Building Fair Munich – A Review Of The Construction Of 2017

2017 – construction of the international construction fair in Munich and highlights

Not for nothing the construction fair is Munich as the world’s leading trade fair for architecture, materials and systems par excellence. Every two years, over 2100 exhibitors from more than 45 countries participate in this so significant for the construction industry event. This year the big have shown here again high class. Traditional manufacturers such as SCHÜCO, WICONA, ALPOLIC, NOVELIS, TECKENTRUP took again professional and amateur audiences to wonder. Countries such as Turkey and Russia were also present, along with numerous exhibitors and visitors from China.

Energy efficiency, resource conservation, sustainability, and innovation at the plan, particularly in the construction industry for a long time. These issues were again the significant red thread on the building of 2017. In addition, two themes at the heart of the action were on the construction. The first has set itself apart with the advancing digitization in the construction sector and smart materials and construction systems, which simply “think” with the people and respond appropriately to the environment were the second. Smart doors with fingerprint scanner, intelligent facades, which produce energy, integrated smart home solutions and much more one could experience up close at the fair.

Insights on the construction trade fair Munich 2017

fair Munich construction 2017 highlights innovation building materials construction systems

Boom occupied exhibition forums with experts from all over the world, workshops and work camps, as well as the exciting night of architecture provided for variety and dynamics.

The long night of architecture – 2017

Digital planning at the highest level through BIM (building information modeling) one of the hot discussed topics on the Munich fair was,.

It’s a process that is based on a 3d model. It enables efficient planning, design and construction of building projects architects, engineers and contractors. Thus, all relevant data are quickly and continuously available. With BIM data and information more easily and more reliably between all the project be replaced involved. With the open cloud solution – BIM plus – is against the data security and compatibility problems cast. Innovative digitization at the planning and construction is progressing despite skepticism and proving to be an increasingly popular way of working in the construction industry.

Renowned manufacturers and professionals on the construction of 2017

fair Munich construction 2017 highlights State Fairgrounds

Other highlights on the construction trade fair Munich 2017, which are among our favorites are for example the wireless site by METABO or the innovative door solutions from Teckentrup, where the human being at the Centre. The possibility of many products and plans on the basis of AR glasses was no less irritating (augmented reality glasses) to experience directly in 3D and also all alone to tinker – a great deal of the Ackermann company a prototype of the own dream home.

And a quick review of the construction of 2017:

On the construction of 2017, just so much was presented and discussed that the six days of the fair as a whole six months to carry out were. And in addition to the numerous, future-oriented innovation and sophisticated technologies in terms of building one is already quite clear:

The German construction industry is fine! On the construction sites in this country there is intense activity and new projects are successfully met. And rising!

The crème de la crème 2017 of the construction industry on the construction

fair Munich highlights 2017 construction building materials floor coverings skylight

fair Munich 2017 highlights exhibition forums construction audience Schüco

fair Munich construction 2017 highlights events

And some inspirations from the construction fair in 2017:

fair Munich construction 2017 highlights building materials Exhibition Center

fair Munich highlights 2017 construction building materials natural stone cladding

fair Munich highlights 2017 construction building materials innovaive smart home

fair Munich highlights 2017 construction contractors architects innovations

fair Munich 2017 highlights building roof tile innovative fair Munich 2017 highlights construction workcamps