Chic Residence In Brazil By Macedo, Gomes & Sobreira

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send residence in Brazil geometric shapes

Chic residence in Brazil

The architectural firm of Macedo, Gomes & Sobreira has designed the Kopaivabaum residence. Built in 2013 was built this 330-square-meter contemporary House in an L-shape to a large Kopaivabaum around.

It is located in Brasília Brazil,

send residence in Brazil many trees In the garden

Kopaivabaum residence of Macedo, Gomes & Sobreira:

The design concept of this residence in Brasília is mainly by their landscape: a sheet-rich Kopaivabaum grow in the plot and a small amount of “cerrado” vegetation (tropical savanna, typical of the middle part of Brazil), and to the East it overlooks a mountain range.

The main entrance and the blueprint of the system are determined by the courtyard designed for the Kopaivabaum.

The ground floor of the House is designed in an L-shaped block

send residence heat emanation wood

There are the kitchen, the living room and the bedroom. You are a long porch, which extends along the premises connected with the cerrado vegetation.

So the patio plays the role of transition between interior and open space and protects the interior spaces from Sun and rain

chic residence open design massive pillars

The climate in Brasília allows (and requires) an open project and passive solutions, so that no air conditioning (for cooling or heating) is necessary. The bathrooms are located in the western part of the ground floor and protect the bathroom from the Western Sun. Economies, guest bedroom and the garage/multi-purpose room are in the northern part of the L-shaped block, and they frame the courtyard.

The corridor is narrow but very well illuminated with floor to ceiling Windows

send residence narrow hallway lights

The prismatic block of the second floor defines the roof space (extended porch) and allows the double-height of living room

send library on the second floor residencechic residence sisal runner Gunte glass door

It combines visually the library and media room above. The guardrails have a design of bookshelves for the family library, so that visually, the books also are present at home, as well as the desire of the family was actually.

An efficient solution

send residence Bookshelf from light wood

The material inside is mainly wood: flooring, ceiling and frames are made of local wood, which can give you a comfortable atmosphere and integration into the surrounding nature.

The tiles Panel of the garage and the multi-purpose room was designed with the children together, dedicated to the artist Athos Bulcão, and the folk culture of Pernambuco.

Many geometric figures – colorful and fresh

send residence geometric colorful wall decorationsend residence wall tiles colored triangles

In the evening you can enjoy the silence

chic residence light at the entrance

send residence big tree before the garagesend residence hanging Matt out tip

A NAP in the elegant hammocks is always welcome

chic residence Schwellenloser transition on the veranda

The colorful glass at the entrance gives a festive mood

chic residence stained-glass doors and window

chic residence Kakteeen and pebbles

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