A Tipi Tent Special

Modern Japanese houses in the form of a teepee tent

This impressive “tipi tent” houses come from Japan. They were designed by the talented Japanese architect Issei Suma and are already a cozy and modern home by two senior. Minimalist and organic at the same time, the five tents made of wood and concrete with their functional simplicity and refined design feature. You are located in a picturesque and green area of the Shizuoka Prefecture. The residential complex is called Jikka and area extends to approximately 100 m ². All five houses have a square form actually in their base. But whose walls are curved at the top, and the roofs are pointed. In this way, they really look like Indians tip PIs. The Interior is definitely: “Less is more!” There’s nothing superfluous. The sectional living area includes a spacious living room, passes into a dining and cooking zone. The bathroom is huge and includes even an indoor pool in the form of a snail. Next door is the bedroom, where a comfortable, large bed and an antique chest of drawers. The complex also features guest rooms with additional beds. All Windows are built in the form of arcades and give not only the facades, but also inside “tipi tent” houses a magical flair.

Tipi tent houses from Japan

tipi tent modern hauser wood concrete

The interesting thing about this housing project is actually fulfil a social role. The two residents use the houses even as their place of work. One is working as a social worker and the other as a cook. So take the two women to the elderly and the socially disadvantaged people in the community.

The whole orientation of the facility is perfectly tailored and optimal ergonomics provides comfort and relaxation all visitors.

How to find these “tipi tent” homes? Can you also imagine, to live in such a home?

The tipi tent houses are covered with a thin layer of wood

tipi azelt okohaus build wood concrete Japanese hauser

The tipis from bird’s eye view

tipi tent Holzhauser okohaus modern hauser concrete

Fairy houses made of wood and concrete

tipi tent modern hauser concrete wood ecologically build

Green countryside in Shizuoka Prefecture

tipi tent modern architecture wood concrete hauser

High ceilings and plenty of natural light

tipi tent Holzhauser concrete houses living room dining table

The kitchen has a huge work surface made of stainless steel

tipi tent cake set up concrete work flat

The arcades and vaults provide a pleasant fairytale-like effect

tipi tent innenpool concrete walls

The whole area is barrier-free

tipi tent bathroom of innenpool bedroom

The snails swimming pool is accessible for wheelchair

tipi tent poolbecken bathroom organic form

Everywhere on the walls you can see wall lamps are oriented upwards

tipi tent bathroom Interior pool

A great community with social nature

tipi tent wood concrete modern hauser japan

Comfortable and welcoming in the evening

tipi tent modern hauser japan wood concrete

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