Double Megaphone By Atelier Tekuto + Yasuhiro Yamashita + Toshiyuki Fujimori

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double megaphone architecture project designer

Double megaphone by Atelier Tekuto and partner – a true architectural challenge

In Japanese, the word means shitsurae ‘establishment’ or ‘Order.’ In other words, it means to classify a particular object or situation in a way, to adapt one’s own nature and beauty here to create. For example, it is difficult to establish the tea bowls that are used in the Japanese tea ceremony. Artists who work with clay, make these bowls after the trial – and error – method. This process is an example of what is meant by “shitsurae”. Items are processed several times in Japan and improved; There are countless ways to create convenience and the process requires much time.

Unique, geometric shapes – white facade

double megaphone architecture exterior design

The design of this project took two and a half years. Usually it takes from eight months to a year to design a home of this size. The longer Designperiode reflects the fact that the needs and desires of today’s residents were very diverse. You have thought of the functionality associated with the architecture. The designers wanted to also, that this design both at present and in the future affects the life of this family, because customers – a couple of forty year old – very for the houses exactly these designers have interested.  Their five – and eight-year daughters wanted to enjoy the creative process together. They had led countless talks about, what exactly will the family and which lifestyle they prefer. The designers have drawn diagrams and examines a variety of properties and what they have discovered, can be found in this plan and seen.

Original, attractive architectural element

double megaphone architecture wood lattice

The process has started with the discovery of the size and shape of the design and of the piece of land. The selected place, located in the better neighborhood in Tokyo, is greater than usual. It is formerly, and is located across the street.

The Snow-White House is very conveniently located

Paarige megaphone architecture Wood Street

The desire which was homeowner and designer there, more light on the East and South sides House enter to leave, but to keep it away from the West side of the building. You have put also drain lines, which appear similar to a Möbius strip in the ground and upper floors, as well as on the roof, so that the residents can move back and forth between the indoor and outdoor spaces in a complicated and endless way. This is a technique that gets the flexible functionality. While the building substance not striking and extravagant looks, it represents a high degree of perfection.  Now, this is a home that perfectly meets the requirements of its owner.

The designers here have created perfection and originality

double megaphone architecture project

A work of art of the 21st centurydouble megaphone architecture project road

Minimalist, white walls and light wooden flooring in the space

double megaphone architecture wood flooringUnusual staircase design Paarige megaphone architecture wood interiordouble megaphone architecture wood constructionDouble megaphone architecture wooden corridorPaarige megaphone architecture wood blank space Double megaphone architecture project Orange Chair Double megaphone architecture stairs

The staircase leading to the upper floor

Paarige megaphone architecture staircasePaarige megaphone architecture Wall shelves

Large-scale projects and designs of this Japanese house designs

double megaphone architecture design

double megaphone architecture wood project

double megaphone architecture concept

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