20 Inspiring Buildings With Green Walls – Exterior Great Ideas

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20 impressive buildings with green walls – stylish exterior ideas

Green walls, green roofs and vertical gardens give vibrancy of modern architecture. Partially or entirely covered with plants, the front of each modern residence can improve quite at the same time aesthetically and functionally the feel of a home. For today, we have decided to present a selection of the most impressive projects of Green walls to inspire those of you, who want to give a natural feel to the House. Click next to the name of each project and the link of the architect for more information and more photos. Enjoy the green screen show below and don’t forget to give us feedback!

The Meera’s House by Guz architects – Exterier ideas

Guz architects Meera house design building exterior ideas1 the Meera’s House of designed Guz Architects and located on Sentosa Island in Singapore. We believe it is a bold and original project – Finally, not many homes have green areas on each floor of the building. How do you like it?

the House recently is by the German Studio Christmas. CHRISTIAN. Associated architects

Wiesbaden building family architecture exterior ideas2. first designed by the architects Wilfried Hilger for his family, House S thats recently by the German Studio CHRIST. CHRISTIAN. Associated architects been redesigned. A masterpiece of contemporary urban architecture is located in Wiesbaden, Germany, modern House. The line of the roof creates new opportunities in the home and provides insulating green cover.

stunning modern apartment – black beauty Tierra Villa – exterior ideas


3.Black Beauty Tierra Villa is a stunning modern apartment located in black beauty village in Ostional, Costa Rica. The 2,992 sq ft large project contains three bedrooms, two and a half bathrooms, a unique countryside and green roofs, which turn it into a modern Ekovilla.

Inspiring design – Malbaie is V residence by the Studio Mu architecture

Canada architects exterior ideas forest green nature 4. located in the beautiful image area of Cap-a-l’Aigle in the heart of Charlevoix, Quebec, Canada, which Mu architecture Malbaie is V residence by the Studio painted and presents an inspiring design. The exterior architecture consists of simple geometric volumes, which are surrounded by wood, and a green roof, which isolated the building.

a building that is included in a larger project of 500 apartments and a park

block K design idea architecture project building exterior 5 Dutch NL Architects have already Blok K completed – a building that is included in a larger project of 500 apartments and a park by Frits van Dongen from de Architecten Cie. The triangular location for this large project is in the other day again developed port area in the East of Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Blok K presents an interesting roof line, with green accessories and relaxing suggestions for the family.

The school of art, design and media at Nanyang of Technical University in Singapore

nature art design exterior design building school nature 6 , the school of art, design and media at Nanyang Technical University in Singapore provides beautiful green roofs, where students for lunch eat and study. Nature and technologies mingle here and this building be eindrueckt with creativity and serves as Atraktionsfaktor for new students each year.

with stunning views of the water and the Alps of Switzerland, this large current House is located

Villa Lake design water glass wall exterior design 7 high above Lake Lucerne, with breathtaking views of the water and the Alps in the Switzerland lies this large current House with an architecture that simply charmed. Designed by Ungertreina, the project, called villa on the Lake, has a sculptural and dynamic shape and each with its own residential plan consists of three parts of the House. The building has walls made of concrete, glass and green walls. Look at it!

Singapore of Guz Architects Studio – bungalow resort – exterior ideas

bungalow Sun home architecture ideas outdoor design project 8 that is from-based Sun House in Singapore of Guz Architects Studio in a bungalow area designed and contains a variety of natural elements in its fresh design. A central who is the central point of the project. Abundantly planted roof gardens improve the natural effect, which defines the whole House.

An impressive, modern golf and Club House – exterior ideas

green Club Golf House wall design library Semiahmoo

9 an impressive, modern golf and Club House is South Korea in Jeollanam .do (Südjeolla), popular. Extends over 5670 square meters the Green Weaving Club House, but the building had to be built on a long and narrow plot. This challenged architects, the designers, the Hyunjoon Yoo, created a fantastic place where golf lovers can enjoy modern facilities in a modern setting. Ivy and slowly growing Dick males with glossy green leaves cover some of the exterior walls and offer an eco-friendly feature.

