Do You Really Need Modern Architecture – A Hall?

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modern architecture floor plank wood facility corridor window

Modern architecture – great design gives you everything you need on the smallest area

What would you define as great design for what? It is less about the appearance, to the feeling of living in my opinion. Who needs architects, which make beautifully looking boxes in which they themselves never would live?

Great design gives you everything you need on the smallest area. You must mention also less money out. The first stage is the optimization of the ground plan. You can reduce the Zirkulationssfreiraum and in the area include the thick walls and unnecessary boards.

How would you define actually modern architecture – as a great design?

1. architecture and design

2. the role of the Board

3. open living areas

4. an optimal plan of apartment

Turn the plank in a special for you living space

modern architecture floor plank wood Setup icon wall decoration

Now we talk more specifically about Hall. A narrow and dark path between two different rooms can never represent in my opinion. The cream must be very handy designed and take the most out of the available space.There are two effective approaches, I know: you can completely remove the passage or equip it with features of a home.

If you cannot remove the plank, then you make them usable and practically

modern architecture floor plank wood institution shelf

You can include about the room in the circulation area of the remaining rooms. When you open them to each other, the floorboard as such is unnecessary. In the pictured example above living room and dining room are combined. So, the need for a Hall is now overcome.

The open great room makes the House appear bigger

modern architecture floor plank wood set up living room

The open space is not everywhere works. Many people would rather prefer a formal separation between the main rooms in their houses. It’s also totally OK of course. Ultimately, your home is yours!

Perhaps you could invest but some time in it, to put a more homely design.

Here we see the example of a floor plan with plenty of circulation space. The customer came to, wanted to enlarge his house with little money. He has some problems with the building permit.

Floor plan of an apartment with plenty of circulation space

modern architecture floor plank wood facility design plan

By removing the flooring in your home he could save a lot of worry and money. On this chart you see the circulation space in the Habitat in blue and orange. The General area of the apartment is 261 square metres and against 85 of which it has assigned the floorboards. 32% is clearly too much!

Here we see a further conceptual plan. It’s a House with four bathrooms and four bedrooms. The General area of 233 square meters, and of which it has been allocated 11 square meters the passages. Only 4%! That’s what I call a perfect house plan!

So a perfect apartment plan

modern architecture floor plank wood furnishings sketch plan

So we ask the question again: why do we have planks? Sometimes, there is simply no choice. You just need a continuity between the different rooms. However, you can assign another function to the plank in this case? Is there room for a small reading corner or a handy bookcase there maybe?

There are many clever and creative decisions, which can increase your living space

modern architecture floor plank wood setting up bedroom

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