Dream Islands That Offer Holidays, Relaxation And Tranquility

Dream islands white beaches

In our article series on dreamlike travel destinations worldwide, we have already given you a lot of inspiration and useful information for a great beach holiday in winter. If you really want to travel over Christmas, then you can still book a holiday in the Maldives or fly to the Caribbean. But maybe you could choose one of the private… Read more »

Gingerbread Hearts And How To Bake And Personalize Them Yourself

gingerbread hearts decorated
gingerbread hearts gift

The gingerbread hearts are undoubtedly the first thing you think of when you want to associate with Christmas. And because that’s how it is, we thought:”Hey, that’s a great topic, from which you can cobble a nice article!” The wonderful scent of gingerbread hearts immediately makes everyone festive and seduces to sinful snack even outside of the Christmas season. The… Read more »

Modern Architecture Reflects The Rough Aesthetics Of A Family Business

view modern architecture facades interior-resized
facade modern architecture facades parking-resized

Modern architecture has many different characteristics. Some are rough and industrial and therefore have a controversial aesthetic value. This applies to the building of the family business Malpyo. More than three generations are already working there and the company is active in the cosmetic sector. The architectural office URBANTAINER has tried to visually present the spirit of the company. According… Read more »

Plissees For Window Dimming And Window Decoration – 34 Fresh Ideas For Windows

plissees purple cozy living area floorboards
plissees nursery blue design windowsill

In the window darkening one has several possibilities in the modern facility. What distinguishes modern window blackouts are functionality, efficiency and beautiful design. Among all alternatives for window protection and decoration, we now place the pleats in the center of our contribution. Anyone who relies on modern window design solutions will also consider this option… Plissees come in very fresh… Read more »

Constant Freezing? These 11 Spices Counteract The Cold

constant freezing spices
constant freezing spices warmth search

By now everyone should know that the nutrients we consume have a clear impact on our current mood and well-being. After some meals one feels lethargic, after others – on the contrary vital and positively charged. In many cases, we speak of a noticeable effect, if certain spices are present in the food. There are spices that can suppress or… Read more »

Making Newsprint Is Fun And Good For Nature

tinker with newspaper colored flower pot
tinkering with newspaper unusual cup with lid

Everyone has old newspapers at home that seem to be stacked up and seem useless. Sometimes these are a lot! What to do with these? Throw away? No way! Keep these, because they could serve you wonderfully: The old newspaper can be used quite meaningfully. With old newspapers you can also make original decorations and useful articles. Bowls, baskets and… Read more »

Crafting With FIMO: Original And Simple Ideas For Copying

tinkering with fimo little mice with hearts
tinker with fimo keyring yourself

Have you already tried crafting with FIMO? Fabulous! Quite simply and with a guaranteed crafting fun effect. The brand “FIMO┬«”from STAEDTLER Here in Germany is simply affectionately called FIMO. This great modeling clay, which consists of PVC particles, plasticisers and color pigments fascinates young and old and is ideal for various DIY projects – jewelry, miniatures, key chains, lucky charms…… Read more »

Make Pen Holder Yourself: Simple Instructions And Many Original Craft Ideas

make washi tape craft ideas pencil holder itself
crafting with cardboard roll up pencil holder make DIY ideas yourself

It is fascinating how many things we can make from simple materials or used objects. Not only do we save money, we also save the environment and have a lot of fun at the same time. That’s exactly what happens when you want to make a pencil holder yourself, for example. Here you can transform practically everything and great upcycling… Read more »

Make Tabasco Sauce Yourself – Recipe Ideas And Culinary Tricks

tabasco sauce itself make chilli shots
make tabasco sauce itself gift ideas tabasco sauce

In a few days we can finally unpack the gifts and look forward to great surprises and news. We are waiting impatiently for the mess since the last Christmas and for the celebration with our colleagues. Getting presents is always a special moment. You get new things and you also feel like a hero getting a reward. What about you?… Read more »

Wood Paneling For A Warm Sense Of Space

wooden paneling cozy bedroom rustic wooden elements
wood paneling modern wall design living room fireplace

The functionality and the beautiful design are leading terms in the modern interior. The selection of materials plays a leading role in this case. You should be careful and well informed in this regard! Because every single interior solution gives the room a certain touch and changes the sense of space. Thus, the right materials for wall and floor design… Read more »

Holidays Maldives – Treat Yourself To A Dream Vacation On The Paradise Islands!

Vacation Maldives in the sun
Holiday Maldives beautiful

December is cold and gloomy in Europe and the sun rarely shines because thick gray clouds cover the sky. At the end of the year, many people dream of a holiday on a sunny and warm stretch of coast. We have already chosen a great destination for all travelers. We want to encourage those who now feel wanderlust to indulge… Read more »

Decorate Fireplace Console For Christmas – Great Options Are Available

Decorate fireplace console for Christmas
White fireplace console

Nowadays, there are various heating options, most of which are efficient and inexpensive. No one suffers from the low winter temperatures, but enjoys the maximum of the warmth and comfort of their own four walls. But many house owners miss the crackle in the fireplace and the blazing flame in the oven and like to remember at grandma’s time when… Read more »

39 Chandeliers – Modern In Design And Function

chandelier modern fancy chandelier round side table
chandelier modern fancy design living room blue carpet

If you use modern lighting, chandeliers must be taken seriously. Chandeliers are clearly visible among all ceiling lamps. They have something extraordinary and luxurious about them and as massive lamps they never stay out of the eye-catcher. Chandeliers are available in numerous versions to fulfill their main role: to bring light and splendor into the room. Extravagant and conspicuous or… Read more »

Rauhnaechte 2017- An Ancient Ritual Continues

rauhnaechte 2017 zwoelf gestalten-resized
rauhnaechte 2017 herbal smokers

We know the time before Christmas as the magical and contemplative advent season. Finally, after the fourth Advent, the beloved time of the blessing, where especially the little ones are very happy. Many of you may have noticed that the time until 06.01 is also very special. Usually these are the holidays, arrival and departure days, which we fully enjoy… Read more »