Create Ideas From These Two Super Modern Garden Pavilions

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In this article, we present two examples of garden pavilion architecture. They are very different, but both are very modern. With their appearance and character, they reflect the current understanding of buildings of this kind.

View with garden pavilion

Garden pavilion from by Robert Edson Swain Architecture + Design

The first model is by Robert Edson Swain Architecture + Design. It is situated in the area of ​​Seattle. From the expanse it appears hovering on the western slope the hill Queen Anne. The building seems to have settled there. The pavilion is conceived as a sculptural, scenic element.

In the different seasons, the pavilion changes rapidly in accordance with the weather requirements.

His appearance was inspired by the projects of Elliott Bay, Magnolia and the Olympic Mountains in the west. The pavilion was delicately integrated into the existing site by the customer. It also protects the roots of a large elm.

View on peninsula

This work also takes elements from other projects from the same architecture studio. It is, therefore, in many respects also striking for the modern construction of such buildings. An extension, consisting of concrete walls and rusted steel fence, connects to the garage. This is equipped with new photovoltaic panels. This also forms the edge of the plot.

An underpass of concrete walls leads the residents into the house. The pavilion opens up in the western part of the property.

Protected site

The Midden Garden Pavilion / Metropolis Design

The other project we would like to introduce is called The Midden Garden Pavilion and is designed by Metropolis Design. It is located in South Africa, Cape Town.

It is part of a more extensive renovation and is located on the high slopes of Vlakkenberg. The customers wanted a pavilion within its wide, beautiful garden. From there they enjoy the natural surroundings.

Wide view the building

The property has a number of terraces. The orientation is from north to south. The terrain becomes lower towards the east. The house has 2 terraces and overlooks another one. There are great views of the mountains and also to a peninsula to the east.

In winter there are very rough southeastern winds. In the southern part, beautiful water cascades form. These flow into a pond with an artistic well. This facility is positioned on an axis leading to the large swimming pool.


The concept

We are dealing with a sculptural phenomenon. It represents an intermediate form of the nest and tree-crown. The pavilion is slightly floating above the surface below. The phenomenon can be described neither as rational nor as too abstract. Rather, a balance of both is achieved. There is something elementary in his character and he appears more than an object from nature drumherum, as a building. This integrity in nature creates a sense of continuous transformation.

ground plan

Organization and accommodation

Inside there are a number of seating areas. Some are under the roof and others – under the open sky. There is also a barbecue area. The pavilion has a kitchen, storage area and bathroom. So many facilities are included so that larger meetings and events are possible here. The arrangement consists of many intersecting axles. This makes the garden pavilion also in connection with the surrounding landscape. The building was positioned so that drumherum is a series of locations that have different spatial characteristics.

The view with sitting by night

Structure and materials

The materials provide a minimalist look. They combine plaster, concrete and wood together. The canopy is made of pine planks. We have opted for a softer surface treatment so that the uniformity is not spoiled under the influence of sunlight.

In both buildings, we observe a balance of integrity and an elementary, independent appearance. Both aspects contribute to the idal recovery in nature in their own way. So what we see here is the modern execution of the traditional idea of ​​a pavilion.

Even more of garden pavilion by Robert Edson Swain Architecture + Design

Close view
brighten-the Space-

The Midden Garden Pavilion / Metropolis Design

View with tree
Fire place

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