Dream House Serengeti As An Inspiration For Modern Homes

When you think of a dream home in South Africa, the following associations usually come up: a modern, luxurious interior design and façade design, combined with many elements inspired by local nature and culture. The example of today will only confirm this idea. Of course, the current trends are also taken into account, which, above all, leave a lot of room for individual and custom-made interior design ideas.

The modern facade design appears very uniform

Lattice on the facade dream house

A dream house by Nico van der Meulen Architects

This dream house was designed by the architecture studio Nico van der Meulen Architects. It puts the residence of a wealthy family in Johannesburg. What strikes at first glance is the balance between the main materials used. They are the following: stone, stainless steel, wood and glass.

This alone was the perfect balance between modern charisma, prominent appearance and comfort.

Transparent and semi-transparent wall surfaces characterize the dream home

Courtyard with a swimming pool

A uniform concept

The dream house stands out with its uniform concept and thus it is in harmony with the most important modern trends in house building. You reach the entrance via a path Balau wood , On the way to the interior, you will pass a garden pond that, with its presence alone, but also with its design, creates a magical atmosphere in the outdoor area. At the façade design we discover varied areas. Some of them are completely transparent and others are completely shielded from the outside. Nevertheless, the clean lines and the monochrome color palette make everything seem unified.

Much of the modern interior design opens completely to the outside

dream house illuminated facade night

The distribution of the premises

The ground floor houses an open plan living area with very comfortable living furniture. The dining and kitchen area is integrated. This is characterized by an extremely compact character, which leaves a strong impression on the basis of the large area. He appears like an accent and the disguise contributes to this impression as well Caesar Stone on. This range is particularly effective due to the pendant lights by Tom Dixon and the accent lighting by Foscarini. They liven up the room with their metallic color.

The modern architecture here is very simple, but at the same time effective

dream home glass façade and solid surfaces

Decoration and functionality in one

These are just some of the functional elements that also have a decorative character. They correspond with each other and ensure uniformity in the interior. Another example is the elegant staircase, which spice up one of the corners with its elegant character and at the same time makes reaching the upper floor particularly comfortable.

Outdoor concepts correspond with these in the interior

dream house black white facade

Beautiful views inside and out

The natural goal of the architects here is to emphasize the views. The wide panoramic views from all living spaces are strongly emphasized. In the sense of complete relaxation one also provides for wide perspectives in the interior. Exactly this happens in the specific case of this dream house. As a result, it looks consistent and corresponds to the beautiful environment. Surely this is a great inspiration for modern architecture worldwide.

The decoration in the interior also has practical functions

great shining balls dream house

The lights play an important role in zone separation

dream house living room and kitchen

The opening of great perspectives characterizes the modern interior design

dream house wide living room in two parts

… as well as the lighting and the mirror effects

great shining balls dream house

Through the wide windows, the charm of African nature

modern interior dream house with accents
Traumhaus two great floors

Green accents in the bedroom furniture spread the feeling of peace and nature

dream home bedroom with comfortable sitting

At the same time, this green shade is very trendy

dream house nice modern bedroom
Dream house bath with green accents

The decoration in the interior has an artistic value

green accent wall and accessories dream house

This modern interior lives on contrasts. Here you have one in black and white.

dream house black white bedroom

In the modern interior, we find a change between bright colors and earthy nuances

Dream house bathroom with red accents
dream house accents in red

Wood and black accents are elegant and homely

dream house sink made of shiny materials

dream house natural materials and black accent furniture

Green accents and gray metallic surfaces – a very modern combination

dream house gray and black furniture
dream house gray beige brown
dream house glass and luminous surfaces

The pond gives this modern architecture a magical aura

Dream house insight into the living room
Dream house see-through shower and a white sink
dream house wide living room great