10 Ice-cold Tricks And Tips For Car Care In The Winter

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With this valuable advice you can go quiet and entspanter during the cold season

The driving conditions in winter sometimes overwhelm the car and make the car care to a difficult task. To avoid unpleasant situations, it must be prepared to the car for the winter. Thus, your car will be fit until the arrival of spring.

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Antifreeze- Always check whether the antifreeze is refilled before you get in the car. The minus temperatures can cause a lot of headaches. In addition to problems with the mechanical parts of the car may cause even engine damage. Fill of the radiator with antifreeze is essential at this time of year.

Pay attention to the marking, and not overfill the fluid.

Air conditioning- The air conditioner must be checked throughout the year and used so that it remains in good condition. To avoid corrosion and unpleasant smell in the car. For winter conditions, it is advisable to run the air conditioner for a few minutes before you leave the car.

Car battery- Make sure that you have checked the car battery before winter, so it lets you not somewhere on the street in lurch. The life of a battery is approximately 5 years. Keep in mind that the sudden temperature changes can affect the battery. If your battery is old, replace it before the cold season. You can run the engine as well shortly before and after the ride. As a result, the car battery can be charged a bit by the generator.

Brakes- You should immediately check the functionality of the brakes before driving. Also beware of the discs. There should be no rust and no scratches on it. In case of doubt consult in a car repair shop. The combination of worn brakes, cold weather and icy roads is not to recommend at all.

Winter tires- Many people use all-season tires to save money and to give no trouble when switching. Keep in mind, however, that winter tires are the best solution for icy roads. The tread should be at least 2-3 mm, to make sure that the tires for the winter is suitable. It is also important to check the tire pressure regularly.

The right tires helps the car care in winter

car care winter tyres car battery antifreeze car care tire chains

Tire pressure monitoring is an important part of the car care

car care winter tyres auto battery antifreeze vehicle maintenance air pressure

The tread is sometimes crucial for icy roads

car care winter tyres auto battery antifreeze car care air space

A sensible car battery can survive some winter

Lights- Broken lights or light bulbs can cause problems. Check all lights of the vehicle: headlights, brake lights, direction indicators and rear lamps. The visibility when driving in winter is a very important factor to prevent traffic accidents. Therefore, it is important to keep clean the outer surface of the lamps and to adjust the headlights by professionals.

Öl –  A regular check of the oil level is imperative before the winter time. A reduced amount of engine oil can cause you must prematurely looking for a new car. When such a problem in the winter you can not even warm in the car, while you wait for help.

Front – and side- It is always good to have a bottle of antifreeze in your car. Check also the functioning of the wiper and the rear window heating, otherwise it can be dangerous while driving.

Fuel- The level of the fuel and its condition in the car should be controlled at low temperatures. Faulty spark plug or cylinder can cause problems with severe winter conditions.

Additional accessories- It is desirable to have a few additional tools in the trunk, such as for example tire chains. A good idea is also to be able to apply it before you plug in the snow storm. Startup Repair, ice scraper, shovel and tow rope can be equally helpful.

Driving in winter has its peculiarities and some risks. It is a challenge both for the driver and his car. When you are ready you should follow the above advice so that you appear not only in the late morning to work. We wish you a good trip Ihne and please always be careful driving!

A good car battery can survive some winter

car care winter tyres car battery antifreeze car care home help

Well-maintained car headlights can play vital role in severe conditions

car care winter tyres auto battery antifreeze car care

Car care – clear view for the winter days

car care winter tyres car battery car care Spotlight

Well prepared with sufficient accessories to unexpected situations in the winter

car care winter tyres auto battery antifreeze car care autozubehoer

The right choice of tools for the car

car care winter tire car care of car accessories Starter

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