Design Letter Box – Fits Your Mail Box To Your Home?

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luxury country house front yard concrete blocks letterbox design

Design letter box in accordance with the House facade

The mailbox can represent a small but significant part of the appearance of the House. So you should be careful deselects of the box, the base and the cover. Ideally the letter box should subscribe seamlessly into the character of the House. It should represent at best a small projection of my opinion.

I do not mean that he should look exactly like the House to a small extent, but that he would have to reflect the essence of the House. This could be done in terms of style, material or other properties. Consider the examples below as a miniature of the House.

Modern houses need something more than “solutions out of the box”. Here we see a two-family house in Australia, which include a COR-ten Edelstahlkosntruktion. At the same time, it serves as a table with the address. It runs from the road on the left side to that on the right. The form of the post box and the carrier on the sidewalk are behind a clear reflection of the building.

Letter box design with an attractive appearance

design mailbox modern architecture garden design ideas

The weathered stainless steel seems to be a popular choice for mail boxes to measure in modern homes. This column is a point on which the address can be mounted at the same time. She is tall and elegant, as well as the glazed facade in the background.

Weathered stainless steel mailbox

house number design letterbox modern architecture front garden with gravel

Here we see another example of COR-ten steel. Here is the facade in a less obvious way is reflected. The winding bends of the rusty mail box are more in the spirit of the modern houses. It’s less about a small version of the forms and materials.

COR ten steel mailbox

Garden House number design mailbox modern architecture

The weathered steel plate includes a standard stainless steel mailbox. The two it has applied materials for modern houses and one has opted for the use of different materials (wood, concrete, and so on).

Stainless steel mailbox

ideas for design mailbox modern architecture garden entrance

This last COR ten example here shows a standard stainless steel construction. It was adapted to a maßgerfertigten door and the design reflects the appearance of the brass casing and color behind it.

Classic mailbox from COR ten steel

ideas for design letter box stainless steel modern architecture entrance wooden veranda

Here you can see a similar shaped and built-in mailbox, but it has stainless steel using chrome-plated stainless steel pieces instead of COR-ten

ideas design letter box stainless steel modern architecture concrete steps

This form is not related but with the material. You can see proof of this. This is a very similar post box, but he was created from wood

design letter box wood modern architecture garden entrance

Modern mailboxes must not measure be made to be attached.

The box-like box works wonderfully on the barren grey wall

design stainless steel letter box facade architecture concrete

This curved stainless steel box reflects the shallow shoal of the overhanging ceiling of the House

stainless steel mailbox design modern architecture garden wood gravel fence

The post box is a small item and must be not alone as such. Its location is adapted to the needs of the people. Here, it plays a role, whether the mail by hand or with the car is delivered, and whether the residential area is so sure that he must be away from the House. Often come attached and integrated post boxes in question and they have to write a clearly in the design of the House.

This is something that has created one great in the case of this House

front door surveillance camera letter box stainless steel unnoticed

If you look back to the edge, you can see the first of some mail box designs, which really looks like a little house for post. This small house stands on wooden supports and shows the same orientation as the House behind it.

Did you recognize it right away? Here, one has opted for a modern, minimalist design

front door surveillance camera design letter box stainless steel go unnoticed

We see much of the House, to see whether the House represents a good interpretation of the original up to the black shutters.

This apartment is a wrapper around a standard mailbox

design letter-box wood modern country house wooden veranda

All details in the two previous themes are presented in a smaller scale. In this case here, have been preserved on the standards of the big house – the ceiling and the sides. It’s an exact model.

Post Office box pierces the standard through a small side section

design letter-box wood Bird House country house wooden veranda

Design letter-box in the form of a Bird House

Design mailbox ideas wood stone country house

In the three previous examples, you can see the design properties, which reflect the House. This is a good tactic, which it has built something, what hangs on the look of the House.

Here has been a mail box in the stone and get behind the weathered house walls

country house fence front yard letterbox fitted stone

The garage here brings us to the idea of a country house in the middle of the last century in a Prairie style. One has here referred to Frank Lloyd Wright and his praise of nature.

The architecture of the renovation has added the mail box in a rock

farmhouse Vila front garden with gravel box built stone

The low wall at the front of this House in Mediterranean style has been breached, to create an entrance. The mailbox was installed on two thin poles along the route.

She writes seamlessly in the appearance of the House and provides for a clear definition of the location of the input and output

luxury country house front yard concrete blocks letterbox design

The traditional form of this House is determined by the appearance of white. Thanks to this, the walls and the Windows appear very plain and simple. The modernization of the traditional appearance are reflected in the stainless steel box. There is an address which has been integrated into the snow-white wall.

Stainless steel box built into the fence

wood stone fence wooden door letter box stainless steel

This modern House is low and horizontally. The letter-box, however, is high, stands proud and its surface is illuminated. Both show the shape of a box and show thin ceiling lines.

Design letter box – high and proud

garden design with gravel and stone letterbox design ideas

Here we have a case in which the modern aspects of the House designs are reflected in all aspects of the Court. The walls of the letter box and container plants are wonderfully complementary.

It has cut a black wall and there managed the post box attached

Modern architect-designed House entrance garage entrance mail box

Design letter box stainless steel

modern architect-designed House entrance letter box stainless steel

In the last example, we see a bizarre design. It was worth to portray this as the previous of other Greens. It reflects the design of the House not so much, but it rises great over the otherwise gloomy conditions.

Three of the four sides of the entrance are covered with a sculptural installation. This consists of almost 1000 pyramidal block

door grilles installed letterbox

A built-in mail box is inserted on the left side. It is a nice surprise in this already in itself exciting entrance

door grille mailbox installed 3d wood pattern

Now you have a lot of ideas, based on what you a mail box can create that great inscribes itself in the design of your House.

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