A Particular Nature, Dynamic Australian House Design

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Australian House design two-storied clean lines

An Australian House design – determined by the nature and dynamic

The captivating House is located near Melbourne in this figure the original order of the family ideal. They wanted a simple, rectangular apartment, which ensures broad, light-filled spaces inside. The House was designed by Robson Rak architects.

As a result, they got a House which disappears into the landscape and which emphasizes the beauty of the surroundings as the own architectural features.

The House at a glance:

Who lives here: A couple and their two children.

Village: Merricks, Victoria, Australia

Size: 1213 qm

A custom grip on the Panel of the front facade includes the figures of some animals

Australian House design unique door handle with animal ornaments

Two very high Windows on both sides provide a very nice view.

The favorite tree on the property is the position and the plan of the House determined

Australian home design giant tree large green area

The bedroom of the parents is located exactly on the axis. The rest of the House extends the right of it.

The page with the pool wins a deep insight into the forest through the trees here thinly applied.

The internal division into three zones of the House goes back to the function of the premises. The part of the parents has a Cabinet at the entrance, bedroom with an en suite bathroom and a study room.

Minimalist elegant in the bathroom

Australian House design simple free-standing bath from white ceramic

The central zone has a living room, a dining room, a kitchen and main entrance.

Strategically placed sky lights and window feel the room with a wonderful light from morning to evening

Australian House design gray shading drum lamp shade

You can see in the next picture framed, earthy walls and concrete floors in addition to the main entrance

Australian House design kitchen island with glossy grey tiles

A fully functional kitchen in stainless steel and with modern equipment is fitted behind the sliding door. Here is also a bedroom, a bathroom and a powder room.

You can feel the idea of maximum using of natural materials anywhere in the apartment.

Most of the construction is made of glass, wood and earth materials

Australian House design built-in fireplace crocodile skull

The interior walls are covered with sand derived from the region. It has this due to the thick layer also contributed to getting the internal temperature.

The entire wall of the bedroom opens by sliding door

Australian House design sliding door open wall designer Chair

The eaves shade the thin, high Windows above the dining and living room.

The double glazed Windows and doors will receive also the temperature and reduce the need for heating

Australian House design Schwellenloser transition colorful carpet

The architects designed the lower storey for the children. It has two bedrooms, shared bathroom, and a second living area directly above the pool and pergola.

A glass surface surrounded the swimming pool from three sides. That bears witness to an infinity facilities in South

Australian House design veranda and outdoor pool

In the last figure, you see an outdoor terrace and you can enjoy the most forest views from there. One has created the design with the idea for plenty of entertainment, which will be held here.

Do you recognize the main idea behind this design? It is the search for harmony with nature. This is achieved through complicated thought out, but simply appearing architecture. Are you also this opinion?

Australian Home Design architectural elegance

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