3 Of The Most Famous Women Architects Of Modern History

Famous women architects of modern history: Sophia Hayden Bennett, Marion Mahony Griffin, Eileen Gray

Most of the books on the history of architecture give the impression that especially the men dominate the architecture of the 20th century.  The a fairly discriminatory approach to this topic is actually. Alongside Kahn, Le Corbusier, Mies and Wright you should know much better the names of some ladies which are also of great importance for the modern and contemporary architecture.

We want to make some such attention and advise you to stay: you all have designed their some remarkable buildings.

Sophia Hayden Bennett

Sophia Hayden Bennett was born in 1869 in Santiago, Chile. Her father was a native – American. She was one of the few women of her time, was able to get a degree in architecture. That happened in school of architecture.

Sophia Hayden Bennett has finished your studies in the years 1890 and 1891, she got an invitation zurWeltausstelltungWorld’sColumbian Exposition in Chicago. She should take part in the competition for the design of the woman’sbuilding. Their design was their final thesis at the same time and he was a three-storey building in the Italian Renaissance style. She won first prize among all 13 proposals.

Sophia Hayden Bennett

famous architects women sophia hayden bennett

Sophia Hayden Bennett was at the time 21 and got $1000 for their project. A man would get at that time ten times more for the same performance. During construction, she was put under strong pressure and had to make many changes. She became ill as a result of it and had to a sanatorium to recover.

After that she never again worked as an architect and in society this was accepted as evidence that a woman should not work in fact as an architect.

Marion Mahony Griffin

Also Marion Mahony Griffin is one of the most courageous ladies among the known architects of modern times. She was an employee at Frank Lloyd Wright. Griffin was born in 1871 and studied also with school of architecture.

in 1894 she started to work for her cousin and she met many famous architects. One of these was Frank Lloyd Wright, and she was the first person he hired. Griffin created the striking water color plaster, that style in his Prairie houses are found.

Marion Mahony Griffin

famous architects marion mahony griffin women

Their collaboration ended in 1909, when Frank Lloyd Wright left for Europe. He wanted to leave her to the jobs of the Studio, but she cancelled. She was newly hired by his successor. Actually, she got Griffin, with which it is known today, the surname only in 1911, when she married Walter Burley Griffin who also worked with Wright.

Eileen Gray

Eileen Gray was in a rich aristocratic family in Enniscorthy, Ireland in 1878 born. She studied art history in London, and then she moved to Paris. in 1902 she continued her studies there. Their expertise in patent work have made it possible, that she opened a joint Studio with the Japanese craftsman SeizoSugawara. She has perfected not only their skills but was employed also by wealthy clients for the design of Interior Design.

Eileen Gray

Berenice Abbott photograph of Eileen Gray, 1927, NMIEG: 2003.569, Eileen Gray collection II

On the basis of their experience, she has built the House E-1027 for herself and her lover Jean Badovici.

The House E-1027

well known architects women modern architecture

The House is located in the South of France and its design led them in very bold experiments with furniture. They were heavily influenced by the architecture and are still some of the most striking pieces of Interior design today.

well known architects women eileen gray armchair

eileen gray style bibendum chair replica famous architects women

famous architects moebeldesign women

After Eileen Gray has separated from her lover, she no longer wanted to visit so often the House E-1027. It was Le Corbusier as it possessed. He has entered a house near fed and even is even smudging the home with his own paintings.

Women have played a decisive role in the development of Interior design and architecture. These three ladies are an example of why it is worth to explore their contribution.