Box-shaped House Design Lumber By Atelier Riri – Modern Architecture

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box-shaped house design architecture modern wood facade

Lumber House by Atelier Riri – box-shaped house design in Indonesia

The architects of Atelier Riri have designed the box-shaped lumber House in Jakarta, Indonesia and completed in the year 2013. The 400 m² and modern house was built with a pronounced emphasis on energy efficiency and environmental friendliness.

Geometric shapes – careful selection of materials

box-shaped house design architecture glass planting tree

Here is the comment of the architects of Atelier Riri:

“This House is loaded with many geometrical elements and was built in the spirit of modernism. It is located on a high part of Jakarta, so you had to adapt the House to the place. The design execution and the choice of materials were made very carefully, because our goal in building was to have a low energy consumption in the future House. In addition, we were attempting to use wood as a Hauptmateriel on the construction of the building all the time. Where this was not possible, we of course used cement to create a straightforward description of the building. The rooms are designed so that they are a response to the passage of the Sun and air circulation. The building provides enough space for a family with four children. Therefore, we think the House corresponds to our expectations of the future and embodies a quality of life for years to come.  The bottom floor is the service area, the second floor is designed to provide a common place of family, while on the third floor, a private study room represents the core space there.

The main material of construction – wood and cement

box-shaped house design architecture glass plant container

Also interesting is the facade of the building: the main part there is made from wood material, what to emphasize, wood is the main material here in this building.  The façade has chosen cut wooden boards, arranged, and in this way achieve a high aesthetic value.

The ground floor – again wooden and cement

box-shaped house design architecture modern first floor

The shape of the building was chosen quite deliberately – the form of a box. The wood element is also present. This is just an attempt to bring back people to the local traditions of Indonesia. Certified wood material reusing can significantly support the economic situation of Indonesia”

box-shaped house design architecture modern indoor garden striking element – the indoor garden with a glass wall from the inside of the House separatedinteresting, eco-friendly environment – indoor and outdoorbox-shaped house design architecture modern minimalismKasten house design architecture modern hob stairs

Bathroom – wood as the dominant material

Kastenhaus design architecture modern bathroom bathkitchen worktop – functional designKastenhaus design architecture modern kitchen countertop

Compact kitchen design – wooden structure

Kastenhaus design architecture modern kitchens area

Original seating area – extended wooden bench and ceiling-high glass walls

Kastenhaus design architecture modern seating bench wood

Attractive stone wall – a natural touch

Kastenhaus design architecture modern stone wall

Cement stairs – an architectural element

Kasten house design architecture modern staircase

Minimalist white wall

Kasten house design architecture modern white equipment

Staircase – wooden steps

Kasten house design architecture staircase wood

Massive timber façade out of panels created – integrated lighting

Kasten house design architecture modern front yard backyard lighting

Here are two designs from the House and its interior and exterior

Kastenhaus design architecture modern design box-shaped house design architecture modern concept,translated and edited by Sabine

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