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Posted on Oct 16, 2013

architectural masterpieces castle Château classic architecture modern

Architectural masterpieces – Château architecture exceeds a century

After recent exploration is the castle of Biltmore in eighth place among the most popular places at the US citizens. What is the reason? I think this is the Château style, which the heat and the wealthy of the Gildered era symbolized.

The building was commissioned by followers of the Vanderbilt of family. It was built in 1889 and rises over 16 000 square metres of space. This is the largest private residence in the Americas and is located near the city of Asheville, Nordkalifonrien.

The architect of Richard Morris hunt was referring to when designing the French château in the Loire area. There are mainly land of local aristocrats, which were built in the 17th and 18th century.

The mixing of French and Italian Renaissance elements is typical of these buildings. Hunt has brought its own interpretation, which included many traditional elements. The result: a fantastic and addictive masterpiece.

The Château style came to America in the 1880s. At that time, many houses, mostly in the North West were built in this. Rarely, they found examples in other regions of America. More examples can be found from the middle of the 20th century. They show a peculiar mix of flamboyance and modesty.

Now, carefully consider the facade from left to right. You’ll see yourself the elements which define the style. In the exterior, the building has heavy duty masonry construction. The façade was covered with stones and concluded with a steep hipped roof.

A mixture of Italian and French Renaissance elements

architectural masterpieces Castle medieval architecture

The parapet-like hoods break the line of the eaves and converted the attic. Massive and detailed chimneys rise high above the building and give more meaning to the roof ridges.

An elaborate bow determines the line of the lower positioned Windows and arcades. The constellation and the rising elements of the Windows can determine the exact position of the staircase. Tracery based on Gothic, decorated the window and door openings on the ground floor. Towers and Gables visually extend the building upwards.

Want, we return again to the Earth? Are you ready to visit a different French Fort? This time it’s about a little Pearl in the vicinity of San Francisco. Here is a wonderful interplay of altitude and ornaments. The result is a unique building. When compared with Biltmore, you can see some differences and the same source of inspiration.

Family house in San Francisco

architectural masterpieces Castle Chateau of medieval architecture

The most originals dating from around 1800 are asymmetrical. But some architects achieved the restoration of the balance typical of the Renaissance. It has accomplished this in the main part of the House from this image.

The Château style is a precursor of the French eclectic. You can see this on the Charakterisika from Biltmore and the reference to the Renaissance. Within this beautiful façade, all elements are contained in an ideal nuances to each other. Look closely at the stichbögigen Windows of the flanking increases. Still, you can see here classical Romanesque columns within the centrally set input. The pilasters are also traditionally, composition revolving around a core and gable with stone tracery. These are more distinctive elements of this building.

The building, you can see two types of roof Windows and gable. These range up to the top of the construction and provide the typical feeling which we associate with a castle.

As a result, a fantastic and entertaining masterpiece is created

architectural masterpieces Castle medieval Arhitektur Althaus

In the next picture we see a less formal House. But also here you can see the ideal balance. This new home features a steep hipped roof, detailed chimneys and richly decorated items. The development of the style elements made of wood is modern. The stone is reserved for the front view.

The Château style is a precursor of the French eclectic

architectural masterpieces castle Château classic architecture

The style of this hotel can be defined clearly as French eclectic. But it has created a strong reference to the Château style through the chimneys and Gables. The belt line and the broken roofline reinforce this impression. The brick facade is an element that can be found in many eras of the history of style again.

This playful composition was inspired by the Château style. The symmetrical facade combines many elements, which can be usually found in higher-end styles.

Building based on Gothic

architectural masterpieces castle Château classic architecture Gothic

The next example is also very formal. The Central, symmetrical increase is striking. This is flanked by extensions on both sides. Small and detailed roof Windows can be seen also in the picture. About the gate one has corresponding light openings. There are two larger and just as richly detailed window. There are two small openings for ventilation on the side.

Wonderful combination of height, ornaments and lights

architectural masterpieces castle Château classic architecture lighting

Note that the vertical alignment is particularly characteristic of the style? You can see this particularly clearly in the following example. The individual details contribute also very much detailed openings for ventilation and light, belt lines, tracery Windows, schmeideeiserne railing like Gable.

Here you can see the typical Renaissance balance

architectural masterpieces castle Château classic architecture stones

Now let’s look at the symmetrical and asymmetrical parts of this beautiful House. The main component is ideally balanced. The car driveway and the left annex, however, play an essential role in the building.

Symmetry and asymmetry

architectural masterpieces castle Château classic architecture garden

Note the raised position of the two side inputs? Asymmetric large and small window rhyme with the other elements.

Playful window and door openings

architectural masterpieces castle Château classic architecture building

If you take this building to the previous examples of this, the flexibility of the architecture in the Château man immediately recognizes style. Beautiful window represent an elegant connection to the external private spaces. This is a special achievement, which is rare in other traditional styles.

A contemporary and architectural masterpiece, inspired by the Renaissance

architectural masterpieces castle Château classic architecture pool modern

At first glance, the classically detailed façade appears balanced. But from the middle point of view you can see the complexity. You can see a narrow break to the left of the entrance. Such features make the look so sexy. Note that the roof over the entrance is steeper?

A rough and simple stone façade

architectural masterpieces Castle classic architecture

This great House is directly related to Biltmore. Its elongated façade and varied details contributes to this. There are two types of upper clerestory Windows in the roof and on the belt line. The input was incorporated into a small usage with detailed environment.

A great home that is worthy for the Royal family

architectural masterpieces Castle classic architecture huge

In the cities of the Northeast and Midwest of America’s many examples have survived from the Biltmore tradition long dynamic periods. Also on the restrained building below recognisable by the fine classical detail and vertical alignment.

Another example for modern interpretations of classical music

architectural masterpieces Castle classic architecture modern home

In the next example of the Château is style thanks to the rough dressed stone and the relaxed asymmetric composition. The entrance is inscribed in this line.

The well maintained garden is also one of the beautiful architecture

architectural masterpieces Castle classic architecture modern garden

Actually, what do you think about the modern interpretations of the classic. I think history is repeating everything to a new level and the same applies to the architecture. The examples here show just that.

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