Build A Tree House – Atami Teahouse In The Japanese Forest

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Do you want to build a tree house?

The “bird’s nest” Atami is actually a small teahouse in the canopy of an old camphor tree. To make the whole thing even more exciting – the unique Treehouse located in Japan, more specifically in Shizuoka Prefecture. Designed by the architect Hiroshi Nakamura, this dwelling is a real architectural jewel that somehow reminiscent of the blockbuster “Avatar”. An ecological concept that is at the same time persistent and resourceful. The inspiration for the actual building project came from the Animal Kingdom. The architect was fascinated of the creativity of the crows, especially when they build their nests. It very often happens that these clever birds sent work to different objects and integrate them into the nest construction. Hangers for example are very popular with crows. It sounds maybe somehow incredibly or unusual. Hangers are pretty handy for this purpose but, because they have not only a suitable for this form, but also a hook. So hangers in a very comfortable way are stuck together and the nest Gets a stable basis on which then can be developed very quickly.

So much was taken also for the Treehouse Atami. The structure consists of steel rods with a 3 cm in diameter, on which then the thick wooden planks were placed and mounted. Stable and at the same time barely visible staircase leads to the teahouse. Before entering the small, cosy terrace, where there is enough space for dining table and chairs first. Here, it feels exactly like a lucky bird in the jungle and spends like a long time.

So you can build an environmental tree house

Treehouse Building japan terrace dining table natural wood chairs balcony furniture

However, the real highlight remains the tree house Interior. And this immediately impresses with its fairy-tale simplicity and lets every adventurous, romantic heart beat faster. Coarse natural wood texture and pleasant neutral shades please the eye and provide a feeling of security. You feel here like at home.

Back to nature! At the counter or on the sofa you can quietly enjoy a delicious Cup of tea and while relaxed is entertained, or meditate in silence – depending on how you feel now.

One of the strong branches of the tree standing in the middle of the House and gives the atmosphere even more magical flair

Treehouse Building japan tea house natural wood sofa Wall shelves counter

Can imagine, to be able to build a tree house. Well, maybe not exactly as big or professionally, but still stable and comfortable. Get more inspiration here with us and visit the official website of Hiroshi Nakamura, if they want to. There you will find also more sustainable construction projects from him.

Enjoy the wonder!

Ecological thinking and sustainable living

japan build tree house kids tree house tea house

A beautiful forest fairy tale

Treehouse Building ecologically japan build teahouse

A cute little house made of wood and clay

teahouses japan build tree house build ecological

A great idea for your romantic Sunday afternoon

build tree house ecologically live teahouse japan

Treehouse Building ecologically japan live teahouse

japan build tree house treehouse teahouse

ökohäuser build tree house build teahouse

ökohaus japan build tree house tea house

japan build tree house ökohaus tea house

build tree house treehouse teahouse japan ökohaus

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