5 Famous Bridges Around The World That Simply Amaze!

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Engineering and architectural wonders of the modern world

Today, all around the world admire the creative talent of numerous architects and engineers, whose Genie produces new construction trends and styles of architecture and thus puts the whole world in amazement! The innovative, creative ideas and their masterful implementation challenge our visual perception and at the same time stimulate our imagination. Not only impressive buildings and their extraordinary structures and magnificent chamfer sands draw attention, but also numerous spectacular bridges attract our attention. These are considered as a crossing of a natural or artificial barrier, can be viewed but also as a transition into a very different world the world of engineering miracles! Here, original ideas remain no longer restricted in terms of the idea, but assume it shape and form!

Known as the Storseisund bridge or the drunken bridge

famous bridges Norway

Actually here ends the world or what?

famous bridges

The longest of the seven Atlantic way bridges inspires her curves, which contribute to their extravagant and extraordinary appearance and envelop them in mysteries. This bridge in Western Norway is one of the most beautiful roads in Europe, because their stunning arch form enthralls both locals and tourists for centuries. You get the feeling just as if the known earth ends and on the other side of us waiting for a yet unexplored world! The 260 m-long Storseisund bridge was officially opened on 7 July 1989; at their highest point, it has a height of 23 m above sea level! A lovely sight reveals himself before the eyes of motorists and pulls it into a magical experience – when the weather can be seen even ordinary rays and whales! However, during storms, driving on the bridge due to the strong winds and high waves of water represents a real risk of life!

Famous bridges – the sky bridge on the Langkawi Island, Malaysia

Sky Bridge famous bridge

Famous bridges – not for those who suffer from fear of heights!

atemberaumebend sky bridge

The 2004 built bridge of heaven rises 700 metres high in the mat Cincang mountain range and is considered a real engineering wonders of the modern world – a double railing of stainless steel tube and a fine wire mesh provide for pedestrian safety. The 125 m long and 1.8 m.  wide bridge is easily accessible by gondola lift, on the triangular platforms you can rest and enjoy the magical scenery for hours. In this picturesque terrain tropical rain forests and idyllic beaches interweave – the sky bridge providing access to this little paradise on Earth the thousands of visitors!

The Rainbow fountain the Banpo bridge

banpo bridge seaoil

The Banpo bridge and immerse in the romance!

binpo Rainbow Bridge

The Banpo bridge in Seoul is considered a magnet for visitors – this functional link two of the largest wards in the city offers us a magical rousing show! The Banpo bridge was built above the pedestrian Jamsu bridge, as the rise in the water level is flooded and had locked the Jamsu bridge in most cases. The strange thing here is installed on both sides of the Banpo bridge Moonlight Rainbow fountain! A total of 38 Wassserpompen and 380 jets make up the world’s longest bridge water game – 1140 metres long is the whole construction! The 10 000 LED lights create a breathtaking atmosphere; the colourful light creates the effect of the Rainbow in the water crash. The elegant water movements seem to be under the bright colours such as in a passionate dance.

Famous bridges – the Magdeburg water bridge

magdeburg famous bridges

This stunning design is regarded as a real miracle of engineering

magdeburg water bridge

With its amazing 918 meters is used this building to the crossing of the Mittellandkanal with the Elbe and is regarded as the longest canal bridge in the world! The implementation of the project began still in 1905, was interrupted however in 1942 due to the second world war. Magdeburg within the limits of the German Democratic Republic remained after World War II. Under the influence of the Soviet Union the waterway cross lost its importance, therefore construction was resumed only in 1997. About 501 million euros were invested in this flashy, great project until the bridge for water vehicles in 2003 finally opened!

Henderson waves or the highest pedestrian bridge in Singapore
famous waves henderson bridge

The 300-metre long bridge allows you to sit on one of the numerous benches and completely relax for pedestrians

henderson will night look

This kolassale design impresses with its height of 36 metres and offers a unique experience – all pedestrians easy to float through the air! The bridge connects two of the most beautiful and when adults and children be love test parks in the economically and culturally quickly entwickenden capital. You is one of the sights of Singapore and is regarded as a sign of industrial progress. It consists of seven metal cylinders, which as well as the water waves time up time down go. Actually, these are equipped with benches for tired pedestrians – a spectacular views of the countryside unfolds from here!

Famous bridges – Storseisund bridge rocks as well as a drunk

drunken bridge famous bridge

famous bridges Norway storseisundet

Driving on the bridge can be sometimes so extreme that one often speaks of an adrenaline rush

famous bridges Western Norway

The opportunity to admire the Majesty of nature from the top are famous bridges – the sky bridge in Malaysia for pedestrians

himmelsbrucke malaysia

A spectacular panorama surrounded by nature

famous bridges extravagant

Famous bridges – the water game prompts you to dance

banpo bridge

seoul water game Rainbow

The Magdeburg water bridge

magdeburg water bridge

magdeburg water bridge channel

Singapore and the Henderson waves


Famous bridges – even the lighting of the bridge is an engineering marvel

float bridge

waves bridge

Bridge auruhen

famous bridges Singapore

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