Dream Homes In Unusual Places

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dream homes Bulgaria panorama

One of the dream homes with breathtaking views

This fantastic home located in one of the well developed agricultural regions of North-East of Bulgaria. The glass house allows almost 360 ° panoramic far one views and absolute serenity, as it and gives wide no residential areas. Except the glass facade there anything that robs our attention, and that of a wide Entfernung-the Gabion. On the one hand, Gabion ornate gardens and public places, on the other hand they are used as mounting of dykes and embankments or as a noise and privacy.

The optimized glass house of I / O architects in North East of Bulgaria

dream homes Bulgaria Dobrudja

The Gabione-a recognition feature

dream homes Bulgaria Dobrudja Gabion wall

The great distance from the cities and decorating with pebbles can seem like a safe fortress with breathtaking views this newly built House.

The 360° panoramic views is not to exceed

dream homes Bulgaria page other

From every window, magnificent view of miles offers

dream homes Bulgaria at the prospect

The observation House, as it is rightly called, among the other dream houses on this planet that you would like to like to inhabit. That builds on a surface of 980.0 sqm young architects team of “I/O architects” a streamlined House of glass, concrete, and wood, which is surrounded by wheat fields, pastures and vineyards. The fragile glass house is protected by Rocky gabions and except for a stunning view to the horizon, we discover a beautiful place to relax on the terrace with wood. The lush green of the lawn has, seemingly the only task the image to be fully come.

The name “Observation house” is obviously not a coincidence

dream homes Bulgaria side

Now is to look for us in…

massive wooden fairing ensures comfort

dream homes Bulgaria Hall

Even in the bathroom, wood is the dominant material

dream homes Bulgaria by bath

What does the person to be happy?

dream homes Bulgaria from bedroom

The House to fall in love has multiple bedrooms, dining room, open kitchen, space for the staff, sauna and room for massages, which are found all carefully along a glass wall.

The bedrooms have their place along the glass opening in the stone formation.

A luxury Castle in the middle of the wheat fields

dream homes Bulgaria daytime

Far away from the hustle and bustle of the city begins the rest

dream homes Bulgaria stone

The smooth timber-frame and the glass – concrete surface produce a strong contrast to the Rocky texture on the outside.

All rooms are covered with solid wood, which gives a unique feeling of warmth and coziness.

In the bathrooms, wood is the dominant component and when we enter the garage Finally, we see that comfort is the leading term in the concept of “I/O Architects”.

The modern house retains heat

dream homes Bulgaria wooden roof

In spite of modern design the House seems very comfortable

dream homes Bulgaria panoramic view

Organic, simple, ingenious

Dream homes Bulgaria kitchen window

The open kitchen is reduced and precise thinking

dream homes Bulgaria new 3

Non-intrusive design, wherein you can fall quickly

dream homes Bulgaria

Back to the origin in modern art

dream homes Bulgaria views Dobrudja

A medieval touch conveys the sense of security

dream homes Bulgaria of Gabion

There is the same atmosphere even in the garage

dream homes Bulgaria from the entrance

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