Bring A Fresh Breeze Into Your Interior!

It is midsummer and outside the sun shines heavily during the day. Surely you’d rather be on the beach now than at home, right? In the following, we will show you in text and pictures how you can introduce a strong holiday feeling into your interior. Everyone can do that, if they find the right color scheme and put it on accessories that will take you to a seashore. We have already published an article on the topic that you have hopefully already read. It was about breathtaking Dream houses in Canada lying on lakesides. In them, the coastal atmosphere from the skilfully brought into the interior and impresses us with freshness and naturalness. For today’s article, we have chosen more houses that are also located near the coast, so that a fresh breeze leads directly from the ocean into the house design. Let yourself be inspired by the idea to introduce a little marine feeling into your own home!

For example, you can feel like you’re on vacation all year round in this interior.

From the dining room one observes the azure blue water surface

You will be amazed by which simple means you can bring fresh wind into the interior. First and foremost, it’s about an open space concept that reflects the natural expanse outdoors. These homes are minimalist, modernist, luxurious, and stylish. In addition, the bright color scheme is chosen very masterfully in all rooms, so that everyone feels the fresh breeze in their own home. Optics and feel are right here, because many natural materials have been used in interior design. They reflect the harsh coastal landscape outside and let us feel even more the fresh breeze of the ocean inside the house.

From minimalist to modernist to luxurious, the homes boast sublime architectural styles and world-class interior design.

  • An open space concept brings the fresh breeze from the ocean directly into the house

In these coastal houses dominates the open space concept. In them, the boundaries between living room, dining room and kitchen disappear and all of them form a spacious ambience. This thresholdless interior design gives us a feeling of space. Floor-to-ceiling windows offer beautiful views of the azure blue water outside. Imagine, you can look at a wide coastal area from your dining room or bedroom! Rough rocks, stone and sand make up this unique image.

From this minimalist dining room offers a wonderful, wide view of the natural features of the area.

Wood, glass, concrete and stone make up this unique interior.

The fresh breeze also comes in this bedroom, which looks inviting and cozy.

Wide and spacious are all the rooms in the houses shown here and the floor-to-ceiling windows let the surrounding nature easily get inside the house. This interior design makes the boundaries between inside and outside disappear, so that one feels constantly immersed in nature. As the wind blows a fresh breeze in the face and this feeling is unique.

The boundaries between inside and outside disappear.

It’s just as nice outside as it is inside. You can feel the fresh breeze from the sea more intensively.

  • Bring a fresh breeze into the interior through natural colors and textures

In addition to the open space concept, color design plays a decisive role in this coastal design for the natural design. The color palette includes only light tones, from milk white to sky blue and gray to indigo. On the one hand, these shades have a calming effect, on the other hand they give the interior a natural aesthetic that is indispensable to these coastal houses. Only in some rooms contrast-rich interiors are created, the splashes of color are intended more as accents. Contrasts and visual eye-catchers do not disturb the uniformity of the interior, on the contrary, they prove the creativity in interior design.

The bright color palette makes the interior seem reassuring, right?

White hydrangeas in a vase emphasize the natural interior design in white.

White marble, warm wood nuances and accents in black – that’s how beautiful a bedroom can be!

A fresh breeze brings in the interior and the natural materials that have been used here in abundance. From the ceiling to the floor you can see plenty of wood everywhere, which definitely provides a lot of warmth in the four walls. There are exposed wooden beams painted in white or the floor in sand yellow reminds us that we are on the coast. Wood can be excellently inscribed into the coastal atmosphere of any interior and rounds off the stylish interior design. In most cases, it is combined with the dominant blue-and-white color palette in the room.

Exposed wooden beams harmonize with the wooden floor and complete the style in this blue and white living room.

Can you feel the fresh breeze in this blue and white bedroom?

Apart from wood, one also sees the use of other natural materials such as stone and concrete. These complete the rough feel and bring the room design to a higher level. The next pictures show just that and try to convince you of the wide use of natural materials in your own interior.

Wide use of natural materials makes the interior very inviting.

Gray tiles in concrete look emphasize the modern bathroom design.

marble You can also find it in the kitchen.

You do not think that we underestimate the role of flowers in these houses? In no case, because they are so important for the natural interior design. The flowers are predominantly white and enchant us with their natural beauty. They also bring a fresh breeze into the interior and make us really feel at home.

White hydrangeas grow in the yard and create a very inviting atmosphere.

Sometimes it may be very colorful indoors!

If you also want to bring a fresh breeze from the sea to your interior, just scroll down and admire the other images of cozy and stylish coastal homes. These should be a source of inspiration for you to introduce some holiday feeling into your own home. We wish you a lot of fun!

Here you can forget all the stress and fully enjoy your break.

A thresholdless transition between inside and outside.

A book wall peps up the open space design.