Dream Homes – Incredible House Located In The Sea With A Bedroom Under Water

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dream homes House amidst the sea

Dream homes – incredible House in the middle of the Sea draws attention to itself

There’s certainly not a people in this world who knows not super good feeling following: leaving everything aside and pulls a paradisiacal place, there in the beauty of nature to get back to. Exactly so a feeling also quite possibly the people were from, which have created the idea for the following building. It’s called Manta underwater room. Such buildings can be described as dream homes determined.

The House from above

modern architecture House water

The equipment itself follows the latest achievements in the world of Interior Design. You might have to an apartment at any location. What is different here is the underground bedroom. Maybe you will be somewhat surprised if you know where this House is located.

It was built far away from us in the warm waters of the Indian Ocean

Indian Ocean water fish House

The House was but in Sweden already in the year 2000 by the artist Mikal gene Berg designed and developed. The architecture company gene Berg underwater hotels was founded six years later. It was going to open hotels under the water all over the world.

In the year 2013 Manta underwater room

dream home modern architecture Indian Ocean

Immediately, we will devote our attention the most interesting moment. This hotel is located completely under the water. It was equipped with floor to ceiling Windows, from which you can see the whole environment complete.

From there you can enjoy the great character of the underwater world

Traunhäuser bedroom sea

Isn’t it fantastic?

impressive House amidst the sea

Logically, one wonders how the House on the floor is attached, so it is no longer driven by the water in the ocean. In one of our pictures, you can see the anchors, which are covered by various sea creatures. They are both vegetable and animal character.

But they look wonderful, you can’t find?

dream homes bedrooms under the water level

The bedrooms, one has two more rooms. It is the living room and bedroom.

You can do the tasks of everyday life quickly there in the usual environment

house In the sea attractive inspiring

How do you get the idea to spend your next vacation there?

The water surrounding the House is illuminated at night nice

modern architecture dream home at night

The unumfangreiche beauty of the ocean

dream homes House Indian Ocean

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