Dream Home Building – The CP Villa ZEST Architecture

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dream home building architects modern Architektut stone façade elements

Still a fascinating model for the dream house building

Looking for new and new fascinating images, according to which you want to build a dream home yourself? Today, we have a work of Dutch architect offices co Govers and his international team of ZEST architecture for you. The latter company located in Barcelona and is known for his dream house designs and other design and construction projects throughout Europe.

The philosophy behind this design

Sustainability is the key word when talking about the design of ZEST architecture. Active and integral – design are the most important subcategories in this context. The first means that you actively taking much to draw energy from the natural resources, as well as to save water. Integral says the funds which avoids the good isolation and avoiding many unnecessary expenses.

Subtle combination of minimalism and industrial style

dream home build CP zest architecture

ZEST design uses mainly natural materials, processed with innovative methods for the production. Also the Japanese technique of Wabi Sabi is used during its processing. It’s the Japanese way of the inner beauty of the institution.

Sources of inspiration

If one draws inspiration from nature, virtually anything as a source can apply for their ideas. But they take into account also the manner, as people see it, for which they make the project. Their perception of nature and the environment in which they want to build a dream home, also plays a very important role. This is incorporated into the project and constitutes its peculiar character.

Unpretentious and robust at the same time

dream home building entrance staircase glass door

The project

The interesting thing about this project is that the founder and Chef of ZEST Achritecture co Govers of the contracting authority itself. So, in a way this concept symbolizes the general philosophy of the company.

About difficult it turned out at the beginning, to find a suitable plot of land. Where it is located, were still the ruins of an old family house.

Great views of the nature park opened up from there.

The present building had to be restored. It was not destroyed or concealed. It was subject to the strict rules of monument protection.

Open living plan with a slight rustic touch

dream home build CP Villa open beams

It was allowed to but make large openings in the facade and totally change also the inner structure. You could still add more rooms which were partly underground. You could use also many modern materials. The last loose regulations have made the task of innovative design a lot easier.

Details of the project

The General area of the object is approx. 440 m². 240 of which are located on the ground floor. There are another 200 on the first floor. There are four bedrooms and three bathrooms in the main building. Also, there is a shower outdoors.

Purist, modern bathroom furnishings

dream home building modern bathroom oval sinks

Up to four guests can stay in a directly adjacent next door. These have a common kitchen available.

Great air conditioning

In terms of innovation, the great inner air conditioning is in the first place to call. It is very effective and easy to control. In the winter is never really cold and not too hot in the summer. The air conditioning is integrated into the floor, and is broadcast from either heat or freshness.

In the House, you can get a perfect relaxation. This is also the main objective of the project, that represents a property.

Sturdy, curved staircase leads to the second floor

dream home build minimalist stairs concrete

Open ceiling beams in the spacious kitchen

dream home building modern kitchen

Walls in concrete look and fresh splash of color

dream home building modern interior design open beams

Entertainment with style

dream home building wall bookcase round shiny pendant lamp

Glazed front door and stone walls

dream home building door wood stone walls

Deliberate traces of corrosion ensure a surprise effect

dream home build CP Villa exterior

Firm with natural materials

dream home build CP Villa traditional facade natural stones

Breathtaking panorama on the open terrace

dream home build rustic facade natural stones open terrace

Proud facade, which embodies tradition and modernity

dream home build CP Villa zest architecture Street

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