Conversion Of Existing Buildings Into Luxury Objects

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Real estate in the change

In large cities, it is standard long ago due to the space and housing shortage: the conversion of old buildings in modern residential areas. While in cities such as Berlin, exclusive apartments resulting from old prisons, vacant office buildings become luxury accommodation in Frankfurt and co.. But the trend to create innovative housing, from old stock real estate has long since reached the private sector. Modernising and implementing modern architecture have written many owners on the flag. We have set ourselves apart with the subject and discusses some issues that go along with some modifications.

Real estate software and intelligent solutions for a smart home

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Save energy

When buildings are renovated, is usually the energy savings potential in the focus. The energy requirement can be already slashing through the modernisation of Windows and doors. Finally, the heat losses are solid on these building elements. Be subjected to existing buildings of a complete refurbishment, average energy savings of up to 52 percent is possible. The thermal insulation, as well as the replacement of boilers represent the two most effective measures. A rethink of the type of heating can be worthwhile. Many options available to property owners especially in relation to sustainability .

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Smart home and management solutions

Another reason for property owners to upgrade their property, consists in upgrading to modern house technology. Smart home is the keyword. This term describes a central building control systems. All electrical systems are automated. A so-called gateway serves as a central unit and network. All connected systems or devices are centrally located and are individually controllable. A smart home allows the remote-controlling of technical systems. Miteinem of holistic approach is taken over control of the home automation to control everything on site as well as on the road. Whether multimedia system, Windows, roller shutter or heating – In the smart home reacts on the owner and this can be accessed at any time. Even presence simulations can be implemented to deter burglars. Objectives of smart home are: increasing energy efficiency, an increase in security, optimization of living comfort and maximize quality of life. Landlords who want to redevelop their objects and modernize, also have the chance to facilitate the management of residential units and all associated tasks through smart IT solutions. Lexware offers the real estate software QuickImmobilie for example a practical system to manage up to 50 units, to keep track of sales and expenses, as well as incidental, rental and heating bills to create central. Who uses the occasion and is adopted in the course of modernization of manual management and instead rises on such software, can dramatically reduce the administrative burden.

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More comfort

In addition to the energy savings, an improvement of living comfort plays an important role in the modernization. To create state of the art luxury apartment, architect working on elaborate renovations. Inconvenient spaces are almost completely altered by removing walls. Generally, the engagement of an experienced architect is advisable. You can determine which structural changes are useful and bring smart ideas to rebuild, enable to transform dilapidated building into luxury apartments. Thereby, they involve factors such as design, functionality and accessibility.

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Take advantage of funding

In the year 2050, the Government wants to achieve that all buildings in Germany are carbon neutral. Real estate may only a minimum energy requirement showed up and need to be entertained with renewable energy. Continuous improvement of the efficiency standards is inevitable. To achieve this, the energy saving Regulation (EnEV) is considered as a tool. With funding from, the process should be speeded up. Funding of dams financial Bela do packages, which in turn funds are free flow in the building renovation. Already by ACFA and KfW funding are possible grant of 7,000 euros. The following State funding at a glance:

KfW programs: The State-owned KfW Development Bank (Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau) has programmes in support of property owners in the repertoire. Including funding for “Energy efficient renovation” or “Altersgerechtes rebuild”. It is critical that the application for the KfW promotion is made prior to construction or renovation beginning.
KfW loans: KfW loans for home ownership can be invoked, if borrowers own the real estate and use. In addition to the KfW banks such as Sparkasse and Volksbank are partners for KfW loans.
Tax savings: If you have a grade II listed building and inhabit a depreciation of cost of renovation is possible over a decade with nine percent each. You benefit from a significant tax savings.
Funding by country/city: Almost all provinces promote their residents in home ownership. Bavaria, North Rhine-Westphalia and Baden-Wuerttemberg are considered particularly generous. Also, cities support upgrades to improve regional attractiveness and to convince new residents from the site. DieFördermittelunterscheiden as regards requirements, conditions, type, and amount.
Residential Riester: The State encourages homes with residential Riester. Riester promoting benefits of financing repayment.

Attractive offers to come to raise foreign capital. Soft loans make it easier to carry out various modernisation measures.

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