday calendar, tinker months

Have you always wanted to be so well organized that you do not forget a single birthday from your friend or relative? You might remember the tinkering lessons in elementary school (or you’re just experiencing it with your own children) when you learned to make colorful birthday calendars. These with the birthdays of the kindergarten friends, because one learns to… Read more »

Plant Terrarium Yourself: Step By Step Instructions

clean up plants terrarium
Plant terrarium stab earth

Fancy more green plants at home at the end of the cold winter? Of course, a terrarium can be very helpful for you! in the Online Store Tom Dixon we have found next to the beautiful decorative pieces still a great guide for plant terrarium. We translate these for you in German. Following you will find more great ideas for… Read more »

Cauliflower – An All-round Talent In The Kitchen

Cauliflower white florets

Every healthy diet includes many vegetables, including cauliflower. The white cabbage is very popular among German housewives and is called Superfood considered. It is low in fat, low in calories but high in fiber. Its vitamin C content is high, so the cauliflower is still called power vegetables, because it can strengthen our immune system. The minerals contained in cauliflower… Read more »

How To Find The Most Suitable Designer Sofa For Your Room

brown and black designer sofa
wide designer sofa great idea

Why should we actually buy a designer sofa? Such a piece of furniture brings in many ways added value to the interior design. It could individualize and refine this. That would be an accent, fulcrum in the interior. In addition, one should make as few compromises with the quality of the much used seating. All of these advantages can only… Read more »

Table Decoration For Easter – 40 Easter Table Decorating Ideas For Every Taste

table decoration easter chic festive peonies candles
table decoration easter napkins rabbit fresh flowers

When nature starts to awake from hibernation, we wish you a Happy Easter! By a beautiful Easter decoration for outside and inside you take leave of the winter and welcomes the spring. The beautiful Easter table is typical of the festival. On the banquet table certain elements must not be missing! Happy colors, fresh motives and many flowers are a… Read more »

5 Body Tips Purify – How To Do Proper Detoxing!

body detoxify cleanse healthy detox cure
cleanse body detox detox cure

Purify the body and feel reborn again. Who does not want that? Full of energy to go through life without annoying fatigue and annoying headaches, without constant sleep disturbances and chronic digestive discomfort. Just lovely! Not for nothing purification and detoxing , especially in spring and autumn in the whole world. It is hoped that the fasting and simple detox… Read more »

Green Houseplants And Medicinal Herbs That Positively Influence Our Sleep

green houseplants medicinal herbs jasmine trio
green indoor plants heilkráeuter gruenlilie

It is still debatable whether plants should be allowed to stand in the same room where they sleep. To ensure that sleep is gentle and adequate, you need fresh bedding and a well-ventilated room. There are green houseplants and medicinal herbs that do not disturb sleep and even provide a complete rest. Today we would like to deal with these… Read more »

Make-up For Carnival: 76 Inspiring Ideas For The Perfect Party Look

carnival ideas make-up carnival make-up girl
perfect carnival make up face make-up carnival

The art of transforming itself into a different form with make-up is ancient and fascinates us again and again. Because everyone likes to disguise themselves and experience their own fantasy in real life. Today we have some super nice, original ideas for make-up for Carnival and carnival ready for you. Most of them succeed even if you do not have… Read more »

Eastside Park Loft – A Striking Construction Project From Frankfurt

Building with lofts frontal view
loft building view from the other side of the river

In this article we introduce a mixed use building in the east harbor of Frankfurt. Originally it was intended as a factory. However, due to historical circumstances, it has never been used as such. Rather, it was used as a hospital and later as accommodation for workers. The task was to renovate this historic building and supplement it with a… Read more »

Industrial Warehouses – A Treasure Chest For Upcycling Ideas

upcycling ideas diy lamps old technology
upcycling ideas diy lamps meat wolf

You do not have to be a steam punker or develop an affinity with the industrialist in order to be inspired by the beginning of the last century. Rather, one should have sharpened his eye for the extraordinary charm of durable raw materials. Only then can one recognize and consider them special – the establishment of the old factories. Many… Read more »