Avant-garde House Project – Casa Gòmez In Mexico

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avant-garde House project outdoor area at night facade exotic

Avant-garde House project

The idea for the distorted and fragmented walls, roof, and interior design is based on the architectural foundation of “deconstruction” called. Casa Gòmez by Studio is designed is a housing project located in Mexico and the above mentioned properties. The avant-garde building looks as if it was built from broken rhythms, randomly positioned walls and unexpected angles.

Innovative architecture in Mexico presents the housing project Casa Gòmez

avant-garde house design outdoor use exotic design

According to the architects “design is a system of combined indoor and outdoor areas and large unique Windows offer beautiful views of the waterway and the hotel of Cancun.” The selection of materials and textures which it emphasizes the avant-garde trend was the key to creating an exceptional environment. It combines the balance between the open concrete walls, granite and hardwood floors, large Windows and glass and aluminium surfaces and the specific Bisazza mosaic accents to.Clearly visible from afar, Casa Gòmez among modern attractions in Mexico.

Striking design in outdoor – built-in lighting illuminates the exotic nights

avant-garde House project outdoor integrated pool lighting

Royal sees the building at night from outside of

avant-garde House project lighting original architecture

Concrete walls make up the façade

avant-garde house design outdoor area views city water Street

Distorted and fragmented walls

avant-garde House project indiscriminate lines shapesmosaic accents add to dramatic touch avant-garde house design outdoor use mosaic surfaces relaxing atmosphere at the poolavant-garde House project outdoor Palms seating

Enjoy wonderful views of the waterway and Cancun

avant-garde house design outdoor area pool roof terrace

Combination of innovative and creative architecture

avant-garde House project outdoor pool window through this exceptional window, you can see the bathroom – wood panels and built-in round sink avant-garde house design window angle bathroomremarkable staircase with glass railings and Red steps avant-garde House project Red staircase levels glass railing

Staircase on the ground floor in lively red color

housing project furnishing and apartment staircase red

Extra large living room – suspended wood ceiling and indirect lightingavant-garde building design hot set up living room wood ceilingplayful original artworks on the wall for more color and fun avant-garde project of residential living room art painting

Dining and kitchen area in a skillful combination

dining area wood kitchen lighting Mexico housing project Casa Gomezplates bright TV residential project house design Mexico

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