Beautiful House Of Music In Jerusalem By Kobi Zak

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beautiful Haus der Musik living room minimalist white

Beautiful House of music in Jerusalem

The great architecture is based not only on repetition and processing. It requires innovation and accuracy and she discovers a whole new world of possibilities. Some of the most popular architects and designers of our time to present all these properties along with balance and kongnitiver ergonomics. And the architect Kobi Zak might as well one of those! This stunning, contemporary House by Kobi Zak designed tries to bridge the gap between music and architecture, while still the connection in between will show in a stylish and flowing way. In Jerusalem, Israel, lying, the musical apartment revives the symbolic relationship between art and architecture.

It is difficult not to admire this creative apartment that welcomes you with its beautiful rooms, which are equipped with furniture from IKEA. But the real miracle of this 90-square-meter house show when one enters further. The window of the notation and piano keys inspired, attest to respect the symmetry of the Fibonaccinumbers. The colorful Dining chairs around the dining table around speak volumes, and this is only a small part of the many musical pleasure that awaits you in this beautiful music and Kunsthaus in Jerusalem.

Glamour and elegance in white

modern White House of music window blue red yellow

Coloured glass

beautiful House of music library shelves

Traditional black leather sofas

modern White House of music plan rail lights

Completely white interior design

games library books Fibonacci series racks

A modern, ergonomic kitchen with sleek racks shows motifs of classical jazz music, even if the electronic manual and the piano are neat and cleverly in the Interior. Inspired by some of the greatest Tonsätzen are cute, neutral colors, skilfully imaginary plan, contemporary fitted bedrooms, a modern game room and a rich library.

A series of dice in the game library double with cool drums, while the guitar strings on the balcony allow you to beat one or two melodies and to display your guitar skills. For those who are interested in additional details, the architect provides some fascinating insights into the connection between music and architecture through the culture. He compares even some features of the gardens of Versailles and the Mozart’s works, which give rise to kingship and splendour. This beautifully designed apartment you just rejoicing can be creative, charming and exceptionally!

Let yourself feel onstage rail light

beautiful House of the music table white smooth shelves wall

Piano in the room

beautiful Haus der Musik tabletop piano

Jazz music in the kitchen

beautiful House of music plan jazz music kitchen

Drums shelvesbeautiful House of music shelves Cabinet drum

On the balcony – guitar strings

beautiful Haus der Musik balcony guitar strings

The House of out there seen

beautiful Haus der Musik balcony modern apartment Jerusalem

Drawings and designs of the apartments

beautiful House of music drawings design

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