Dream Home Designer Project Located In The Wild Nature Of Colombia

designer houses Colombia natural rustic dream house designers

Draw ideas from this dream home Designer project in Colombia

Lots of Sun, clear skies, fresh green are something that is for more and more people to a luxury. What is special about more and more real estate is no longer having as extensive architectural design. There are more and more on the location, on the nature and the talent to bring them home.

A dream home in the heart of nature

designer homes sustainable building stone glass dream home designer

Spring and summer are the seasons of fulfilled dreams, the walks, the time in which we make lots of memories and friendships. We have desire and ability to move us more and more. Today we take together a virtual journey to an interesting place, which meets all of these criteria.

Would you like to join us?

Designer homes

designer homes sustainable building dream home designer

A project of the Colombian architecture Studio “De La Carrera Cavanzo”

designer houses Colombia dream home designer

The landscapes of Colombia

We’re going over to the unique architecture. But first we want to draw your attention to the great landscapes, which are typical of Colombia. The beautiful nature, within which the House was built, symbolizes his character. Everything is idyllic, green and built as close as possible to the water. In our case is the House on a lake shore.

Beautiful nature and sustainable architecture in a country house style

designer homes sustainable life nature dream house designers

The building construction

The House combines a traditional design and great stone façade, which has been created from local stone. Something is very naive to the building! Look at but this dream home designer concept! Do you not feel that it could be painted by a child?

Simple dream home designer concept

designer houses Colombia glass terrace dream home designer

Pure romance!

designer houses dream home Designer project

The interior design

Have you already fell into the façade? But wait until you see the interior design. It is warm and open and includes lots of wooden details and herbal accents. Also helping the decor is modern and thus super comfortable.

The rustic-style interior design

designer houses Colombia terrace wood and glass dream home designer

Plenty of natural light

designer houses Colombia interior furniture dream home designer

Enough light coming through the large Windows. It has wonderful views of the surrounding area and the great wide sea.

Cosy relaxation area with views to the sea

designer houses Colombia Interior wood dream house designers

The terrace

The terrace in this dream home Designer is concept for da, to enable seamless connection to nature and the perfect rest. One has everything to be able to dive into the tale, which one surrounds here.

Large wooden deck with stunning views

designer houses Colombia wooden terrace dream home designer