Cassette Cover – What Is It And How Does It Fit Into The Modern Apartment?

Surely you have seen such blankets, but perhaps you did not know how to call them! This is a fancy execution of the deck construction of a room! It is optically distinct from the usual ceiling designs. It is about the coffered ceiling – a ceiling construction reminiscent of a lattice: beams, fixed to flat panels, cross the ceiling in horizontal and vertical lines. Let’s see what it’s all about!

What is a cassette cover?

The term comes from the French word for crate, for the visual similarity is unquestionably great. It is about a whole of Crate-shaped recesses formed by intersecting ribs or beams , There are some types of cassette blankets. The deck construction can be both visible and invisible. The cassettes themselves could have a smooth or perforated surface. The spatial feeling that they give to space can also vary. Either formally you can design the room or you could give it detailed strokes. Let’s see how cassette covers are written into the individual rooms.

Gray and white

Ceiling design high cassette cover glamorous and geometric carpet

In the living room

Often, coffered ceilings appear in the country style. But there is also a great variety of designs for the cassette ceilings. They also have a beautiful appearance in a stylish living room. Give the space through such a ceiling dimension and texture! Design them in contrasting colors if you want to use dramatic effects in the room.

Discolored or monochrome, cassette covers create a neutral and spacious room feel. Undoubtedly such interior designs get a can of individuality!

Through a coffer cover you put dramatic effects into the living room

Ceiling design in the living room cassette top and unusual decoides

Cassette cover completes the stylish interior design

Ceiling design in the living room geometric carpet and many dekokissen

In the dining room

In the dining room, the couch cover finds its right place! A coffer cover could mask any defects on the ceiling or correct a roof pitch. It is also claimed that cassette covers reduce echoes in apartments with high ceilings. So if you have problems with the noise in a room, then this deck construction is the perfect solution.

Spectacular room ceiling brings the dining area to a higher level

Cassette cover in the dining room elegant hanging lamps above the table

In the bedroom

The bedroom also benefits from a coffered ceiling. You can create different aesthetic looks through the coffer cover. It is the great opportunity to give your sleeping area a distinctive look.

Add subtle accents in the bedroom

Ceiling design cassette cover in bedroom and beautiful flooring

Not intrusive, but conspicuous!

Ceilings in the bedroom

In the kitchen

A cassette top gives the kitchen an individual look. Just make the decision about how you design the carpet cover. Because you have a wide choice:

  • Deep coffered ceiling – lower beams make the panels more effective
  • Cassette cover with decorative elements – Corners and edges give the room ceiling an artistic look. Flat bars, on the other hand, look modern and refined.
  • width and height – smaller panels make the ceiling more lively and structured, while larger panels create the illusion of more width

Beautiful coffered ceiling with modern lighting

Ceilings in the kitchen with open plan

So, how do you stand on the cassette blankets? Would such a room ceiling look beautiful in your home? Do not neglect the ceiling design and take into consideration the coffer ceiling when selecting the appropriate ceiling!

Practical and chic to design the living room

Cassette cover in the living room for an elegant look

Through the ceiling cover the living room area within the open plan

Cassette ceiling modern ceiling design in the living room and blue sofa

Dining room in the country house style looks excellent with a coffer

Ceiling design edsszimmer mit kassettendecke in country house style

Light blue panels, combined with white beams

Ceiling design in the living room and fresh curtains

In this kitchen, the flooring was beautifully matched to the ceiling

Ceiling design in the kitchen and unusual floor coverings

The small living room with a nice room ceiling

Ceiling design living room with beautiful carpet and many flowers

A chandelier completes the ceiling

Cassette cover elegant ceiling design and stylish chandelier

Beautiful ceiling and built-in lights create a spectacular interior

Cassette cover elegant living room design with beautiful ceiling and bright carpet
Ceiling design living room set up with light gray furniture and fireplace
In the cozy and stylish living room
Kettettendecke living room set up with carpet and country house sofa
Cassette cover in small living room
Cassette in the living room chic living roomofa and fireplace
Couchette living room set up with white furniture and bright carpet
Coffee table living room ideas with brown corner sofa and beautiful stone wall
Cassette cover beautiful ceiling design in the kitchen
Ceiling design in the living room of unusual couch and plants