6 Mythical Ideas About The Green Roof

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green roof on the garage

Green roofs – what you should know about green roofs

There are so many different names for this environmentally friendly plant – roofs. You’ll also very many places and positions in the houses. Not only the equipment, but also the misconceptions which associated with it are always common. The three most common, I have devoted the current article. I wonder whether you will be agree with me.


The Green blankets represent plants, which promote the development of vegetation. They consist of a waterproof layer, root lock, means outlining drainage system and growth. It has also “enhanced” versions, where different tools for.

Gorgeous green roof with colourful Moss

green roof coloured in yellow and violet

Do you know the term extensive “green roof”? In this case, it is a construction which is thinner and reminds us more of the normal ceiling. Often it will be planted with Stonecrop. Such ceilings are mostly native plants. That could be both grass and flower types of verscheidender type.

So a green roof fits perfectly with the rustic façade

roofs rustic House with tree trunks

The myths

Now we come to the myths, which lead to confusion when dealing with these blankets.

Myth No. 1

It is a new and experimental trend.

On what year do you think the Green ceiling installation goes back? On 1940!  At the Conference of the international Green ceiling has visited three plants from the year 1943 in Wohlsdorf Ohlstedt Association in Hamburg.

Many eco homes have a green roof

green roof light wood and natural stone

Myth No. 2

Green blanket is only one of the Green Building

Sure, green blanket have a high value in terms of environmental protection. But they fit wonderfully to any normal House. The next pictures show the high aesthetic value of green plants, both, if one of its own window as well, if you look from heaven.

Last but not least it is a good insulation, which will reduce energy costs

roofs close to lime green

Luxury roof terrace in the heart of the city

roofs lovely roof terrace

Green roofs provide additional oxygen in urban regions

green roof high-rise buildings with green roofs

MOSS and Succulents are perfect for roofs

green roof Moss and pebbles

Myth No. 3

Green ceiling cause structural problems

Due to the structure, which has been explained above, there is no reason for concern. On the contrary – they provide additional protection!

This installation must have been of course right

roofs green meadows

Pebble borders which protect the plant from the windy areas can be found in some green ceiling. It must not be. It’s an individual decision.

A vegetable garden on the roof

roofs herb and vegetable garden

Good insulation is essential

roofs riverstones grasses and Succulents

Modern architects know the building codes and they will know if something affects the security of the House or the environment on your ceiling.

Have a private area on the roof

green roof rooftop barbecue

The ceiling of the retro art require little more attention in this regard

roofs colorful Succulents

Myth No. 4

Green ceiling are difficult and expensive due to the irrigation

Here apply the same rules as in the garden. If you decide to native species, they will get enough water through the naturally falling rain.

You can grow beautiful flowers on the roof

roofs of delicate flowers and dog

The irrigation here is not more complex than in the garden

roofs full wild and of course

Put a layer of drainage into consideration. Where water may accumulate, which then can use the plants again.

So, you will significantly reduce the need for additional irrigation.

You can convert the ceiling in a green system, which enhances the quality of life

roofs a real garden

The Watershed Company in Seattle has a similar approach. You can attract many insects by those assets.

Myth No. 5

You can take just a little bit of the own dirt on the ceiling to create a green installation.

Always maintained and well cleaned up

roofs flat box made of steel

In any case, you should do that! The Green blanket is a secure facility, only if the structure of the House is well verified and the corresponding construction elements are present.

Hardy plants such as fat hen and Succulents for successful roof grounds

roofs magenta flowers and umbrella

It can go even more richly for the warm season

roofs of beautiful flowers and comfortable armchairs

Myth No. 6

The Green blanket was too expensive and complicated.

This must not be. You need to look simply good enough after the appropriate professionals in your area. Buy the best package which includes the annual maintenance.

So you will have no problems so a great roof garden

roofs artificial grass and Bambos

Ask the experts

roofs special underground

Do you have a green ceiling into consideration already ever? Now you can see that you have nothing to fear with a green roof.

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