Current Trends And Tips For The Real Estate Purchase 2017

Real estate purchases and sales are proving to be a surprisingly exciting field for most people who come into contact with it for the first time. You will discover several interrelated aspects. All of these play a crucial role for the perfect choice of a property. It is different for every human being. The real estate market is very dynamic: you do not lose the orientation in it only if you follow the thread of your own interest. This is achieved by always keeping in mind the essential questions of the well-thought-out purchase. In the following, we will discuss this and then we will draw your attention to a few important trends for 2017.

The real estate purchase and the sustainable development of the municipality

The community and the real estate purchase

What is the current market price of the selected real estate?

Each piece of property has an objective market price, which is not always determined by obvious circumstances. The development of the industry, the changed economic situation, the increasing interest for a certain residential area are examples of Factors .

The buyers and sellers are also guided by many emotional reasons in their decision. This is quite natural, but you should keep the current market price in mind. So you do not fall into the trap of your own unrealistic expectations.

When purchasing real estate, integrated green areas are often very important

Green areas and immobolienkauf

What personal priorities do you have when buying a property?

Once you have an objective idea for the current market price, you can now also think about your own priorities. Perhaps you would like a home that is quite far from the center of the city or the most popular residential areas, because the healthy life and the quiet environment are most important to you.
Or would you like your dream apartment to be located in an area with poorly developed infrastructure, but the expansion of it is planned in the coming years?

So if you find a property that matches your personal priorities, it is sometimes worth it to pay slightly above the market price.

However, estimate the risks realistically and expect a small loss, which could possibly arise with a resale.

Traditional principles and flexibility characterize the real estate market in 2017

Real estate purchase ideas

What are the chances of this apartment in case of a resale?

  • Are the prices of similar apartments (with a similar floor plan, with almost the same size of living space and almost equally good position) have risen or fallen in recent years?
  • Will the apartment become more expensive in the face of the current trends, or rather in contrast – becoming cheaper?

For things that are good or bad things can change quickly in life. Therefore always remember the resale! Can you resell your apartment or house if necessary? Will it happen in a shorter or longer term? Are the prices for these types of apartments rising in this residential area? Is the infrastructure further developed there? All of these factors will be of great importance in the future.

The real estate market also experienced an upswing abroad

Real estate purchase abroad

Three current trends on the real estate market for 2017

The listed key questions have been essential for real estate purchases and sales for decades (if not centuries). However, the responses of the market are changing with our society and its needs. This is also the reason for the current trends within the industry. Here are the most recent for this year.

The high price of real estate in 2017 also means much greater quality

Rising prices but also high quality characterize the real estate market in 2017

Time for investment

Real estate agents currently recommend investing in more expensive apartments. It would be better to do without the quality of the building or the location. Flexible and modern interior fittings make living on a small living space extremely comfortable and healthy.

Modern properties can be adapted to the changing environment

Convertible housing is modern

Many options and transformability

To offer a wide range of options is becoming a popular strategy in 2017. The varied tendencies in the planning of the different residential areas and the buildings have led to the appearance of many equivalent variants for the same price. This ensures that you have selected the best in accordance with your personal priorities. Furthermore, the buildings should be adaptable and adaptable to the environment.

If a house suits your needs perfectly, you pay a surcharge

The individual has its price

With due regard to the sustainable development of the environment

The environment always plays an important role in the selection of real estate. However, in 2017, this trend will be somewhat different than before: it is about the fact that the own building is a surplus value for the residential area. One example is the creation of green areas on the property. That makes not only your own life, but the neighborhood and the place of residence more pleasant. The purchase of real estate is therefore more and more understood as a strategic contribution to the positive transformation of our society.

Security and wise action on the real estate market

The real estate market is coming from a long-lasting difficult period and is therefore particularly concerned about security. Sales and purchases are getting better and wiser. The quality of life and the adaptation to the needs of the community play an essential role. New remote villages with good infrastructure and excellent transport links to other parts of the city are preferred due to their better quality of life. In general, you have much more individual freedom in choosing an apartment at a relatively small risk.
So 2017 is a good year for investment in real estate, despite the relatively high prices, because they represent a great deal of added value for the buyer and for society.

The real estate market is currently focused on security and long-term thinking

The trends for the real estate market show optimism

Real estate with courtyard are still very up-to-date

House with land

The same principles apply to real estate purchases at home and abroad

Real estate in spain

Small houses with flexible interior fittings are a recent trend

Traditional facade with modern interior furnishings

The rent of the real estate is an important part of the real estate market

Long term rentals

Sustainable living in communities

Modern real estate in residential communities

Smaller apartments appear larger through flexible designer solutions

Flexible interior design concepts offer more freedom