Contemporary Art And Architecture Of The Future

contemporary architecture architecture breeding clouds skyscraper

Contemporary art and architecture – the distinctive plant breeding clouds skyscraper

The work of Davide Coluzzi from Italy represents the perfect occasion for us to once again represent a striking work of contemporary art and architecture.

The background

The background of the contemporary architecture is now much different than in the US known and past eras. The demands on resistance are much higher. It has terrible scientific forecasts, which indicate that the ozone layer is getting thinner. The consequences would be fatal for many people, if you don’t stop this process.

Sustainable, futuristic architecture

contemporary architecture desert water condensation process

Check the climate

All we need to do in the next few years, decades, and centuries should be designed to control the climate. From this point of view, also the future buildings would have to be considered. So also the architect in our case changed that.

He also included one of the many scientific inventions which it there are more favourable climate conditions. You can check the rain falls in some regions and bring the clouds in other to rain even if they fit naturally not.

While we mentioned here only a few news from this area.

Imitate nature

contemporary architecture Davide Coluzzi Italy project

As is reflected in the architecture?

The contemporary architecture brought also the idea in the world, to create effective environmental systems from the high-rise buildings. The breeding clouds skyscraper is a kind of rain generator. The lower part consists of initiators. Their role is to collect the dust particles from the Earth and to electrify them. The negatively charged particles tend to move upwards through the warm air. Every building has the ability to collect them into a huge Chamber. There, they are placed in a permanent move. So you start usually also the condensation processes. So, you will provide to the right level of moisture. Large rainfall within a small square area be completely cast very likely also the manner, as plants are maintained. It could mean that this would create small oases of the world in various places.

The power supply of this futuristic building is absolutely autonomous. It uses the kinetic energy of the water itself. The solar power, which has accumulated on the edges of the building, effectively used to start processes in the condensation Chamber.

Keep as a project for utopian or do you think that this can really be brought to use?

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