7 Fascinating Hobby Homes

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fascinating hobby houses Flash colors and horns

Fascinating hobby homes – a unique home with passion

Here you see 7 fascinating hobby houses collected from around the world. An example of this are all as talented designers and architects can transfer the passion and the interests of your customers on their beautiful residences.

Hobby House with horns by the amateur rock band Rock it Suda

The fabulous House is the bass guitarist of the rock band and is in Jeongseon, Gangwon-do, South Korea. The daring project was designed by Moon Hoon and named after the band. In this almost unreal atmosphere, occurs at the Group and lives out her hobby in an incomparable manner.

Flamboyant and imaginative

fascinating hobby houses triangular window checkmate pattern

Playful in warm colours

fascinating hobby houses lacquer sofa sloping walls

Energetic and naughty

fascinating hobby houses red backdrop black white pattern

Roof terrace with horns

fascinating hobby houses checkered roof terrace

House with bear collection

Designed and built by the Japanese company MediCom toy Inc., the House as a main subject in the Interior has the [email protected] toys collection of the owner. The three-storey building is located in Cha-am Beach, Thailand and is 28 meters long and 8 meters wide. It is designed as a playground for adults.

Elegant and funny at the same time

fascinating hobby houses bright wood paneling and colorful figure

Fresh colours and fun graffiti

fascinating hobby homes colorful painted wall turquoise couch

A unique collection

fascinating hobby homes colorful teddy bears collectionfascinating hobby houses minimalist with bear

Nowhere in the House is boring

fascinating hobby houses funny figures on window filmfascinating hobby houses graffiti cartoons

The Skate Park House by LEVEL architects

This unpretentious House located in Tokyo and is a sophisticated combination of the hobbies of the two owners. They have skating and playing the piano as a passion and that’s why the architects designed the House at the same time as racing Park and concert hall.

For true fans of Skate

fascinating hobby houses of spacious entertainment room

Perfect for the piano practicing

fascinating hobby homes Deckenhohe bookshelvesfascinating hobby houses Shabby Chic wardrobe

Skyhouse – difficult to to go up and slightly down to slide

This unusual, four-storey loft apartment is really on the clouds in one of the skyscrapers in New York. It is a collaboration between the Architect Studio David Hotson Architect and Ghislaine Viñas Interior Design Studio. You have created a magical world with a climbing wall and futuristic slide together. The shiny polished pipe extends through the entire apartment and ensures a quick slide from the bedroom, directly to the window in the living room, down the stairs and through the ceiling of the library and reaches the entrance of the apartment at the end.

Surrealistic atmosphere

fascinating hobby houses whimsical and colorful

Spiegelblankes spiral pipe

fascinating hobby houses of shiny metal pipe spiral

The dream of every amateur climber

fascinating hobby houses climbing wallfascinating hobby houses white high gloss

Dream home for classic car lovers

The next House in our collection is built not only for its owner, but more for their cars. The architects have built a special patio for the passionate car lovers, surrounded by garages. The designer of this dream house Daniel Marshall has used plenty fine cedar wood, to give the building more elegance, which should be consistent with the luxury vintage.

Dignified elegance

fascinating hobby houses linear design with much glass

Geometry in high style

fascinating hobby houses geometry from concrete, wood and glass

Classic isn’t

fascinating hobby houses vintage redfascinating hobby minimalist houses In the courtyard

Panorama House with miracle staircase

It is a more asymmetric formation of moon Hoon architects. This hobby House original looks even from the outside, but wait until you see the interior design. It’s a dream world for the family with four children, who lives here. The numerous game options be combined perfectly with the learning process. An oversized staircase serves as a library, slide, seat and media wall. From the large Windows you can admire the beautiful landscape from anywhere.

Fairytale asymmetry

fascinating hobby houses floating with white stone

Play and learn with fun

fascinating hobby homes open beams

A multifunctional staircase with swing

fascinating hobby houses library with integrated slidefascinating hobby houses Desk under the stairs library

Hobby House for children

This last House is reminiscent of our childhood. You have had intended also as a little house on a tree or in the yard or dream of one. Ultra architects their customers have built small building of residual materials from the main house. It is an interpretation of the drawings of the little Maja, the daughter of the principal.

Out of a child’s drawing

fascinating hobby houses wood

Slide and play

fascinating hobby houses metal plate for slide

Federal and bright

fascinating hobby houses lots of fresh air and Sun

Learning for real life

fascinating hobby houses Chipboards wood furniture in stimulating colors

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