Barcelona Tourist Attractions – The Modern Reconstruction Of Sagrada Familia

Barcelona sights Sagrada Familia Gaudi architecture Gothic

La Sagrada Familia – an unfinished, ingenious architectural project

One of the most striking sights of Barcelona stands at the beginning of a new stage of construction. This is 100 years after the laying out of the first module and 90 years after the death of the architect Antoni Gaudí.

Architect of the new reconstruction is Jordi Fauli. When presenting his draft, he explained that six new towers will be built. The highest of which is called “the Tower of Jesus of Christ”. He will rise above 175 meters. This is the Sagrada Familia to the highest religious building in Europe.

According to Jordi Fauli, the conversion will be finished in the year 2026. This year it celebrates the 100th anniversary of Antoni Gaudí’s death. It is little known that he died in an accident with public transport in his favorite city. This happened at a time when the Sagrada Familia to a quarter was finished.

It is also today still not completed

Barcelona sights Sagrada Familia Cathedral modernist architecture Gaudi

The Spanish civil war

The reason why this landmark of Barcelona was not completed, is not only the death of the famous architect. The construction work was interrupted due to the Spanish civil war.

A total of six other architects have worked on the construction of the Sagrada Familia. You have used the plans of Antoni Gaudí himself as a basis. It was all a concern, as exactly as possible to fulfill his plans.

Only in 2010, the building is blessed and declared by the Pope Benedikt to a Basilica

Barcelona sights Sagrada Familia Gothic Cathedral

The architecture

The original architecture is explained for a mix of Art Nouveau and Gothic. Even in the modern reconstruction, one tries to keep. It will be one of the most extravagant cathedrals of the 19th and 20th centuries. This would be possible not only because of the combination of these two styles. To a large extent, the unique character of the Cathedral is located on the specific style of Antoni Gaudí.

The biggest difficulty of the work from Jordi Fauli is to keep a personal style

Barcelona sights Sagrada Familia renovations

Beautiful ornaments forgiven the facade

Barcelona sights Sagrada Familia filigree ornaments pattern

Fairytale-like atmosphere in the Cathedral

Barcelona sights Sagrada Familia stained glass window rosette

Charming interior design

Barcelona sights Sagrada Familia interior design columns arcade

Abundant natural light flows in through the colorful window

Barcelona sights Sagrada Familia Cathedral Interior

Through additional light to create a wonderful, festive atmosphere

Barcelona sights Sagrada Familia Interior

Particularly impressive is the altar

Barcelona sights Sagrada Familia Interior altar

Magnificent chandelier with discreet decoration

Barcelona sights Sagrada Familia decoration

Numerous high columns seem respectful and awe worrying

Barcelona sights Sagrada Familia Cathedral Antonio Gaudi

The entrance itself was decorated with filigree ornaments and graceful statues

Barcelona sights Sagrada Familia Cathedral main entrance

The long built Cathedral at all

Barcelona sights Sagrada Familia Cathedral ornaments Gothic

Nevertheless or exactly why it is visited every year by many tourists

Barcelona sights Sagrada Familia tourist Cathedral Gaudi Gothic architecture

They come from all over the world to admire the Sagrada Familia

Barcelona sights Sagrada Família construction

And she is simply – majestic and proud

Barcelona sights Sagrada Familia