Color, Decoration, And Other Features Of Mediterranean Architecture

Posted on Jul 30, 2014

unique great architecture ideas sea coast

Architectural ideas in the world

In the character of the architecture of the Mediterranean, various national currents flow in. Including those from Italy, Greece, Spain, these include of Turkey, from France, Morocco and otherplaces n.

If it has been in one of these countries, you want to turn a piece of it with. You can do this about this by taking over a part of this style in your own interior design or architecture.

Patio and home designs around the world

modern architecture ideas front yard

We want to discuss this article here, which these main characteristics with regard to colour, decoration and others r Are indicators. So, it is a Mediterranean institution you probably also easier, at your home to create.

We start with the color. It must be those which protected the building from the strong sun. This is mainly white and other bright shades.

Patio design

architecture ideas front yard many plants

Still, you can see buildings in beige and Terra cotta. Because it reflects the light. Many details have been carried out in bright shades. They symbolize the beauty of the width of the sea and the beautiful sky.

Unique architecture

architecture ideas home exterior

The ceilings have been carried out mostly in Orange or other fiery shades. Typical also is not all too great passion.

Natural materials

patio natural materials exterior

Inside you will find natural materials first and foremost. Those are natural stone. Wood and ceramics. All these help to keep the cool.

Many bow

architecture ideas sheet plants

In addition are the many Arken typical . They can be otherwise wonderful decoration and othern bring details of indoor and outdoor facilities to use.

Color inspiration

patio design architecture terrace design

The terrace and veranda facilities also are a typical feature of the architecture of the Mediterranean. There can be in the middle of lushrgreenen landscape a tasty dinner.

Garden with pool

architecture ideas home pool

In the Mediterranean Sea e rbereich occupies a high position the element of water and their color. It considers the source of life. Therefore, swimming pools and other water facilities of vital importance are.

Blue and gold

great architecture gold blue

In addition to these general characteristics seen in each country-specific own styles in architecture. For example the zykladische style is typical for many regions of Greece, which shining white through the walls, by waiver of bricks and elementary geometric forms distinguished. The doorn have been carried out in different shades of blue color.

Spanish style

architecture ideas of Spanish style

If you are looking for a classic version of the Mediterranean style in architecture, then you should to look well in Spain. Also there at least some features can be seen. In Andalusia we see red shades and wall battlements on the color as decoration. In Valencia, you will love the stairs and the large terraces.

Find yourself so out, to which n these places should remember your home.

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