Caves In Which One Could Live

The spirit of adventure knows no bounds! We want to prove this in our contribution today. There you will feel at one with nature, without sacrificing modern comfort. For a long time people have dreamed of a cozy home. The primitive people found it in the caves that inhabited them. Surely of that time, the yearning has remained to live in a well-protected place and to feel properly cared for. Driven by this desire, today thousands of people travel around the globe to explore unique caves around the world or admire them as tourists. Now it is also possible to spend the night in some caves. Yes, these are converted into hotels and offer more or less luxury. But certainly great experiences! We offer breathtaking accommodation, from a cave hotel with jacuzzi and stunning panoramic views in Santorini, to a luxurious home in Arkansas with natural cave walls.

Lava Cave, in Santorini, Greece, awaits guests!

Caves converted into hotels Lava Cave Santorini Greece

  • Caves in Greece and Turkey where you can rent

On the Greek archipelago Santorini there are some caves that can be rented today. Our first destination is the cave Lava Cave. The former sailor’s house dates back to 1875 and has since been converted into a luxury holiday home.

The house retained its traditional Aegean island style surrounded by caves with pearl white walls. They added a number of modern extras. The suite has a cozy bedroom, an adjacent living area and a luxurious kitchenette. The stunning private lanai features an exquisite indoor and outdoor hot tub with panoramic ocean views and the rugged volcanic beauty of the ocean Caldera

The beautiful rock formations in the distance are of volcanic origin.

Santorini Greece Caves of volcanic origin

Anitya Cave House, Cappadocia, Turkey – here you can live comfortably and enjoy the rustic atmosphere of the cave to the fullest.

Anitya Cave Cappadocia, in Turkey combines rustic beauty with a lot of cosiness.

The cave house Anitya is located in the heart of Cappadocia and is more than 600 years old. It has a spacious terrace with panoramic views over the Turkish town of Ürgüp. The adventurous tourists have a large room with a fully equipped kitchen. That’s why Anitya is presented as the perfect cave home for couples and families looking to spend their holidays in a fun filled environment. The cave is small, but can accommodate up to six guests. Turkish coffee, aromatic tea and strong scented spices make Anitya as homely as possible.

Anitay Cave – from this terrace you have a breathtaking panoramic view.

Anitya Cave Cappadocia Turkey Terrace breathtaking panoramic view

Azalea Cave Houses, Oia, Greece – The Azalea Cave has been transformed from a typical winegrower’s house into a luxurious residence.

Azalea Cave Greece converted from winegrower's house into luxurious residence

The small Greek village of Oia has much to offer its visitors. We only introduce you to the cave Azalea, which today serves as a cozy retreat. The property is a traditional winegrower’s house that has been converted into a luxurious residence. The old style of the village was retained. The cave house has two floors with a large terrace. From there you have a wonderful view not only of the village, but also of the nearby vineyards and the Aegean Sea.

Also inside the Azalea Cave the architectural style of the village is maintained.

Azalea Cave Greece typical architectural style maintained for this place

Casa Santantonio, Santorini, Greece – magical and attractive!

Casa Santantonio Santorini Greece magically attractive

Casa Santantonio is housed in an 18th-century house. The old house has been renewed preserving much of its traditional architectural heritage and style. The property has three private luxury apartments. The Senior Cave Apartment is located on the first floor of the building. In Casa Santantonio you will find two bedrooms for up to five guests. The cave hotel has its own pergola with jacuzzi. This makes it ideal for romantics who want to watch the sun and spend long evenings outdoors.

Is not that beautiful? The cave White Dream, in Italy

Beautiful atmosphere cosiness Cave White Dream Italy

  • Caves in Spain and Italy

Among the striking white stone streets of the Italian village Ostuni, actually in the heart of its historic center, is the White Dream. The cave dwelling offers an elegant and stylish all-white decor. The natural color perfectly reflects the nearby rock formations. These form the structure of the cave. The White Dream holiday accommodation is in an excellent location – only 11 km away from white sand beaches, the crystal clear sea and the beautiful nearby nature reserve.

Cave dwelling Cohabitat Sassi, in Matera Italy offers you a lot of homely comfort.

