7 Abandoned Wonders Of The Architecture – Nostalgic Elegance

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marvels of architecture spirits House Kolmanskop Namibia shabby large Windows

Marvels of architecture

Magnificent castles, normal suburban houses, skyscrapers have been left apartments and vertical slums by its inhabitants and stand as ruins. Once opulent protection places of the rich or some of the most shocking conditions of abject poverty in the world, these 7 ghostly abandoned wonders of residential architecture are deliciously creepy and weird, cute, even if a bit sad.

Château de noisy, Belgium

marvels of Architecture abandoned and noble Château de noisy haunting

The old magnificent staircase looks totally devastated

marvels of Architecture abandoned and noble Château de noisy staircase

Creepy atmosphere in black and white

marvels of Architecture abandoned and noble Château de noisy black white

marvels of Architecture abandoned and noble Château de noisy

Officially named Château, Miranda was built this neo-gothic castle in the Jahre1866 by a British architect, who died before its completion.

Before the second world war, it has served as a summer residence for a wealthy family, then it was requisitioned by the Nazis. In the next decades, Chateau Miranda in operation as a hotel and accommodation of children of Belgian roads was employees, in 1991 but a fire led to the exit. Since then it went to his disintegration getting closer and closer.

A tour of the ruined castle is very dangerous, because most of the upper floors have fallen apart. It is demolished something once so pretty, too bad to see. Urban researchers take some beautiful pictures of the Interior TalkUrbex.com .

Unique skyscraper Sathorn, Thailand

marvels of architecture Sthorn skyscraper in Thailand from the bottommarvels of architecture powerful and magnificent

The 47-storey Sathorn, the unique Tower should be a well equipped, modern residence for wealthy citizens of Bangkok, Thailand. Now, he is a ghost Tower, eerily empty and still standing in front of the skyline of the city, and its concrete surfaces already spotted and are rusted.

Entrepreneurs have made these and many other skyscrapers in Bangkok during an economic recovery, but the assets fell, entrepreneurs have gone bankrupt, and the building remained empty. If the storm fall construction Schutte on the road. It’s almost pitch black and the open metal tube and frame have the researchers wonder when they last had a tetanus shot. At the top, but, it’s very easy to see why this could be one of the most prestigious addresses in the city.

Abandoned Princes House, Russia

marvels of architecture of Princess House in Russia from the outside marvels of architecture of Princess House in Russia sidewalk with Grand columns

Maybe abandoned mansions, castles and chateaus so fascinating, are because it is difficult for many of us to understand why expensive attachments are allowed expire. Someone has seen all the difficulties, to make the design of the House, to select the decorative elements, and to buy fine facilities, all to be ruins simply too early. This Russian of princes House, which is located in Abkhazia on the Black Sea, is an example of this. In this regard, what has been called the upper class of Russians as “Russian Riviera”, this castle is nearly 200 years old.

The House but lost its glory in Soviet times, like many other things. On the orders of Stalin’s converted Seagull Hotel, a summer residence for male government officials from Moscow. It was abandoned after the collapse of the Soviet Union, Georgia is that the renovation could get little priority so often in war.

Kolmanskop, Namibia

marvels of architecture left in the desert Kolmanskop Namibia

You can still admire the emerald green of the walls

marvels of architecture spirits House Kolmanskop Namibia shabby large Windows

An old lady in colonial style

marvels of architecture spirits House Kolmanskop Namibia

The old diamond mines town Kolmanskop in Namibia is one of the most surreal closures. This ghost town was once a small, but very rich village, full of German miners, who were attracted by the potential for quick and easy wealth. It is built in a German architectural style. The town went into decline after the first world war, and was completely abandoned in 1954.

The most interesting thing about Kolmanskop is the fact that his houses, hospital, ballroom, school and other buildings with sand are filled, so that it seems as if it would disappear in the sand. In other words, windy desert climate is blowing sand from all Windows and doors.

The abandoned Villa by Steve Jobs, California

marvels of architecture Steve Jobs living in California

In the night – Mexican romance

marvels of architecture of Steve jobs from the outside at night

The beautiful colorful tiles look more like new

marvels of architecture of Steve Jobs abandoned house in California

The life of Steve Jobs is already a legend, but here is a story that not many people know: that the abandoned Villa by jobs in Woodside, California. Jackling mansion was built in 1925 as a residence for copper mining Baron Daniel Cowan Jackling and his family and designed by the architect George Washington Smith in Spanish neo-colonial style. Steve Jobs bought the 153 square metres House in 1984 and lived there for about 10 years before their rental. In 2000, Steve Jobs has reportedly stopped to maintain the building, and it fell into disrepair. It has taken long before the historic structure crumble away began his impressive elements – including the massive organ – to rot.

Jobs planned to demolish the original Manor House and building a new one, but a group of local preservationists objected, which led to a legal battle, which lasted until 2011. The right to demolish the House, won jobs at the end and it was torn just a few months before his death. Fortunately, photographer Jonathan Hale could absorb these images in a relatively stable level of the building.

The 45000 abandoned houses in Detroit

The stylish architecture is still wonder of abandoned houses in Detroit Red brick architecture of marvels of architecture of abandoned houses in Detroit, Michigan former elegancemarvels of architecture of abandoned houses in Detroit

The ruins of Detroit are terrific. The city has become, fled with thousands inhabitants before the decline of the auto industry, which has resulted in the most difficult and most dramatic poverty and social conflicts a powerful symbol of economic and social collapse. Detroit has an estimated 45,000 abandoned houses, with a total number of abandoned facilities up to hundreds of thousands. Even its public parks are closed.

This has led to a ghostly cityscape, full with the rotting remains of human settlement. Many of the houses are overtaken by nature, disguised in the feral green all around them.

Edifício São Vito, Brazil

marvels of Architecture abandoned and gigantic in São Vito with graffiti

A view from below

marvels of Architecture abandoned and gigantic in São Vito whole facade

The facade looks almost apocalyptic

marvels of Architecture abandoned and gigantic in São Vito

During its existence from 1959 to 2004, Edifício São Vito was known as the largest vertical slums of São Paulo. The locals called it Treme-Treme (tremble – tremble), the 27, 110m-high building was conceived as a solution for popular housing specifically on freelancers, travellers, migrants and evacuees from other cities. It had originally 624 apartments, each 27 square metres. Until 1985 was started’s of three thousand inhabitants, who inhabited most of low income, and they have, to divide the apartments in several units. Missing waste services meant that garbage and waste water from the window was thrown. In 2002 was only one of the three lifts in operation, what has been waiting half an hour. The building has become extremely dangerous – an inevitable death in the event of a fire. Over the years, residents have started to leave the building until the final taking due to high crime. It was evacuated in 2004 and demolished finally in 2011.

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