Dental Care With Xylitol: The Innovative Solution For A Radiant Smile

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zahnpflege-xylitol-pastilles-for-healthy-teeth-dental health-right-hand-hygiene

Today, regular dental care has become an important ritual for many of us. At least twice a day we use toothpaste and other aids such as mouthwash, floss, etc. to keep our teeth healthy. Is that enough? According to one study, more than 80 percent of Germans suffer from tooth decay, which means that traditional dentifrice simply does not work…. Read more »

Make Homemade Chocolates – Recipes And Tips For Even More Enjoyment

bathing balls make your own bath ball spoiling yourself
Make your own bathing balls make yourself aetherisch

If you work diligently and purposefully through the day and feel comfortably tired at the end of the week, you deserve a restful pampering, even if it is to be organized in your own home. Full relaxation and rest are necessary so that you can start your new work week with new strength. Taking a bath is in many cases… Read more »

Throw Pillows Ideas With Practical Tips And Tricks

colorful colors pattern wall deco throw ideas
boho style living room stripes pompom throw ideas

Cushions, in all their variants, are probably among the cuddiest home accessories ever, together with the woolen blankets and the high pile carpets. They have a great cosiness potential and are the perfect helpers for living and furnishing, which will give any ambience the finishing touch. That’s why you can never get enough ideas for throw pillows. By the way,… Read more »

Home Security Technology – How To Make Your Property Secure Against Burglary In 2018!

home security technology house secure security system house
house security home secure house

Last year, the number of burglaries in Germany was more than 160,000. This is only a slight decrease compared to previous years. In combination with the police’s low level of intelligence, it is even more important to take the security of your own home into your own hands. But what should be considered superficially? Use home security technology correctly Use… Read more »

Decorating And Furnishing Ideas, Which Turn Your Home Into A Small Palace

worktable furnishing ideas living ideas
bed frame furnishing ideas living ideas

Is it time for new home decorating ideas in your home? In the middle of winter you may need some of the atmosphere of a summery palace. The effort does not have to be that big! The following creative tips and interior design ideas have something royal, summery and noble about them. Most of them are universal and can register… Read more »

Colors And Their Effect – Just Live Happily!

live with colors of color types
colors color types live with colors

The effect of colors should not be underestimated. They make a significant contribution to whether we feel comfortable in a room or not. But they can do much more, especially if you consider your personal color type when choosing. We have tips. Effective colors and the color types The personal color type is usually ignored when living Color specialists assign… Read more »

Make Original Gifts For The Wedding Itself

make diy ideas party favors wedding by yourself
making white bags wedding party favors yourself

Of course, an experienced wedding planner will select the appropriate party favors for the most important day of your life and prepare in time. However, professional wedding planning is often a rather expensive affair and you might want to save a bit or give yourself something for the celebration. This is easy to achieve, if original Favors for the wedding… Read more »

Crafting With Paper Plates – 51 Unusual Craft Ideas For Children

tinker with paper plates fresh wall decoration fish
tinkering with paper plates creative idea hanging sun

Crafting with paper plates? If you have not realized until now that you can not only serve tasty food for parties on paper plates, but that you can make a lot of things with them, then you will simply be pleasantly surprised! Because in the following you convince yourself, what all this can result from! It’s not just simple animal… Read more »

What Is Baby Shower Party And How Are You Prepared For It?

Portrait of happy pregnant woman and female friends at a baby sh
baby shower party printed balloons

A new fashion trend in the Baby Mum World says it’s about celebrating a Baby Shower Party. The increasing trend comes originally from the USA and has been welcomed in Europe in recent years and is always well-liked. For many people who do not often and extensively come into contact with children and parents but are invited to baby parties,… Read more »

Make The Most Of Your Bathroom Decor In Black And White

striking furniture bathroom furnishing
selected black accent bathroom furnishings

Do you have any idea how varied black and white bathrooms can be? In the following we have almost 30 examples for you and they are all very individual. At the same time, such a bathroom furnishings are well-suited to any home design. So she will serve you well for a long time. And always look elegant and upscale! Here… Read more »

Bed Without Headboard – 33 Evidence That Bed Headboards Are Not Compulsory

bed without headboard modern bed design light flooring
bed without headboard fresh bedroom striped carpet yellow throw pillow

The bedroom bed has always been the centerpiece in the sleeping area. But his design evolved over time to meet the demands of modern people. Among all the bed ideas on the market, a bed design made a special impression on us: the bed without a headboard. If you are looking for a new bed, then consider a bed without… Read more »

Make Soap Yourself: Simple Recipe For Fragrant Cleanliness

Lavender Coffee Soap Making DIY Gift Ideas
make soap yourself rose petals lavender tea

If the DIY wave has just grabbed you again, you will find today with us an absolutely great and easy idea to imitate. Namely, it’s about beautiful, fragrant soaps. With it you can give yourself as well as your loved ones numerous, pleasant bath hours and pamper all senses. Because with relatively few materials you can do a lot of… Read more »

Jan Kath Designer Carpets Easily Twist Your Head

designer carpets jan kath imm koeln
designer rugs jan kath in scene

In winter, when you often get cold feet, like to come ideas and thoughts that you could use a good carpet. Choosing a carpet does not seem complicated if you know what you are looking for. For those who do not know, we recommend two important events to visit this month. There you can admire excellent carpet manufactories and stunning… Read more »

Stone Walls In The Interior: Modern Furnishing Strategies

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flaming decoration elements stone walls interior design ideas

The modern interior design strategies with stone walls range from complete wall design of a room or apartment to the skilful staging of the spots around some components. This achieves characterful design and homely feeling. Combine with modern living ideas works particularly well if you discover the right approach. Below we present some very well working stone wall ideas! Through… Read more »

Orange Blossom Water – Application Tips And Other Secrets

orange blossom water blossom water beautiful skin
orange blossom water oranges flowers buds

Once one begins to become interested in natural sources of beauty and health, one thinks that this issue can not end. Nature unfolds more and more and presents us regularly with their inexhaustible treasures. In many articles, we talked about the benefits of natural, essential oils some plants and their noticeable effect on humans. Regardless of whether lavender . rose… Read more »