Cave in Italy Cohabitat Sassi Matera much homely comfort

In Italy, there are some such caves that are inhabited nowadays and have gained widespread popularity among adventurous tourists. One of them is the cave Cohabitat Sassi, in Matera. This quaint cave dwelling for two guests is a classic Italian holiday apartment that has been carefully restored and modernized. There you will find a comfortable dining area and a practically designed kitchenette, which means everything necessary for cozy dinners for two. The property is tastefully decorated with unique artwork. The cave is conveniently located not far from Piazza Vittorio Veneto and other sites of Matera. This is an ideal place for a short break.

Now we go to Spain. Would you like to join us?

Spain Granada a lot of nature history and great sights

Cueva de Luja, Granada, Spain – everyone would like to spend their holidays here, right?

Cave in Spain Cuevo de Luja Granada superb accommodation great comfort

This luxurious cave house is called Cuevo de Luja and is located in the eastern part of the Spanish city of Granada, province of Andalusia. It is located in the heart of a historic area. The classically designed house has been renovated in a modern design. The property is located on two floors: the first houses the bedrooms, the living room and the kitchen. On the second floor is a lounge area with a nice terrace. From there, a spectacular view of the whole area opens up. The kitchen is beautifully designed, with a glazed wall and a seating area. The result is an elegant, modern finish that has been awarded to this cave property.

Gran Canaria – Sea View Cave Loft – ideal place for romantics and adventurous

Loft Cave Gran Canaria Sea View Cave ideal place for romantics adventurous

We are now leaving Spain and flying to the Canary Islands. There is a comfortable loft cave, which we would like to mention in our cave list today. It is located in a beautiful rural area with panoramic views of the Mediterranean Sea and the surrounding mountains. The property has a garden, swimming pool and wonderful terrace. All these invite you to laze around. On the Canary Islands you can spend unforgettable holidays, swim in the lukewarm sea water and enjoy complete relaxation. The Sea View Loft Cave features two bedrooms and a full kitchen, as well as a cozy lounge area with rock formations. Can you imagine a more romantic holiday?

Inside the loft cave awaits you a unique living atmosphere with a lot of comfort

Loft Cave Gran Canaria Canary Islands unique living atmosphere much comfort

Our last stop through the caves in Europe is on Tenerife. Located in a small coastal town in the south of Tenerife, the cave hotel Cave Socorro offers its visitors perfect rest and relaxation. The spacious cave house is ideal for families and friends as it has a double bedroom and another with two single beds. The rental also offers a nice terrace for al fresco dining. The property is just minutes from the beach, where travelers can stroll along the coast, eat fresh fish and explore the island. Such a quiet and romantic holiday awaits your guests in Tenerife!

Tenerife, cave hotel Cave Socorro – rustic beauty in the midst of southern nature

Tenerife cave hotel Cave Socorro rustic beauty in the midst of southern nature

Beckham Cave Home, Parthenon, Arkansas, United States of America – sleeps 16 if you come here with family and friends

Beckham Cave Home Arkansas USA Great for group or family vacations

Finally, we want to show you two more caves, which today serve as hotels. One is located in Arkansas, USA and is called the Beckham Cave Home. The cave hotel is embedded in a natural cave high on a cliff above the valley. Beckham Gave is unlike the previously presented habitable caves worldwide. It’s different than any other place on earth. The hotel has four bedrooms, each one unique, with queen-size beds, exposed cave walls and spacious bathrooms. Surrounding rock walls and rain showers give the tourists a special waterfall-like feeling. This stunning house offers its guests 6000 square meters of space and sleeps up to 16 people. That said, it’s just perfect for a family or group outing!

The interior decor leaves nothing to be desired!

Beckham Cave Home Arkansas USA interior furnishings offering plenty of comfort

The most beautiful comes to the end! The Rockhouse Retreat is a unique luxury cave crafted from a triassic sandstone quarry near the Wyre Forest in rural County Worcestershire. Set in 3 acres of woodland on the banks of the Honey Brook, the site has been used as a home for over 700 years. This cozy house has only one bedroom. It is stylishly decorated and offers domestic comforts such as underfloor heating and ambient lighting for a natural atmosphere. A secluded hideaway, this authentic cave house provides a peaceful oasis where guests feel miles away from civilization.

The Rockhouse Retreat Cave House is located in the county of Worcestershire in the UK and is indeed worth seeing.

Cave House Rockhouse Retreat Worcestershire UK Worth a lot of homely comfort