Cooler Residential Complex In Denmark, Who Looks After This Natural Phenomenon

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Unique iceberg residence in Denmark

Today, it’s about an iceberg which is exceptionally warm and cozy. It is possible that this time not from ice, but from architecture speech will be.  It involves a complex of apartments in Denmark, who looks after this natural phenomenon.  Its manufacturers have made efforts, that you feel there comfortable and warm.

People can live in this building from 2012. With its unique architecture, it was one of the features of the city of Aarhus.

Cooler residential complex

cooler residential complex natural phenomenon terraces railing

Together the companies CEBRA, JDS, have on the creation of a complex seARCH and Louis Paillard. There are there 11 apartments in total, and they have space between 55 and 227 square metres.

As you maybe already correctly imagine, the icebergs are the inspiration

cooler residential complex natural phenomenon balconies

You will experience a clean, pure appearance of the facade. The panels show typical water shades which range from dark blue to transparent sea blue. One creates it thus partly to imitate the charm of the northern lights.

This looks so great in the face of the ocean. Surely you did it hereby to catch the face of nature in architecture.

The complex is located on the surface of a container terminal

water concrete walk apartments designer

It has contributed to the spice up the face of the entire district with its ultra modern architecture. It’s also has managed this, to improve the criteria for quality of living in the city. Especially interesting and great we find on Freshideen, that here both apartments in premium class, as also in the lower price range.

It’s also great that no matter in what apartment is, the window to the ocean go and as more light in the room letting

cooler residential complex natural phenomenon original designer architecture

The material from which the building has been designed, represents a mixture of marble chippings and concrete.  It’s called Tarazzo.

The similarity of this architecture with real icebergs is very suitable for indoor as well as outdoor

cooler residential complex natural phenomenon glass iceberg

The appearance of the wood, which is found on the ceiling and on the wall appears warmer.

And large keep this example of modern architecture in the Interior of a linear and strictly minimalist design

cooler residential complex natural phenomenon concrete

Iceberg is an important project not only for Denmark, but for all of Northern Europe

cooler residential complex natural phenomenon window wood flooring

This is an example of sustainable approach in architecture

cooler residential complex natural phenomenon interior

Original and creative innovation

cooler residential complex natural phenomenon geometric shapes