Architecture: Tree Preservation On Construction Sites

tree preservation on site

The tree preservation on site has a wonderful effect not only on the nature, but also for the home furnishings. Instead of Ausroden of the site, what are some builders and architects, you must strive to consider the tree conservation as new design problem and to solve it. Some time ago we have discovered by Golf de Vylder Vinck the Bern home Beuk house , where the House is built around a tree. The main construction idea here is the preservation of existing trees on the site, since their role is very important in our daily lives – they affect our feelings and be reassuring to us. If you get the trees, bring nature into the home in this way.

Beautiful terrace with cushion decoration in green

tree preservation on the modern terrace In the garden

It is designed so that the tree in the roof of the House is built. So the architects could make the tree part of the apartment. The tree is preserved, you can build the House, the tree is already safe. Of course, if it is not possible to build the tree, it can be integrated in the shed or in the production building. So has made home Beuk House in Bern.

A home around trees can be used in other ways. A terrace in the garden, which is built around tree trunks, receives some natural sun protection: awning. The options for tree preservation on construction sites can be very different and original.