Antoni Gaudi Sagrada Solidity A Never-ending Story

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Antoni Gaudi Sagrada Familia in the night

Antoni Gaudi Sagrada solidity the overwhelming icon of Barcelona

Antoni Gaudi is a well-known Spanish architect who was incredibly innovative for its time.  His works were considered progressive long after his death.  His style is very individual and was often called a mixture of new Gothic and “art nouveau”. In it you can see elements of surrealism and Cubism.  All styles together result in something the Spanish call “Catalan modernism”.

The Cathedral of the Holy family is just awesome

Antoni Gaudi Sagrada Familia from the outside

Decades long has been carefully worked on every detail

Antoni Gaudi Sagrada Familia from the inside the ornament

Gaudí organic manuscript BB´s is here again to recognize

Antoni Gaudi Sagrada Familia indoor Gaudi style

The plans for this building are incredibly grandiose and far ahead of its time

Antoni Gaudi Sagrada Familia design

Gaudí BB´s first assignment was to design of a storefront for a glove – manufacturer on the world exhibition in Paris. After some successful orders, the young architect was protégé of influential Mr.  Shortly thereafter began Gaudi to design furnishings and decoration for churches.

Through the recommendation of his teacher Gaudí participated in a building, which later became a symbol of his whole life’s work: the DOM – Antoni Gaudi Sagrada Familia in Baselona.

With its towering height, the Cathedral deprived the human respiratory

Antoni Gaudi Sagrada Familia aerial

The Interior is perfectly thought out and implemented accurately

Antoni Gaudi Sagrada Familia from inside the Inneausstettung

The job was at a temple in the name of Jesus of Christ and his parents Joseph and Mary on earth should be built. The DOM is logically named “the Holy Family”-on Spanish Sagrada Familia.  Gaudí decides to create sculptures and Interior, which was typical for the Catholic cathedrals was a monument of Catholicism. The plans of the Cathedral, which features Gaudí, show the monument in the form of a Latin cross. The plans were destroyed during civil war. The reconstruction began in 1940 and should be 2032, expected to be finished.

Color and shape history result in an organic result which is alien nice

Antoni Gaudi Sagrada Familia indoor ornamentation

From the far away you might think that this is a sand Castle

Antoni Gaudi Sagrada Familia full

the surprise is all the greater when looking at the intricate details

Antoni Gaudi Sagrada Familia from the inside of the dome

The epoch-making building has three external façades. Each facade is a majestic Tower. The East side is dedicated to the birth of Christ. She is generous with religious motifs decorated. The western façade is deals with the theme of “The passion of the Christ” and the South side, where the main entrance is located, the glory of God worshipped with their facility.

Sagrada Familia is an absolute masterpiece of architecture

Antoni Gaudi Sagrada Familia side

Antoni was obviously very far ahead Gaudí with his ideas of his time

Antoni Gaudi Sagrada Familia from the inside

Although the Cathedral is a permanent construction site, a huge visitor interest is

Antoni Gaudi Sagrada Família at night

The plan of the Cathedral consists of NAOs, 4 lateral naves, along the main axis and three in the transept. Where is the interface between the nave and the transept, is a huge Dome, what a spectacular lantern Tower of the Gaudí complemented architecture. This Lantern Tower is a 170 m high. 4 minor are to see around him.

In the name of Holy Mary built Tower is by a Crown of 12 stars ornamented. There are actually just the towers, making the silhouette of the building so unique and indeed stunning. After the blueprints are 18 towers, magnificent and majestic appearance given the building.  Only 8 are fully built up to long.

The biggest towers of the Cathedral are about 170 m high

Antoni Gaudi Sagrada Familia at noon

You can lose when looking at the Cathedral itself in every detail

Antoni Gaudi Sagrada Familia from the inside of the dome from the bottom

On the question of why construction as long as dauerten…antwortete fun: my customer (God) not hurry, because he has the whole time in the world.

After Gaudi BB´s, plans are to be a total of 18 towers. Today there are just 8 finished

Antoni Gaudi Sagrada Familia the star

The plans of the Cathedral are expected to be met in the year 2023.

Antoni Gaudi Sagrada Familia the icon of Barcelona

Sagrada Familia is a phenomenon which attracts many tourists to Barcelona

Antoni Gaudi Sagrada Familia from the drone inside photo

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