Architecture – The Portuguese City In Portugal

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Monsanto architecture Portugal Rock House

Romantic architecture in the Portugal

Do you know which is which? We are of the opinion that it is this, which in the present article the speech will be on Freshideen and many other colleagues dealing with architecture and design. It is located said on the border with Spain and more specifically, in the ancient city of Monsanto. The houses are located between, around and on a giant boulder.

The picturesque houses and streets have been integrated in the landscape for decades. This man has left untouched all other rocks.

The picturesque atmosphere of Monsanto

Monsanto architecture Portugal views from the top

Monsalto is located on the edge of a mountain range, so not very far away from Serra de Estrela. From there, you have a wide view of the valley below.

The previous inhabitants have not took the rocks to build their houses. You have adapted much more to natural forms. Sometimes, they are just a bit distorted and narrowed. Semicircular ceiling look like curved stone huts. Stairs lead to the rocks around and also to the ceiling.

Sloping ceilings

Monsanto architecture Portugal houses blanket

Romantic lighting

Monsanto architecture Portugal romantic

The historic building still look as if they come from an earlier time. They remind of the architecture that was built from the original population. Lusitianen called the first inhabitants. You can discover still archaeological findings from that period.

Rocks, covered with MOSS

Monsanto architecture Portugal road

In many homes, still the Manuelinen are finding doors. They are a remnant of the Portuguese Gothic period. You are in the style of the architecture that you can experience in the Belém Tower.

This typical Portuguese town represents a typical example of this, as you can integrate better by living in nature. It turns out that this ancient philosophy of building is rediscovered after many thousands of years!

For many architects think nowadays precisely in this direction. Another example that we should not forget the tradition to the modern times.


Monsanto architecture Portugal great rock plants

The hilly countryside of Monsanto

city Monsanto architecture Portugal atmosphere

Stone – streets

Monsanto architecture Portugal road pavers

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