10 Garden Trends To Follow In The Summer Of 2018

garden trends summer 2018 gardening tips garden furniture
garden trends summer 2018 gardening tips bee forget-me-not

The garden season is already officially inaugurated, the garden design is fixed and thus you can quietly keep an eye on the upcoming garden trends in the summer of 2018. Who cultivates a garden, knows exactly that you can never stand still and continue digging in his garden and want to implement other great ideas. The global trend of sustainability,… Read more »

Outdoor Kitchen For More Summer Pleasure Outdoors

Outdoor kitchen small modern designed completely
Practical idea of ​​modern outdoor kitchen

The modern outdoor kitchen has slowly but surely established itself as a necessary extra in the exterior design. It gains in popularity through practical design and perfect features. Thanks to the garden kitchen, you can enjoy many sunny and enjoyable hours outside. Cooking, socializing and entertaining are now part of the story and showcase the benefits of the outdoor kitchen…. Read more »

Set Up A Small Bedroom And Make Optimal Use Of The Available Space

small bedroom furnished Dachschrege delicate
small bedroom set up to win a palty

How do you get to face the problem with the small bedroom? Many people nowadays commission house building and could determine the size of the rooms themselves in advance. If you live for rent, you can actually keep your eyes open and always look for large rooms. But if you are looking for coziness, the choice of the small bedroom… Read more »

Gray Bathroom – 35 Ideas For A Timeless And Trendy Bathroom Design

bathroom gray gray bathroom tile round bathroom mirror
bathroom gray gray metro tiles yellow accents

The bathroom has low daylight in most cases. And the art lighting changes the colors. Therefore, it is difficult to choose a suitable color for this room. But some criteria and your own taste should be followed and find the right color. Because the modern bathroom is a private place, an oasis of well-being, where you have to forget everything…… Read more »

Garden Pools – A True Water Pleasure All Summer Long

garden pool
Swimming pool in the garden

Summer comes with lots of sun and higher temperatures outside. Now most people plan their summer vacation and many want it flying in the tropics , You too? But we have a better idea ready for you. Do you want to experience a unique holiday feeling in your own garden all summer long? Yes, that would be quite possible if… Read more »

Blooming Ground Cover: These 20 Plants Provide Beautiful Flowers In The Garden

Delosperma cooperi flowering ground cover
blooming ground cover Phlox diffusa poppies

Instead of constantly weeding the annoying weeds in your garden, you can replace this elegantly with the right plants. Flowering ground cover is a great idea to do, especially if it is easy to care for and tough. Of course, you should be well informed in advance which lighting conditions are optimal for your ground cover and what else you… Read more »

Make Shabby Chic Yourself And Give The Home An Authentic Sense Of Space

shabby chic itself make elegant white dresser
shabby chic itself make white color furniture decorate

Surely you have noticed it yourself: Shabby Chic is very trendy nowadays! In the Shabby Chic style heritage and flea market pieces are staged. Shabby Chic furniture is also newly produced and also has the typical character: the traces of use give the furniture its unique charm… If you want to bring a shabby chic flair to your home, then… Read more »

Vintage Tea Party Decoration – The Old Tradition Appears In A New Light

Vintage tea party deco cozy inviting tea cake
Vintage tea party decoration ideas

“Would you like some coffee? – No, dear tea!”You can hear that a thousand times a day, because drinking tea is once again a hot trend. Many people know the old English Tea time Tradition of drinking a cup of fragrant tea in the afternoon. Others prefer the hot drink in the morning and drink Herbal or detoxification tea for… Read more »

Bees: What Are The Best Plants For Busy Bees?

Beesweide wild plants unfilled flowers
thistle beeswillow nectar pollen

Would you like to create a real paradise for bees and bumblebees in your own garden? Then you definitely need some of these plants. Or maybe all of them? Of course, then come the beautiful butterflies and all together pollinate flowers and shrubs, shrubs and trees. With a bee-friendly garden with plenty of bee pasture, you ensure at the same… Read more »

Indoor Wall Lights Complement The General Lighting And Add Visual Effects!

wall light for bedroom Unique Bedroom Wall Lights With Pull CordMegjturner
Lamp online buy-lighting-wall lighting lamp-trends-2017

As an important aspect of any interior design, lighting always requires special attention when planning every single room. A well thought-out lighting concept plays a particularly important role in the interior design not only for purely practical reasons, but also in terms of the well-being in the room. Therefore, be sure to choose the lamps and bulbs, so that you… Read more »

Cherry Cake From The Tin And Two Delicious Dessert Recipes

cherry cake from tin cherries recipes cherries healthy
cherry recipes cherry pie from the tin

Cherries, cherries and more cherries! These are not only super crisp and tasty, but also healthy and perfect for dieting. But today we skip this topic and rather ensure a complete enjoyment of the palate. We will introduce you to grandma’s recipe for cherry pie from the tin and two delicious desserts with cherries. Cherry cake on plate Ingredients for… Read more »

Window Darkening In The Bedroom For Your Very Private Sleeping Place

window blackout bedroom plissees privacy
window blackout bedroom roman shade elegant color luxurious bedding

For a healthy sleep everyone puts a high value. There are really many followers of the relaxed and soothing atmosphere, which creates a night light in the sleeping area. In general, however, the basic rule is that it must be dark in the bedroom. To enjoy full darkness during sleep, one resorts to alternatives such as sleep masks, for example…. Read more »

40+ Heidi Klum Hairstyles As Inspiration For Your Chic Summer Look

2017 MTV Video Music Awards
heidi klum hairstyle with casual curls strobing

International top model and quadruple supermama Heidi Klum continues to shine with full brilliance every time and set new styling trends. In addition to her unmistakable smile, her hairstyles are always a real eye-catcher. Whether on the”Germany’s Next Top Model”,”America’s Got Talent”, on the front page of Vogue or Ell e, at the Emmy Awards or as a presenter of… Read more »