Beautiful Destinations: An Abandoned Village In China With Its Green Architecture

Beautiful destinations – the village of Gouqi in China and his green houses

Have you asked himself ever, the towns and villages would look like, if you leave them? An abandoned village in China provides the answer. Gouqi – the deserted village, which took the nature in a majestic way and turned in a miracle. We want to introduce this unusual travel destinations today. It is a quaint village in China, which arouses the interest of many tourists and photographers from all over the world. This is called the abandoned wonders of nature.

Gouqi and his fancy House architecture

beautiful destinations gouqi village china

When it comes to urbanization, China forward makes great strides in this regard. But when the nature of the game, no obstacles before her majestic power. In the fishing village that has become particularly popular in recent years, the life was closed in the year 1990. It is believed that the village because of its great distance from the continent was gradually abandoned.

But four hours by river to the village of must go! But it became no ghostly and sinister place. Instead, it was a failed destination. Instead of single residents, nature has indented in this village. It fascinates everyone with his unique and, how you can close yourself, natural beauty.

Fishing village of Gouqi – of the people leave, but by nature not…

beautiful destinations gouqi abandoned village beautiful houses

Beautiful views of the ocean!

beautiful destinations gouqi green houses

Splendid terrace, where one can observe the wonders of nature for hours

World travel of gouqi terrace Green Village

Gouqi is located on one of the 400 coral islands which form the Shengsi archipelago at the mouth of the Yangtze River. The river is an important economic and transport path is used since ancient times. Today, to use its flow mainly for economic purposes.

You can lose yourself in the Green

beautiful destinations gouqi failed village in china

A naturally green facade

World Travel gouqi beautiful architecture verlassenes village

Green, green, and even green…

beautiful destinations of gouqi houses of natural architecture

Down the stairs and down a real experience is to go

World Travel gouqi abandoned village in china

Pictures of Jane Qing bring us closer to this unusual beauty. Everywhere, you can feel the nature around them. Are you impressed, what is the nature of an artist? We also! Then this could be your next destination!

Nature is everywhere in this fishing village

World Travel gouqi fancy houses Green Village