Cozy Cottage With A Rustic Flair – Treetops By Bruce Rickard

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cozy cottage spacious pool

Cozy cottage with a rustic flair

Treetops was designed by the renowned architect Bruce Rickard and located in cottage point – a suburb of Sydney, Australia.

The interior design of this holiday house has rustic features such as stone walls and open beams, which give an optical heat the atmosphere. The architect has a total of three houses for his family built – the first in Warrawee (1959), the second in Wahroonga (1961) and the third in cottage point (1989-90) Instead of starting from scratch, Bruce Rickard has renovated an old cabin in case of treetops, which he visited often during the weekend.

The spacious pool with narrow channels offers plenty of space to the swimming

cozy cottage covered stone flooring

His idea was to convert the small building in a few bedrooms and next door to build a free-standing Pavilion, where the kitchen, dining and living. The new Pavilion was built without excavation, so the floor was spared and ensures great views.

The two new buildings were connected by a porch and stairs, and at the same time it has separated slightly the two areas this

cozy cottage flexible and functional In the Woods

Bruce Rickard has experimented not only with wooden pillars and beams, but with the shape of the roof, which is curved or square in many places. For the first time it has used a grid of wooden columns here. In this way, the House got so open facade as was never possible before.

The result is a hassle-free optical fusion between House and nature – the beautiful eucalyptus trees and the peaceful waters of Cowan Creek

cozy cottage with hot tub and loungers

This openness and closeness to nature was the main reason for the architect Genevieve Furzer and her husband, the photographer Simon Kenny to buy the House. With their three children, they have fell in treetops. Except for the wild animals, they have fascinated other things – for example to consider the full moon directly from its own bed.

Like the other houses by Rickard also is very comfortable. The obverse depicts Northeast. So you benefit from the rays of the Sun in winter and has less heat in the summer. The Windows are positioned so that they remain outside the strong winds and the roof overhang protects from the summer sun and provides more light during the other seasons. Parts pool surrounds the entire building and provides additional comfort and absolute relaxation.

Rustic and elegant at the same time

cozy cottage overlooking the terrace

The House is perfect for family life. There is a balance between privacy and open spaces. It is very close to the big city, but away yet it feels like a holiday, many kilometres. It wakes up and is located on the veranda or has dinner on the covered terrace and all you can see is water and trees.

Enjoy the nature to the fullest

cozy cottage breakfast on the covered porch

Treetops is just so well suited for parties and generally for guests. One is to invite over 100 people capable of, without changing anything in the institution. Especially the Pavilion is incredibly versatile. The South side has a stone wall for more relaxation in the privacy and the other side is open with a beautiful view to the forest.

Located in the center of the living room, a giant Fireplace stone that divides the area into two

cozy cottage stone walls and fireplace

In this way, there is enough room for a quiet corner and a party area, which consists of an open kitchen, a spacious dining room and a cosy veranda.

A House to fall in love is easy. A holiday house that long is a unique home. Can be inspired and dream a bit with!

Warm and inviting

cozy cottage sliding doors shiny parquet

Pampering fabrics and colours

cozy cottage of soft bed canopies Frorale pattern

Delicate wall decals and stimulating accents

cozy cottage wall decals spring branches

Sophisticated interface and precious materials

cozy cottage square table and chairs from metal and glass

Cosy seating by the fireplace

cozy cottage open-beam ceilings and fans

An open plan living area to relax

cozy cottage massive dining table and elegant kitchen island

Simple and comfortable

cozy cottage elegant wall paneling pillow Lavender

Built-in wardrobe and rattan bedside tables

cozy cottage built-in closet elegant table lamp

Wall art in magenta and stimulating accents to wake you up

cozy cottage abstract wall art cloths and candles

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