Dream Home Construction – The Main Lines According To An Expert Opinion

dream home build minimalist architecture concrete outdoor swimming pool

How the architect would build a dream home Fran Silvestre

According to many successful experts will begin the realization of a dream with its visualisation. That’s why you should be, to build a dream home at some point, many examples in mind. You should be really modern, beautiful and unique. As the examples of the brilliant Fran Silvestre. Look at, what he has to offer! Then, you could consider how he would build your dream home.

Who knows, if you visualize the building not really in this way which actually someday would stay? How does this sound to you?

Inspired by the South

You can discover Mediterranean influences in General in his work. Ours is not as much the traditional or modern construction. It is about the attitude and the way how to life.

Simple perfection in concrete

dream home building white plaster concrete

Andreu Alfaro is a sculptor who integrates all fabulously in his work. He served also the Fran Silvestre as a wonderful example. Prior to establishing his own architecture Studio, he has also intensively worked with another architect. It’s Álvaro Siza Vieira. The influences from their close cooperation are felt also in the current work of the architect.

Why he devoted himself to the Traumhaus-building up?

Let us a little more accurately track the curriculum vitae of Fran Silvestre. While we try on the basis of its sample to give an answer to the question: why chooses you at all to make a profession out of dream house building.

Minimalist setting and open living plan

dream home building living room minimalist furnishing style

The architect himself told in an interview, that he was torn between two passions as a boy. On the one hand, he loved the creative work really strongly. At the same time, there were a number of engineers in his family. The first of these was his great great-grandfather and many members of the family are followed this tradition for many generations.

So the architect in the technical and the creative side of the process knew himself well. The perfect balance between these two, as well as the feeling of harmony to form the final character of his work.

Modern Purism in black and white

dream home building open living plan kitchen bar

His design principles and philosophy

If looking at the way, like Fran Silvestre with the dream home-building, then the term “Philosophy” springs immediately. You can see the gorgeous close to nature. This seems no different than explain with deep spirituality.

It is expressed with symbols instead of words.

Straight lines and serenity in the open air

dream home building exterior of white plaster sitting

But the architect also love to do the second. He says that his works represent a combination of will and desire. Here are the individual values of these properties for all customers. Thus, the work materializes the most beautiful of the inner world of each individual owner.

Also the particular circumstances are taken into account in his life and also in the environment and it exploits the best of their potential.

Dream home-building must therefore represent satisfaction according to Fran Silvestre

dream home building Spanish architect Fran Silvestre

The uniqueness can hide himself in simplicity

dream home building simple design concrete

Clarity in design and livability in interior design

dream home build minimalist one-storey building

Modern lifestyle minimalist style

dream home building modern architecture straight lines

Elegant oval shapes and subdued lighting

dream home building oval outdoor pool Raumhohe window sliding doors

Powerful and compact in a

dream home building oval forms of minimalist architecture