Semiahmoo library green wall – suburb white rock Vancouver

Canada Grün Grau Semiahmoo exterior design ideas 10 the Semiahmoo Library Green Wall Canada is uncovered recently in the suburb of White Rock in Vancouver. Designed and built by the based in North America design Green over Grey, is the expanding living wall the largest grüneAußen- wall in the area. The living wall extends over 3,000 square meters and consists of over 10,000 individual plants representing more than 120 unique species.

Designed by the architects and landscape architects Sansiri Shma – the vertical living Gallery

vertical Sansiri architects exterior design ideas plants 11 . the chess board is a real inspiration to the world of design and architecture. The next building is a real proof. Designed by the architects and landscape architects Sansiri Shema, the vertical living Gallery called remarkable façade with a checkerboard pattern of this showroom in Bangkok contains native plants, an approach that prepares a fresh and original look of the building.

Industriegebäude-a room of miracles – exterior ideas

factory Ricardo Bofill culture idea design exterior 12 Ricardo Bofill is the proud inhabitants and creator of one of the best architectural changes. An old cement factory was the playground of a fabulous selection of art and culture. On an area of over 3,100 square meters, have been used as an industrial building, the architect has recreated a room of wonders by he has grouped different rooms with various artistic and residential use: offices, archives, a sample laboratory, an exhibition space, an apartment, rooms and gardens.

impressive detached house in Singapore

water photo energy Singapore architecture exterior ideas 13 Cluny House is designed by Guz architects and is an impressive recyclable House which is located in Singapore. According to the architects, “are, together with design for passive cooling and ventilation cross, reduces the energy consumption, employs photovoltaic cells and solar water heaters.” Irrigation tanks and rooftop gardens collect and recycle rainwater, and the use of materials such as recycled teak wood and artificial wood adds warmth without compromise with the finite resources of our environment”. Nice, isn’t it?

Brooks Avenue House in Venice – exterior ideas

Venice idea design architecture wall plant family 14 Bricault Design Studio has designed the Brooks Avenue House in Venice, California for a growing family. The project is in fact a remodeling of their existing home of 2000 square feet, by they 1700 added square footage and Court. The add is provide with a living wall system on three sides, a Visual connection between the plants in the yard and the planted roof.

Company CASA in Brazil with at least 3500 plants vases covered

Brazil Campana brothers Studio design exterior ideas 15 SuperLimão Studio and Campana brothers have designed the incredible company CASA in Brazil, a showroom covered with at least 3500 plants vases! The aluminium plates are reminiscent of the art of paper folding. A powerful drainage system that directs the flow of water from a vase on the next, until it finally reaches the floor, teaches the development of plants under optimal conditions.

“Lord of the Rings” Hobbithäuser in New Zealand

Zealand architecture idea Hobbit exterior design 16 the lovely ‘Lord of the rings”are Hobbithäuser in New Zealand perhaps not the ideal, but they are as green as it could be. In addition they provide inspiration for building a house built into a hill, which becomes an interesting crib.

House in Colombia – M v-shaped, green roof – exterior ideas

plan B Studio eco design exterior architecture 17 plan B Studio promotes sustainable living and natural building. House M in Colombia remains faithful to these principles and shows a v-shaped green roof.

a fascinating House on the outskirts of Brussels – exterior ideas

Brüssel Samyn partners exterior architecture family facade 18 Samyn and partners architects have designed a fascinating House on the outskirts of Brussels, which presents a prosperous facade and roof with the help of exotic plants. Maybe it’s hard to understand the picture, but the residence has a total of four floors and serves as living and working space for a cameraman and his family.

a project titled hole 19-Golfclub St. Oswald

architecture design house exterior floor landscape 19 x architects have a project with the title created hole 19-Golfclub St. Oswald. According to the architects, “the clubhouse mingles with the landscape and integrated in the natural environment, almost entirely by her absorbed. Its exterior and interior spaces are designed as a seamless transition in the golf course and become one with the surrounding sports fields”.

the next Californian House mcglashan architecture

residence design exterior design ideas architecture 20 designed by McGlashan architecture, so that it disappears into the natural landscape, this next Californian House provides charming cascading green roofing. The three-level contemporary home “reflects” the surrounding hills and offers a vibrant environment that both aesthetically appealing, as is also healthy.

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